Date: 24th June 2008 at 9:18am
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The appointment of Paul Ince, on Sunday, as the new manager at Blackburn has inspired consistent left back Stephen Warnock to pledge his future to the club.

Warnock, singed from Liverpool for a bargain £1.5 million, had been tipped in the media to join Mark Hughes at Man City (what a shock), but the 26-year-old has now declared his loyalty to the blue and white halves.

Warnock told BBC Radio Lancashire: ‘I am more than happy at Blackburn – I love the club. It is fantastic.

‘Hopefully we will continue to have a lot of success under the new manager.

‘I was desperate to find out who it was going to be as you want to know who you are working with.

‘It was disappointing to lose Mark Hughes but this is an exciting time for the club,’ he added.

‘Paul Ince did a fantastic job at these two clubs and has moved up the leagues very quickly.

‘I think people will be itching to play for him not because of who he is but because of his achievements as a manager.

‘He gets the most out of his players and the chairman has probably chosen the best man for the job.’

Get in. Great to hear these words from a key player and more should do the same.

Roberts, Nelsen, Warnock have all pledged there loyalty. Add to this the list of players that would never leave Ewood – Friedel, Dunn, Matty Derbyshire and Tugay… the media are going to run out of players soon.

Come on Roque, you know you want to.


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  • Good-o. Nice to see the players get behind the new man! Now the fans need to get behind him, and give him time and support. I’m not expecting European qualifcation this season (UEFA may well say Ince can’t manage us in European competition if he doesn’t get his badges…apparently they are not as lenient as the FA…), and I would predict somewhere between 12th and 9th (mid table, duh!?). However, with a season under his belt in top flight management and the badges he needs, we’ll be back firing on all cylinders next season…

  • What! sorry mate my expectations and everyone elses, should not be lowered because, Ince has arrived we challenged for europe this year I expect us to do the same again this year. Ince has been given dispensation for two years so he can manage in europe. If we are tld today at 12 that we should be in for a season of mediocrity then its a step backwards.

  • I’m not saying aim lower, I’m saying that I don’t expect miracles. Under Hughes we were consistantly punching above our weight, and a change at the top is inevidently going to affect performances from the the first instance, until the players and managers are consistantly on the same wavelength. If a new player comes to the club he is given time to settle in, learn how the team plays. The same has to be said for a manager, but instead of learning how to play the same system, he has to to teach 30+ how he wants them to play, which will take longer. I hope that we can replicate last seasons performance, but I can’t see it. Mid-table, lower top half (8th at a push), and I will see it as a satisfactory first season. Anything else will be a bonus.

  • i dunno what to expect this could be spectacular and we could finish sixth (could have done it this year) as i feel hughes’ lack of commitment probably cost us a little bit. we have the players nobody has gone yet, though bents is practically out the door. so we can get ina few others who will strengthen us and maybe take us forward!!

  • For a club like ours we should realistically expect to finish top half – that is a good achievement. Compared to the amount of money clubs around us have spent and our fan base we have done really well. Hughes gave us that bit extra and we were doing better than others. I’m sure Ince will take us onwards and upwards – 6th place finish would mean a fantastic season for us.

  • I think Ince may take time to settle and for that we may suffer. I hope I’m wrong and we can continue to challenge for europe but I have my doubts!

  • OK, so we have a new manager and we should all just settle in for the relegation dog fight then eh? Bollox lads. this is the same team that SHOULD HAVE finished 6th and qualified for Europe, so why should that team perform any different? OK there will be differing styles between the outgoing and incumbent coaching teams but why should that stop a team that has been playing together for a minimum of 12 months, if not more? If we finish LOWER than 10th, Ince has to see that as a failed season, barring exceptional circumstances, such as losing key players for the season through injury.

  • I think a relegation dogfight is a little extreme. I think you have aired the views of us all there BomBom, we are not expecting Europe (10th would not get us into Europe unless all cup competitions, and respective league finishes went in our favour!), and anything better than that would be a bonus.

  • ehhmm!!! u forgot one player who has been a loyal servant to rovers for how many years now!!!!! BRETT EMERTON!!!!!!!

  • back to the topic lol, well done to warnock, ive been a big fan of his, he has been fantastic for us, lets hope a few of our other key players follow the lead of some of our men

  • We should have high standards – you’re right Bom. If we think we should do ok then we will do ok – if we think we can finish higher then we will. We have to have belief. I’m hoping for 6th

  • I agree FN1 but why has it taken til an appointment was made before he made the postive affirmation that he was happy at Rovers, suggests he was keeping his options open. You didnt see Nelsen doing that!!!!

  • We seem to have gone of topic (far enough though) but back on it I’m delighted to here Stevie W say this, others WILL (that haven’t already) join him. The ONLY change is the manager, how much of a change this will be we will soon find out!!!

  • There is no way we should aim lower, maybe in the 1st yr he should get a by ball if he doesnt finish as high as last yr, in or about is acceptable but not out of the top 10 anyway and why would we, we have the same players who got us there last yr, with others to bring in so the team is fully capable to replicate last yr and progress further

  • Yep – Bom you’re right, but there were also alot of fans not pledging their future with the dread of a Steve McClaren appointment looming.

  • Sorry Sas… my bad. lol. I would always support Rovers regardless of who managed them… I would just no be happy about it!!! lol

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