Date: 6th June 2007 at 10:21am
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The first annual Vital Football tournament kicks off at Stanley Park, Blackpool on Saturday 14th July, and we`re asking if YOU want to be a part of it.

The 7 aside all day event costs just £50 a team to enter, full value for money with every team playing at least eight games throughout the day.

With a maximum of 10 players per team (3 subs), that means it will only be a fiver each – which covers costs for hiring the pitch for the afternoon and for a winners trophy, which I’m sure you’ll agree isn’t bad value for money.

The tournament will be a league of eight, with each league game being 10 minutes long. The top four go into the ‘Champions Trophy` and play semi finals, with the bottom four going into the Wooden Spoon knockout, also taking the form of semi finals and final. Each knockout game will last for 15 minutes.

The winners of the tournament will receive a trophy and £50 beer money from Vital. The winners of the wooden spoon will also receive a trophy!

There will be two qualified referees officiating throughout the day.

As this is the inaugural tournament, this year will be the basis for further tournaments and we hope that it grows into an annual thing and gets bigger and better each year. We want you to be a part of history and of course, have a fantastic day out in the ‘wonderful’ seaside town of Blackpool!

With the tournament taking place on a Saturday, why not make a weekend out of it and take in the sights (some of which, admittedly, you will have wished you’d remembered to pack that gun of yours!!) of Blackpool – for example the Pleasure Beach or the many bars and nightclubs on offer in the evening.

Would you like to take part?

Get in touch with either TorontoPool or Jerry on Blackpool Vital through: or

Either can help with hotel bookings and directions/transport to Stanley Park.

Please note, only eight teams can enter, so hurry if you want to be part of this great tournament!


19 Replies to “Vital Football 7 Aside Tournament”

  • What a GREAT idea. I would say judging by the members this site is building up we could EASILY put together a team of 10 players, but being able to make the event would be the real thing wouldn’t it?!?! People have work and family commitments etc. don’t they.

  • 7 league games x 10 minutes long!! You would have to be Savage fit ti do that – then there are the semis and final – phew!!

  • Well yes you do have to look to the Semi Final and Final as clearly any team we could assemble would make it that far 🙂 I get warn out (Stephane Hedgehog stylee!) just walking down the road now, anymore than one 10 minute game would probably KILL ME!

  • Fab idea but A) why Blackpool!!!! Middle of nowhere! B) Vital members only? If so, how would they validate this, get your talented mates to sign up an hey presto! In theory good idea but wrong location IMO.

  • I think we may stand a better chance if images were beamed in as players! Blackpool aint that bad, besides its being organised by Blackpool so it’s only fair. They already have at least two, maybe three teams signed up so if anyone wants in from here SPEAK NOW!

  • Come on peeps stop moaning… I’m in, count me in… I’ve emailed them and I wanna see the regulars do the same…. Mikey.

  • I had emailed them first thing but as for me being in I’m not so sure I could make it to be honest, would like to but work commitments etc. from my point would make it almost impossible I would say. But hey, that’s one down nine to go, unless you fancy your chances on your own dude?!?!

  • We could easily put together a team of players that couldn’t play lol! Mikey, looks like you are taking them all on yourself Ronaldo style.

  • No worries. Bring them all on… especially the Spurs lot…

    I can get the time off easy if we can get a team together… remember its quite far for me to travel too but if we all pitch in it will be a good day and an excellent team bonding session.

  • If there was another one organised, around the Birmingham area, that would be better for most i think. Id have a crack at that one if it was a goer but Cesspool is a tad too far for me 🙁

  • i’ll happily fill in as a sub, but don’t expect great things in terms of footie… i’m all talk and no action… however, seeing as I live about 8 miles from Sunny Blackpool – I probably could be persuaded to provide accomodation for anyone that needs it… plus a tram ride into Blackpool and a visit to the haunts of the “locals” rather than the tourists. Blackpool Lasses are easy!

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