Date: 10th June 2007 at 9:52pm
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Vital Blackburn has confirmed the summer signings of two new arrivals.

After a couple of weeks of negotiations, deals have been agreed with BomBom and MikeyGamst (who also acts as BomBom’s agent, royalties treasurer and image consultant, so as you can imagine he played doubly tough hard ball!) for them to join the Vital Blackburn team.

Roversman and I look forward to working with these guys as much as I am sure you will enjoy reading what they produce.

They have specific tasks that they are to carry out each week so I will be working them like government mules, if they do not comply I will obviously take them outside and give them a good shoeing either during, and/or after the 2007-2008 season!

I hope you will join me in welcoming them to the team, they will only help Vital Blackburn in it’s continued growth, which has been monumental over the course of the past season.



25 Replies to “Vital Blackburn Signings Confirmed”

  • I’m not sure which one it is in the picture lol, but WELCOME to the tams guys, I am sure you will do a GREAT job and this will only help this site to contiune the MASSIVE strides forward it has been making.

  • The team just keeps on growing. Well done guys, looks like we are gonna here more and more of u, well bombom, i think we are hearing too much of u by the looks of the points table. HDM whats happenin mate, ur reign at the top appears over unless u can put in a big surge

  • sasman – Agree dude we hear FAR too much from BomBom lol! (of course I’m only joking!) To be honest with you though seeing others ahead of me is GREAT (although for some reason the overall members table seems to be showing now and not ours?!?!) this is what I have been longing to see, next month (maybe even this?) I would love to see another ahead of me, and then another etc. etc. But when all is said and done does the so called “new king” have the staying power to sustain this regularly as, ahem I do LMAO!

  • BomBom – Let’s see you sustain this charge (month, after month, for ten, yeah count them TEN MONTHS solid!!! And By ONLY posting comments on Vital Blackburn with the odd other here and there I might add!!!) lol 🙂 Then we will see who the true King is LOL!

  • MikeyGamst – As for you, as if it wasn’t bad enough seeing the Vital Football Network CONSTENTLY using pictures of my current/former hot girlfriends (often scantily clad to boot!) YOU are now (much like Mr Pitt does anyway!) using superimposed images of my beefcake torso to pass off as your own 🙂 lol.

  • SHORT POSTS sasman! Get out of it guys lol! Besides the points system works with you getting less points (or it takes MORE posts within the same article) for you to amas points, so technically by doing what he (BomBom) does and floating around ALL Vital Football sites and posting its FAR easier to build up points 🙂

  • If it is on offer then why not I love to dine and WHINE at the same time lol, espeically at my desire to play Champions League football, which I miss by the way 🙂

  • please tell me u have a release clause, and make it a cheap one or even a free transfer so even chelsea can afford it lollll

  • Maybe HDM has a release clause??? sasman, we are not out to get you, we are operating a low profile drug ring which has a sideline in sniperage. Maniacs inc. Maybe West Ham could afford it HDM???

  • lol Mikey, maybe you are right especially with the Hammered looking like SOMEHOW getting SEVEN-EIGHT million pounds for Nigel Reo-Coker?!?! I would NOT sell my soul to the Hammered like Lucas Neil though!

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