Date: 27th August 2009 at 1:40pm
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Busy news day so far with word arriving that Rovers and Villa have agreed an £8 million deal to seal the Stephen Warnock switch – as expected. This has lead to a medical taking place as we speak at Villa Park with Stephen now set to leave Rovers.

Furthermore, at virtually the same time we have recieved word that Pascal Chimbonda is at Ewood now having HIS medical as he lloks to complete his £2 million move to Rovers to replace Stephen. Keeping up?… good thought so.

As we here at Rovers are more bothered about players who want to be here, I am not going to go into too much detail about Warnocks’ move – other than say Stephen has been a great servant to Rovers and never let his desire to move overshadow his performance so I wish him the best.

But the details of Pascals’ move (or Chimbo as the Spurs like to call him) are becoming pretty clear. He has been offered a three year deal by Sam and the club with an option to extend and is dong the normal medical checks. This is all according to Chimbos’ agent Willy McKay.

Expect both moves to be completed later today and we can then all welcome Pascal to the club.


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  • It’s funny isn’t it the season ends in May leaving a 3 month period to sign players, yet 90% of deals seem to go through in the last week. Everybody waits for someone else to make the first move, then once one players moves he needs to be replaced, and it starts a chain effect.

  • its def happening, though i will still say its a strange move for Warnock, yes last yr when Villa were placed to possibly break into the Top 4 but with the emergance of City, it doesn’t look likely this season and again as I have said…with a good season, Rovers could be fighting for the same kinda of positions at the end of the sesaon, this is a long shot this season as Villa have a more settled team, but u never know!! £2m for Chimbonda looks a good deal for us added to this his versitility but in losing Warnock, we are losing out on a talented English player, but a profilt, is a profit epsecailly on the £1.5m we spent on him…..

  • Clint-
    Blackburn Rovers will not be competing with Aston Villa for ‘the same kinda of positions’. It takes a very blinded and biased Blackburn Rovers fan to even contemplate that you’ll be competing for europe this year. Theres City, Tottenham, Villa, Everton that will be definites, and maybe fulham can qualify again. But Blackburn?! Your a very naive football fan to think that.

  • ben read the mans post, he said if Rovers could be with a good season… he’s not saying its a definite. And nothing is certain in football. whos to say everton are definites? You are a naive man if you think anything is “definite”.

  • i thought we were holding out for more cash, whats the difference between this 8 mill bid, and the 8 mill bid from 2 days ago lol

  • Warnock feels he needs to play for a bigger club like Villa than small east lancs club like Rovers to gain a place in next years England Squad. He apparently would never of made it playing for a team everyone hates especially the media.

    08/09 Villa finished 6th, Rovers 15th
    07/08 Villa finished 6th, Rovers 7th
    06/07 Villa finished 11th, Rovers 10th
    05/06 Villa finished 16th, Rovers 6th

    Think its fair to say we are on roughly even par over the years with Villa

    Clint said….With a good season!, he was being naive, hell the Dingles if they carry on the way they are goin could be playin in Europe next year.

    In football its all if’s n but’s but nothing is ever definate until the end of the season.

  • fair enough. Your correct, what I said was naive. I agree nothing is a given in football. What I was trying to explain was that Warnock moving to Aston Villa is not a strange move at all.
    and to mutts nutts- well done you’ve done your research into finding out league standings from previous years, did you go all the way back through the years, 40s, 50s and even before etc, because that (going along with your theory) would suggest that Villa are better than blackburn, but that would be completely irrelevant, much the same as comparing the 06/07 season.. we’re talking NOW! but yes you are correct my original comment was naive…

  • if it weren’t for World Cup next year, i bet stevie would have said. now that he’s gone, i can only hope that he would make his move worth it. he has been great for us.

  • Ben mate, not at all naive. Out if the 21 games managed by Big Sam last year we showed top 8 form, had he been given the other 17 games that Ince was given then who knows. We have a good squad and injuries permitting I think we will do well. For some reason expectations have been lowered but mine havent, we have good players and should be challenging plus Big Sam works best with very little money and pressure on his shoulders

  • ben, you may be lacking in sense and good ideas, but unfortunately for us, you are clearly not lacking in time. Might I suggest a nice walk on a sandy beach, or prehaps an ice cold beverage… or maybe you could spend your spare hours watching Rovers this year as we challenge for European football- thats what i’ll be doing

  • Got to admit, being a big Stevie Warnock fan I was absolutely gutted to hear that he was leaving – we waited years for a good left-back, we had many and many were not great (Bjonebye, Gresko, Davidson, Croft) – But then two good ones come along almost at once (Stevie and Givet). I must say that my utter dismay at Warnock has been more than eleviated by the signing (proposed) of Pascal – who I have always rated – let’s just hope he is willing to give his all – he didn’t at Sunderland and virtually went on strike at Wigan trying to earn a move.

