Date: 7th October 2008 at 4:46pm
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Carlos Villaneuva has denied making negative comments about manager Paul Ince and has hit out at reports suggesting he is unhappy at Blackburn Rovers.

In response to the ‘interview’ featured from Chile on Vital Blackburn yesterday, Carlos is upset at the comments reported and moved quickly to re-affirm his happiness at Ewood.

The interview was posted in full on VB yesterday but Carlos claims he was misquoted and many of the comments fabricated.

Speaking to, Carlos said ‘What was reported is simply not true. I feel very let down, I am very happy at Blackburn and everything about my move is working out well.

‘Blackburn is a special club and the people have helped me settle in by assisting me to find somewhere to live and organising English lessons for me.

‘That is why I am so disappointed with the reports. I have spoken to the manager to explain and he understands.’

So yet more rubbish from a media trying to take down Ince’s start as Blackburn manager.

Grow up guys. If you don’t have an ACTUAL story, which I myself believed this was yesterday – then don’t print anything.

Seriously get a life.

So far the media have given us Stephen Warnock’s fake transfer request, Roque stating he wants to leave and now Carlos and his unhappiness.



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  • SORRY for caps and SORRY C.V. I believe the first interview because the questions have inverted comas and so do your answers and it makes much more realistic sense when Mcarthy was supposed to have been MISQUOTED in SA..

  • I dont post on here v. much, but read the news everyday. “Oztheman”, you have been v. negative about Rovers lately. I personally believe Carlos on this one, if you had read the initial report on “Setantanews” i think u wud too. They actually reported wot Carlos actually said.

  • Dont worry about it mate, Oz normally talks a load of bull. Anything negative and he agrees. Anything positive and he doesnt. Welcome aboard Syekotik… you’re more than welcome to post more here. Good on Carlos for straightening things out.

  • Cheers Mikey! On another point, does anyone think that Ince makes some really strange substitutions, bordering on the stupid?
    eg. At West Ham we were loosin and needed to push for a winner, so Ince puts Andrews on, leaving Carlos (probably our most creative player) as an unused sub. Also the subs he made against man-ure baffled me too.

  • The last paragrapgh of Mikey’s article says it all…the media sometimes just print stories that are not totally true (e.g.: I say Blackburn Rovers has thins to improve. The press says “Diego Veron claims Blackburn sucks” and thins like that)

    I am sure Carlitos is having a hard time adapting, but I am also sure he is more thatn willing to face the challenge he has now. He’ll learn english, get used to the weather, the food and living aoutside Chile and in no time he’ll be great (and then we’ll read news like “Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal want Villanueva”..LOL)

    Oz: I allow myself to give you some advice, don’t take it if you don’t want to. Looking on the bright side of life more often is a good thing…it makes people happier 🙂

  • Never really believed it anyway as the sources weren’t so reliable. At least hes cleared the air now though and we can get on with unleashing him hopefully at Bolton!

    I also am negative the press here can manipulate but why there?their hero is here..the interview was in SPANISH and NOT by the local press in the UK..

  • I cant believe this keeps happening to Rovers. I have never seen any other club getting the crap we get in the press. Its only october and already Santa Cruz and Warnock are being linked with moves to man city despite both players coming out and saying they were happy to stay at Rovers. Also Andrews isn’t a bad sub. From what i have seen of him so far he can pick a pass out and adds a bit of bite in midfield.

  • Come off it Del. Andrews is nowhere near a premiership class player. Did u see him against Arsenal? Every tackle he made was late (lucky not to be sent off) and every pass he made (bar a few) went to the opposition. He is not good enough to play for us. And this is not just my opinion, i am a season ticket holder in the Bburn End and have heard nothing but complaints about him and how he shud not be playing for us.

  • Syekotik – dont start with the Andrews thing matey. We have enough that from Oz! lol. Maybe Sas is right… I intruded on his patch and got shot down! lol

  • Now hang on a second Sye. Just because you are a season ticket holder does not make you any more entitled to an opinion than anyone else. Give Andrews a chance. The speed at which the Arsenal midfield move the ball around will make any midfielder in the world mistime a tackle or two.Plus he is only after joining the club so you have to expect him to be a little nervous and over eager. Better he was flying into tackles than just standing there watching the game pass him by. And giving that our whole first choice midfield are injured i am just saying that he is not a bad player to have on the bench as opposed to the axe who is very technically limited and is more likely to pass sideways than look for a penetrating ball. If Andrews had come from a club no one had heard of then i dont think he would be getting the bad criticism from the fans. Just because he came from the dons does not make him a bad player and we have definitely had worse at the club. As soon as he pulls on that shirt and gives 100% for the club then i will support him as much as any of the boys

  • Lol! I get get wot u mean Del and i too will support him. I rekon you are pobs right, if he came from some foreign club he wouldnt get as much stick. And i didnt mean that my opinion counts for more cos i have a season ticket, it was just meant to let you know that i herar a lot of complaints about him in the Bburn end. Also it is just my opinion that i dont think Andrews is good enough, however i would absolutely love him to prove me wrong.

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