Date: 22nd August 2009 at 9:13am
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There are reports eminating that suggest that Aston Villa have made another bid for Stephen Warnock and he has been withdrawn from the matchday squad to face Sunderland.

Rovers hirearchy have accepted the offer, There has been no confirmation of the figure but it may rise as high as £8 million with installments. How much up front and how much in add-ons is also an issue to be resolved.

It is believed that Allardyce has sanctioned the deal and he is also probably aware that the player is keen to go.

Unless we have a replacement lined up (the lad from the Ivory Coast springs to mind, to allow Givet to slide over to Left Back) and IF, if we get the full amount up front to allow us to get some midfielders then this might be an acceptable move, otherwise it is plain bonkers by Rovers.

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So come on then, let the verbal diatribe commence!


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  • Reserving judgement until all the facts and figures are in but am not overly impressed with this move, even if we get the midfield strengthened, as it is in need of it. Sad to see the lad go. Good luck Steve Wee!

  • I dont see the point in selling him just one week before transfer deadline…

    The sale is acceptable is we get a quality midfielder as I think Warnock would have been used as a midfielder! And lets hope Givet doesnt get injured….Olsson is a MAJOR liability!

  • Much as I would hate to see Warnock leave, this might just prove to be good for Rovers as lately he’s mostly been playing out of position in midfield. Providing we have cover for Nelson & Samba, Givet is comfortable at left back (BSA seems to prefer him there) with Ollson as cover – so £8m (+£1m? for Gallagher) could provide a few more options to strengthen the squad? The worry is a scenario where both Samba and Nelson (and perhaps Givet) are injured at the same time – maybe why we are still being linked with defenders? We will just have to wait to see if the reports are true.

  • hi villa fan here you guys seem to speak highly of him so i guess you will be sad losing him if this is true do you guys think 8m is about right? i hope we get him looks like a solid player when ive seen him how highly do you rate him???

  • 10 mill is more on the mark for me but if we have accepted 8 what can you do? Sad fact is we need to sell to strengthen our squad (if it needs strenghtening). Steve Warnock will be missed as there is only one better left back and that’s Asley Cole. Good luck Stevie W.

  • 10 mill is more on the mark for me but if we have accepted 8 what can you do? Sad fact is we need to sell to strengthen our squad (if it needs strenghtening). Steve Warnock will be missed as there is only one better left back and that’s Asley Cole. Good luck Stevie W.

  • if they sell just to balance books i will be very annoyed, only sellyour best players if the cash is being used for new players

  • Villa fan here,is there any truth in this story. I know the Mirror has printed thisstory, but is there news up by you lot that Warnock may be leaving.

  • Have to say I’m surprised at this one!! Didn’t think he wanted to go for starters. If Big Sam doesn’t have a quality proven midfielder lined up this seems like a strange one. Also if Glen j. is worth 18m surely Stevie is worth more than 8m!!!!!

  • What a shame. If we get in a quality player I will accept this but only then. Warnock is tremendous and to be fair if he has wanted to leave for a while then he certainly hasnt shown it in his performances – well done Stephen! And yes dont believe any of my exclusives – like the breaking news ofthe Roque bid being accepted 30 minutes before anyone else!!!! lol oh dear Sas!

  • this is a sad day, im starting to get abit worried with all the ins and outs that we’ve had this season, makes me think it will lead to a very unsettled squad! especially since stevie w has been a rock for so long! gonna agree with mikey here and say ill only move past this if we get a quality left back in replacement! (btw, how solid are you on the fact the figure is £8mil? seems a tad low if u ask me)

  • the deal has to outrage any rovers fans. year after year, our best players from the previous campaigns are priced out by other clubs eventually (bellamy,bentley. rsc, and now warnock)…this is so frustrating.

  • got to say I really feel for you dominator2800, exactly how it looks from the outside, each time you get a decent player, someone poaches them, not sure how a manager can be expected to do much if that always happens?

  • Hang on a minute guys, dont go OTT about Warnock!! He was the best of an extremely bad bunch last year….AND PLEASE do not compare him with the losses of RSC, Bellamy and Bentley!!…they were real class acts and this guy is a steady LB and an average CM. We have already replaced him with a better LB in Givet and Ollson must be given a chance to back him up…..the major loss to us as Rovers fans is the destabilisation that may set in due to his loss…he was a consistent player NOT a class act!!….When uv lost the players that we have in the past few yrs n lived to tell the tale then the loss of Warnock isnt gonna kill us!!!……….CHILL, BREATH!!!! ha ha

  • I am getting increasingly frustrated with Rovers board. If they want us to play in the championship next season then please refund my ST.
    what a shame!! I am equally certain we will not sign any player even if we do it would be some unknown so called foreign Talent , with less than quarter of the amount we will get for Warnock. *********!!

  • My god what a horribal day, first we loose against Sunderland, the second game in a row which we should have won. And now we loose Stephen Warnock aswell. I haven´t been closer to tears since we were relegated. Business is business that´s for sure, and we would have sold one of our star sooner or later, and it would have hurt no matter which player it is. We got no betrayers in the club no more, that what´s make all the players to our family. And that´s why it so f. hard to deal with this. Still I think 8 million is to low. This is a player at almost the same level as Ashley Cole, and a player who definitly bleed harder for his club. And if G Johnsen is worth 17-18 million, why 8 for Warnock????? Are we really so desperate after money???