  • WTF!!!!! Stoke make the double signing of HUTH and TUNCAY for the handsome sum of 11M….how much money have they made from transfers this year??? I really want to know exactly where ours, the EPL and transfer earnings are going guys!! This is ridiculous!! PS for that money we would have been all set….added, experienced international CB and in my opinion one of the best ATT CM/forwards in the league!!!! As i said before, we’ll be ok short term but long term we are heading for disaster!!! We cant stand by and watch Stoke and the likes step over us to these players!!

  • I agree with mani here totally, appart from about huth, who i think it fairly crap 🙂 but still.. if everyone else is spending big, we need to be competing for these transfers, like Bent etc.. btw mani, truce 🙂

  • What are the chances of Chimb recreating his wigan form? I hope that playing a similar system will help him and maybe with givet speaking his native tongue he will settle down. Bit gutted about stevie – just goes to show we shouldn’t vote anyone our player of the year that we want to keep!

  • To clarify the Ben/Clint discussion, it’s more likely that Warnock needs the move to better his chances at a spot on the national team. At Blackburn, we’re going to ask him to play LB, LW and CM but at Villa he’s much more likely to settle into the LB role. When Capello comes calling, Warnock is a left back instead of a utility player.

  • BEN!…. to support durks’ statement if you compare the 21 games that BFS was in charge for with the same time period with aston villa… u will find that rovers only picked up acouple less points than the villa… but we shall see what happens! nobody can predict anything… not sure why everton are being bounded around as definates for europe when they have had a shocking if not worse start than rovers this year!! C’mon Rovers!!!!

  • Absolutely LOVE this one boys…..Mr WArnock, the man who “had to stay at home last Saturday because his head wasn’t right” (even though he probably still picked up his 25grand) was paraded in front of the Villa fans before their European clash this evening…….Then they got knocked out so he is back to square one AND he has Richard calamity Dunne backing him up at the back……i never thought i’d quote an honoury Geordie but “I would love it if we beat em” Thats Villa and Warnock!!! The grass is NOT always greener Stephen, ask Mr Bentley about that…..

  • I am not sure people understand the financial side of things. Rovers are trying to run at a lower operating cost nowadays. hence more money has HAD to go on overheads etc/debt this summer as our gate receipts dont cover overheads. What do we want – a club that is not here in 5 years time since fans want big signings or one that is well run?! We have cut debt this summer and for the long run that is crucial. Some people amaze me.

  • couldn’t agree more mikey. spending as little as we are now is a risky strategy. if we can’t replace the players we sell, then we may get relegated. however, if we were to spend money we don’t have, we would need to play european football to service the debts. Like Leeds, the year we were to fail in this, the club would be destroied… patience and long term thinking will have to get us through untill we can find a new owner. In the meantime, we must keep the faith and trust in JW and BSA

  • retroflair, you may be lacking in intelligence and poor insults and unfortunately for me you are also clearly lacking in estimation of how much spare time I have. Next time you try to make a smarmy clever comment, think about what your saying.

  • How many players can we feed and build up, before they betray us for a “bigger club”? I have seen Bentley aswell as Cruz, and now Warnock. But it´s only me who can´t see any of those names in Euro-cups, isn´t it? 😛

    And what is it with all the talks of Aston Villa being a big club??? I can see a potential, but when did they actually won their last trophy? FA Cup 2000 and The Major Cup For Real Big Clubs named as; Intertoto Cup 2001. Oh my, that´s a club loaded with titles the last decades 🙂

    Too the next one who betrays us: Make sure you really sign for a BIG club. That would make it a lot easier for Roversfans to understand that you really have ambition and will become a huge star. Signing for a team at almost same level, are what an asshole or David Bentley does.

    Anyway, it´s sad to let Warnock go, but I wish him good luck.

  • I do wish Stephen the best of luck as he has been a great signing for us – at £1.5 million a GREAT signing but the time has come for him to move on. He will do well at Villa but he will find out that the grass is not always greener – As we love to say here.

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