Date: 22nd May 2007 at 9:41am
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With Blackburn Rovers’ January signing Stephen Warnock settling in so well and making his £1.5 million transfer fee look another Mark Hughes steal sasman shares his thoughts on his delight at hearing Warnock say how happy he is here.

As you all know by now, I’m a fan from down under. For myself to access any news on my beloved team, I must jump online and do my searches. But to my delight this morning, I woke up, watching my morning news and down the bottom, in the sports bar, one single line made my day.

Warnock ecstatic with his move to Blackburn.”

Well as soon as I saw this, I had to jump online. Was the media playing games again, or was this a word for word statement.

To my surprise, several of your newspapers and trust worthy internet sites mentioned the same thing, “It’s been a fantastic move for me and I just wish I had done it earlier” and “I love it here and I’ve got people who believe in me, which I didn’t have at Liverpool” are just two of the quotes Mr Warnock has said.

I’d like to congratulate Warnock for speaking out, being honest with himself and the public. Its good to see that someone does appreciate the hard work Sparky and his crew do put in. Warnock has definitely benefited from regular first team action, with him being one of the first on my team sheet.

Hopefully others can follow Warnock’s lead and be proud in playing for the club, because he knows we took the chance, and he has taken the opportunity.



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19 Replies to “Warnock’s Rovers Joy (And Mine Too)”

  • Good stuff sasman, let’s have more things like this being submitted by others 🙂 You know you want to!!!

  • Stevie Warnock wasn’t overly keen at first, and he said as much that’s why he didn’t join us last summer but Sparky continued his pursuit (as he does!) and eventually got his man and NEITHER party has looked back since. Warnock immediately had some making up to do but soon won over any critics he might have had and has settled in like he’s been here forever. You can genuinely see that everyone is happy. People like Stevie are our future and they can see where we are going, I dare say most are feeling like this and most do express this. Let’s just hope we can keep this squad together and continue moving forward, if we can I genuinely feel that we are top sixers year in year out and within the next 12-18 months we could see not one, not two but THEE! Rovers players in the England set up, these being Warnock, Bentley and Derbyshire!

  • The thing for me with Warnock is that he obviously wasn’t keen on coming here initially – He turned down the move after all, and only came after another half season of never playing. It seemed to me like a case of “oh go on then, i’ll give it a go. Not got anything better to do for the next six months”. As soon as he got in the side, you could see in his face that he was just trying a little too hard – Trying to push himself and do things that weren’t coming naturally, and always seemed to lead to errors. Now, his whole body language shows a footballer who is enjoying his game, and playing with a smile on his face. He plays better, works harder, gets forward more at the right times without leaving gaps behind him, and it all comes more naturally than it ever did. Proof if ever it were needed that players can improve by not being part of “the money 4”

  • Good stuff Head Rover Heels, I hear what you are saying and like it. After what he had said last summer I thought there was little or no chance he could come here, Sparky kept pushing didn’t he and he got him. I was delighted then, more so now. But like you I was a little wary and you could see Stevie was a little “sheepish” with his early comments wasn’t he. All’s worked out for the best though and everybodies ‘appy now 🙂

  • I think Warnock’s been an absolute revelation for rovers… however, he’s born at the wrong time. Cashely Cole is certain starter for england despite the fact he is overpaid, overrated and shouldn’t even be starting for chelski (Bridge is better and criminally overlooked!). Derbyshire has a chance to get in the next few years (although there’s a lot of great english forwards coming through at the moment, I think he’s the best out and out poacher/striker). Obviously Bents should be a starter, he’s easily the best right sided player england have, and he’s pretty much the only one that can beat a man. Yes, Lennon is fast .. but it doesn’t mean playing him isn’t still like playing your little brother (brawn beats speed!). Spurs fans were going on about him all season as being awesome and suggested his poor form in the 2nd half of the season was due to fatigue or something… no. It was due to the fact that everyone has worked out how to play against him because he’s a one trick player! (mini-anti-Lennon rant over). The only other competitor is SWP.. and well despite good form of late he’s still an unreliable dwarf!

  • Assley Cole is sooo overrated isn’t he Bents4eng, Cole is every inch the player Cole is, and more for me. Cole is NOWHERE near the player he was. That’s crap isn’t he, how can a what 19, 20-year-old be tired! It’s as you again say, people work out how to counter players, and they’ve done that with Lennon, but he’ll be back.

  • yes … no doubt running faster than ever in a never-ending diagonal run from the left-wing to the right corner flag!

  • Warnock should get a look in at some point as Cole and Bridge are both very injury prone. Derbyshire will have to wait a few years yet and as for Bentley, he should of been in the england squad about 6 months ago… If he has a good game in that England B game, McLAren will have to put him in the squad or I will hunt him down and shoot a tranquiliser dart in his backside.

  • Mikey and his army of assassins hunting down Stevie Mac, surely there is a reality TV programme in that?!?!

  • I agree that Warnock has been wot Rovers have been looking for over the last few years, gives us energy up the line whilst being very solid defensively (well header on to bar not included lol) For the England role he’s better than Bridge for a start, but then Wayne plays (sometimes) for Chelsea so there u go, Cole has lost a lot of his game going to Chelski, he dosnt look near the player he was at Arsenal, I think Stevie should be given a chance at least in a friendly. The thing about England managers is they dont try these fringe players and then when they have injuries they are unwilling to call on players and these players are more nervous about playing for their country

  • I’m not so sure that Stevie W (I’m gonna call him that now as it makes him sound an even better player, you have Stevie G for Gerrard, Warnock is worthy of Stevie W!) is better than Bridge. Bridge for me is a better player than Assley Cole. The only reason Bridge should stay out of the England set up would be for the simple reason he doesn’t play too much, and doesn’t when Assley is fit, which is a crime in itself! We (England) have some quality left sided players now, when we ALWAYS moaned we didn’t, the thing is most play for “smaller” clubs so they won’t be given a chance. Matthew Taylor, Leighton Baines etc. if they moved to the “big four” (or Spurs!) they’d be in like a shot. Look at the Steve Sidwell situation, just signed for Chelsea, I BET he’ll get a chance next season now that he isn’t with Reading, and this will happen EVEN if he doesn’t play too much!

  • How about Mikey and the Maniacs!?!?? Thats gotta be ITV 2 at least??? Cheers for the support guys… We see what happens first.

  • Steve Sidwell not good enough for Arsenal, has a decent season eith Reading who gave him his chance then moves to Chelsea to be a Carling Cup player – Good lad (not) lol

  • Let’s not get above ourselves here Mikey, ITV3 perhaps but not quite ITV2 just yet. IF you can assure you take Stevie Mac out I think C4 could be brave enough to pick up “Mikey and the Maniacs!”

  • My track record is good with this sort of thing… I’ll take him out guaranteed. my phone number is 555-0909… ITV I am waiting.

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