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As the site editor of Vital Blackburn Rovers I do not merely write articles etc. and merely publish them then ask you to get involved I also read the comments you make… ALL of them! So after keeping an eye on these comments from the past week I’ve picked out the ones I felt were the best; as in my opinion they were either (or all!) honest, amusing and gave me and others food for thought etc.

So the best efforts (I’m not including my own posts) from Sunday 3rd – Saturday 9th December 2006 were:

400 Premiership Goals at Ewood Park Article
Well spotted HDM, wouldn’t have known anything about that otherwise. Glad it fell to Benni – He’s been a revelation this season. Just noticed an article elsewhere pointing out what value he’s been for us. 8 goals from 20 games at 2.5 million, whereas Andrei Shevchenko, Nicolas Anelka and Obafemi Martins cost 49M between them, and have 10 goals in total to show for it. Buy of the season? Head Rover Heels

Benni is the man, he has the knack of being in the right place at the right time and he has ice cool composure as well. You cant even begin to put a price on that and at his age, with his experience and his scoring record…. £2.5 million is a bargain. If you were to rate him now he’d likely cost more towards £6-7 million. MikeyGamst

Worst Ever Rovers Away Day Article
I have to tell you of a much worse away day… It was before I saw the light and came in from the cold and switched my allegiance to Rovers though… For those that don’t know I was raised as a Palace Fan (being a dirty southerner in exile) in fact my old man still has a season ticket! Shortly after my Divorce sometime ago I wished to enjoy more of the beautiful game and leaving in Ewood there was only one choice. Anyway…. back to the worst away day, I was living up north at the time and a scouse friend got me into see Liverpool vs. Palace – when the Kop was still all standing… I blagged a copper to extract me from the Kop and walk round to the assembled Palace Fans (this was very much allowed in those days). We were then subjected to a 9-0 thrashing! 9-0! Every cloud has a silver lining and upon retiring to the pub to meet my mate… the joyous scousers proved to be gracious in victory and bought me beer all night! Ex Ewood Resident

Greatest Ever Squad: Centre-backs Article
Although I agree with this idea wholeheartedly Hughesy, I still get the distinct thought that this team will be made up of lets face it players from the last 10years…….. A real shame I think for a club that spans a history since 1875! I realise its a hard one to call when you either don’t remember/never seen the older players ply their trades for the Blue & Whites so far I think the oldest player mentioned is Big Col! (Whom I would include without doubt but there should be more to be given consideration) Stig? Was he really a Rovers great? If in any doubt check this link it will give you all the info you need govtpros

Where Are Blackburn Rovers Heading Article
Feel its very unlikely we will be playing European football next season, especially on current form. As much as I love Blackburn Rovers and everything associated with them, I just cant see us cutting it near the top of the league in the foreseeable future. Lack of firepower, wobbly in defence…? Something has to change! im_a_blackburn_rover

Rovers Suffer Emerton Injury Blow Article
Haha. Unbelievable isn’t it. For three years we’ve been wondering what happened to that Aussie that destroyed Wolves. If he’d have left in the close season I may actually have gone out for a quick celebratory drink. Now, I’m gutted that he’s going to be missing. Contender for player of the season so far if you ask me. Head Rover Heels

Player Profile: Jay McEveley Article
At first he offered so much and I thought with experience he would get better. I remember one of his first starts in a Rovers shirt was against Beckham when he was at his best for United and he did really well in both legs (cup). I am surprised that Hughesy hasn’t given him more of a chance so that he can be judged. I still think we need to sign a left-back though and have for a while. Soon we will also need a right-back! Has anyone seen the Manc player Bardsley play? It is rumoured that we want him as a replacement for Neill Wellsy

Hughes Wants to Break the Window Article
Personally, I would like to see the window broken, preferably by having Nonda thrown through it. It would be the fastest he has moved all season. boddingtonblue

Rovers .v. Newcastle Article
The manager said in his programme notes, he wanted to see us battling, the first half was embarrassing, anyone doubting that we are now in the poo, needs to waken up, we were pathetic. boddingtonblue

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