Date: 26th March 2009 at 12:09pm
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There are media rumblings today that Blackburn Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has decided against making the loan stays of Danny Simpson and Carlos Villanueva permanent.

Danny Simpson has done very little to make a good impression during his stay at Ewood, with people beginning to ask the question – how the heck does he play for Man Utd?

Carlos Villanueva on the other hand undeniably has the talent but doesn’t fit into Sam’s style of play.

Sam has decided neither has done enough to earn full time contracts.

Which in this writers eyes is a massive shame in the case of Carlos.


17 Replies to “Villanueva And Simpson Won’t Get Permanent Moves”

  • At times, Simpson looked ok and was decent going forward. As for Carlos, I still think he will have a part to play as a substitute and be brought on for the last 10 minutes of an important game. We will get a free kick on 90+4 minutes and he will curl it into the top corner and give us the 3 points which will save us from relegation.

    He will return back to Chile but become a Rovers icon for evermore!

  • Thanks MikeyD. I will forward my address to you when this monumental event occurs and Carlos becomes a Rovers legend 4ever. I will also buy you a pint after receiving my £100 for having the bottle to make such a statement. Lol!

  • He would be amazing there. It is a shame as if we had been safe in the top 10 by now he would of been getting much more of a chance! Stonesrick – fair play! 😉

  • I watched Carlos play at Morecambe the other night v Sunderland and he produced one piece of pure magic that made the trip worthwhile. He stopped with the ball, created space, beat his man and tried to chip the Keeper, Gordon. He hit the bar, but it was pure class from the little guy.

  • i agree that we should send Simpson back cos i cant see why Ferguson rates him so highly, inless it was a ploy to off load him.. maybe that or im way to cynical lol but Carlos i would keep, I think he gives Rovers that little bit of flair that we just dont have and as for maybe not being in Big Sam’s style – anyone remeber Jay Jay @ Bolton????

  • Sorry I forgot to add, could we not play Carlos on the left wing?? After all Morton wasnt the biggest at the start, so there would be hope, plus it would push Pederson…

  • I dont think we can compare Carlos to Okocha just yet but I see what you mean, Sam has had a flair player in his teams before. Simpson can go for all I care not good enough and will probably be found in the Championship somewhere next season.

  • Okocha had a lot of presence and as Bom Bom once said Carlos has the physique “of a nine year old girl”. That could be the difference.

  • It’s not a surprise to me at all, Simpson started OKAY but really isn’t the quality player I thought he would be. Carlos has looked pretty good in the limited time we have seen him, but its looked unlikely for a long time that we’d sign him, which is a shame.

  • I wasnt comparing Carlos to Jay Jay I was however comparing that fact that they are both flairy, attacking players, one of which Sam played and the other he isnt…..

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