  • I’m with Mani on this one. Warnock is a good player no doubt and an improvement on what Villa currently have BUT he doesnt want to be here anymore and Givet is a far better defender than Warnock. Also anyone remember Wigan last year? Warnock put in one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from a Rover. Having said that the money needs to be spent on a midfielder otherwise this is a really bad move.

  • the loss of warnock certainly would have less of an impact than bentley/rsc just because he’s not the players who would be creating and scoring goals. warnock is certainly a steady, underrated LB, deserved to be in the england squad. unless salgado can play on the left or olson can come to live, our backline is a bit stretched once again, not to mention it’s a huge blow to the morale of the team, especially following two undeserving losses.

  • tbh, imo mani is talking total sht. the loss of stevie is worse than losing that overpayed chav bellemy, and warnock is one of the best left backs i can remember at rovers.. and FYI Salgado was brought in to play CB.. so that possition is sorted with givet moving to LB. so just a midfielder needed now.

  • Ok we get 10Million pounds for Stevie, the board sucks up at least 70% of that and that leaves 3Million to buy a replacement, oh no wait havent we just got an overaged Gallatico on his last legs, this is just another nail in the coffin at Rovers, we are starting to live up to the little club moniker we are getting stuck with, God im so p!$$ed right now, been a rotten day, we again leave with 0 points after a display which deserved points and once again on the wrong side of dodgy decisions.

  • tbh, i can see all side of the decision, warnock can be replaced, but he had almost been adopted as someone who would be staying at the club a very long time, being a loyal servant! i think what everyone is thinkin now is the life is sucked out the team. we have pedersen as our longest serving player, and he doesnt show the commitment he should! stevie w probably is rated abit more than he is actually worth by us rovers cos we hav a connection to him!

    anyway, how the money should be spent…. doesnt anyone think the back line looks a little thin? we got loads of people in midfield… just no-one in thier prime, either just coming through, injureds, or ineffectives! sad to say it but think we should just let some of the guys recover, get decent back-up cover for the mean time (defensive midfielder, someone who can slot in2 back 4), then unload some injury dead-weights in january! but thats just me being cut-throat!

  • Grow up you idiots, this is business and whatever the manager wants is insignificant where money is concerned. Did we miss him today, no we didn’t. He is a goodish player not England quality but we will survive. I would expect Sam to have 2 players lined up as replacements already

  • i think it is a shame but not a huge loss. Firstly he is a good player who works extremely hard but he not amazing and is often making errors. I think anything over 5 million is a very good deal and we should take the money. But only if we can bring in somebody to cover the left back position as olsson is a player i don’t rate or like. I really think his attitude stinks

  • calm down taurus were all friends here… Warnock is a huge loss and this is a move i can’t understand. But i have faith in the Big man and i have faith in John Williams. I hope that yet again, they make the best of a bad situation and put us in a stronger position

  • OMG, we are massively over reactin here!!! As i said earlier its not ideal that we sell Warnock so late in to the transfer market because it could cause diruption but literally boil it down towhat we will lose on the pitch….NOTHING…Givet is better than him and we dont need him to do his average best in midfield anymore because we have more than enough cover there with players comin back from injury!!!…….Why are we all (in particular Rovers 23 which i think is his IQ) getting our knickers in a twist?? He wants to go, we have a better replacement already n we get 10 mil??? WINNER…AND ROVER 23 IF YOU THINK BIG SAM IS GONNA PLAY SALGADO AT CB WHEN HE’S 5FT 6″ THEN U MY FRIEND ARE A LUNATIC!!!!…..who’s talkin sht???? ha ha

  • calm down guys – I have just got an article up guys that perhaps sheds some light on things. Sam has spoken – check it out.

  • Mani, ever read the papers? other than the sun? Lol.. and does he or does he not play givet at CB? and hes not much taller? talking about my IQ when you dont know who the hell I am, and don’t come on here giving me sht, when u actually dont contribute anything at all to this site? do us all a favour and ***** off to LET with oztheman.

  • “lol” ur obviously a 14 yr old child….actually iv been posting on this site for over 12 months but the difference between us is that i dont just write the first thing that comes in to my head. I only post on items that i am informed on and that are worth note as our fellow VB’s will confirm….as for the our conversation and the Salgado situation lets just reserve judgement. If he plays CB then you win, if he doesn’t….i do. Me and you are finished at this point and if you want to be taken seriously i suggest that you stop writing “lol”. Very poor.

  • guys, cut the crap! opinions can be different sometimes, dont take it personally! and no need to jab at each other, we’re all VBers here, plus theres nothing wrong with saying the first thing that comes into your head btw… its what your thinkin and should be taken as a fairly valid arguement (even if it is a weak one)

  • so if you like commenting on things you are informed on, then why post that im a 14 year old child with a low iq? when you obviously know nothing about me… and if i want to write lol, ill write lol.. “lol”

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