Date: 24th February 2007 at 11:25pm
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It’s Vital Blackburn trivia time again…

This trivia question comes from govtpros. This is something different. It is a three part questions to find out “who am I!” If you get one you should get the lot…

So here is the question:
Part 1 – Which former Rovers Player was… (see clues below?)
?A German Prisoner of War.
?Manager of 3 International teams.
?Manager of 4 Spanish Premiera Clubs

Part 2 – What was his nickname?

Part 3 – What record which still stands, did he orchestrate over a Spanish club giant?

If the winner wishes to contribute anything to the site, maybe a trivia question of their own, an article or poll maybe this can be arranged? I’ll contact them, if they don’t contact me first!

Think you know the answer? Put yours below…

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