Date: 19th December 2006 at 5:20pm
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Thanks to MikeyGamst Vital Blackburn is going to be able to ask former Blackburn Rovers midfielder Scott Sellars some questions, we’ve now pulled off a massive coup? we’ve only gone and lined up the midfield maestro that is TUGAY!

After contacting Tugay’s people my request to put some questions to the legendary Rovers midfielder has been granted, so here’s YOUR chance to put forward some questions!

Tugay is quite possibly the best signing by former Rovers boss Graeme Souness almost certainly best value for money signing and is arguably one of the most, if not the most technically gifted footballers to have ever represented the club.

In fairness to the smaller response to the request for your questions to Scotty Sellars, maybe not so many Rovers fans remember him (which doesn’t make him any less of a superb footballer he was) so it is probably harder to think what to ask him but with Tugay this should prove very easy!

I’m sure we’ll all have plenty to say so this is your chance to see the question/questions you want put to our Turkish delight asked. Post your questions below or e-mail them through to me via the contact the editor link at the top of the page.

Say what you want to say, don’t miss out?

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21 Replies to “Vital Blackburn TUGAY Interview!”

  • You mean like Mrs Fergusson,another one who could not hack the toughest league in the world.A real football talent,Tugay has proved his ability,he will be one of Rovers greatest.So Rovers supporters can answer that question for you.!!!!

  • We regrett leaving Rangers? What have they won since he left… not a great deal really. He wanted to challenge himself against the best and he’s more than proved he’s up their with them by playing in England.

  • Of course he will miss Rangers but as was said he had to prove his worth in a more demanding league and he certainly has!!! not many other players have had such an impact on their teams both at Blackburn itself and the rest of the league teams. The prob with Rangers as I still a fan of them is that they can only really attract really good young players looking to make a name then leave, players coming to the end of the days in football looking an easy way out with a club with a big name or average players. It the same with Celtic, they both really need a Euro league set up to be able to compete with potential

  • Questions for Tugay: How does it makes you feel when you are putting 100% into your performance and other players around you aren’t? OR What do you think of Refs in the Premiership? Do you consider them mere fools or sub-human no-marks that don’t understand your quality and passion?

  • Do you think there is any major reason that your outstanding qualities were never picked up by the World Class teams when you were younger?

  • Before my playing days were uncermoniously ended 🙁 a quick scrub used to do me, now its about a week long soak in the bath if I try and play…. then another week to recover!!! And I’m not 30 yet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for January govtpros.. now back to the questions lol.

  • How about: Do you regret not moving to the Premiership earlier? What do the team feel about the Neill Situation? Is Hughes the man to take rovers forward? Have you got any inside information on future transfers? lol

  • I would just like to begin by saying that Tugay is my favourite player, a true genius on the ball and to be admired for his loyalty to Blackburn. Every pre-season I am so relieved when he signs on again! I don’t even have a question and only want to say thanks to Tugay for providing the quality and skill in midfield that Blackburn desperately need.
    I’m Essex based at the moment so don’t get to Ewood that often but have managed to acquire a couple of tickets for Arsenal game, an appropriate stage for another Tugay demonstration!

  • Welcome to Vital Blackburn TUGAYtheMAESTRO, I love the username! Tugay is an absolute GOD in my opinion I rave on about him all the time, you’ll be please to hear that his induction into the Rovers Legends will be happening later this weekm, early next week. His article has been prepared for some time now. The new Emirates Stadium will indeed be a fitting stage for Tugay to strut his stuff, what price another WONDER goals from the maestro on Saturday?!?! Welcome again TUGAYtheMAESTRO, hopefully we’ll hear plenty more from you before and after the game at the weekend, enjoy! SURE YOU DON’T HAVE JUST ONE SNEAKY QUESTION FOR THE LEGEND???

  • Thanks for the warm welcome on to the site HDM. If I were to ask Tugay one question it would be what for him is the best thing about Blackburn both the club and the area? I mean he’s stayed with the club for a number of years now and there is obviously an attraction and one that can hopefully keep him at the club beyond his playing days.
    Hope the game’s going to be on at the weekend its a real peasouper down here at the moment!

  • No worries, you’r more than welcome. Everyone gets a friendly welcome when they join, a username like yours even more so 🙂 A good question, thanks for suggesting it. Obviously we’d like the game to be played (you especially as you have the tickets) but in a funny sort of way it could be a blessing if it does’nt go ahead, if you get me?

  • Tugay has to be one of our best ever, what i would like to ask is what has been his best goal ever for blackburn. We have seen him pile the screamers in year after year, so which one does he rate the best

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