Date: 16th August 2011 at 7:22pm
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Rovers have been snubbed by Raul after the Spaniard informed Schalke that he’d like to stay at the German club.

Rovers made a move for Raul today with Schalke informing all concerned they wanted something sorting quickly either way.

The way it turned out was not the way Rovers wanted/expected as Raul quickly informed the club via his agent that he wanted to stay in Germany.

Schalke general manager Horst Heldt told his club’s official website – ‘Both our coach, Ralf Rangnick,my colleague (board member) Peter Peters and I have always stressed that we do not want him to leave.’

Heldt clarified – ‘Raul told us that he wants to stay with Schalke and asked us to turn Blackburn Roversdown. We have already done that.

‘We are pleased that Raul wants to continue to contribute to our sporting success.’

Ah well, on we move.

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10 Replies to “We didn’t want him anyway!”

  • Glad i missed all the hype today regarding this. Let’s face facts, we didn’t have much chance of pulling this one off, especially after yesterdays verdict questioning Kean’s position as manager. I would love to see Raul but Nevermind at least we can concentrate on realistic targets now.

  • getting beyond annoying now… I wish I had the will power to not look at the gossip columns. Keep ruining my day.

  • i don’t understand this at all… i would have thought this would’ve been sounded out first; as in Salgado would’ve called Raul and suggestively asked would he be interested in a move to Rovers… if not, enough said, it was worth asking the question… but if he was, proceed and lodge a bid…

  • What are your owners doing to your great club?

    On taking over, they were going to qualify for CL within a year & were going to splash £5m to do it! Since that exploded in their faces, they’ve been regularly name dropping really great players like confetti as serious transfer targets. I mean, come on! You Rovers fans are not that gullible FFS, Venkys are making your club a laughing stock.

    No, you’re all being taken for mugs & Steve Kean is the biggest mug of all for toeing the party line. If this was happening at Spurs, there would be anti ENIC demonstrations on a daily basis!

    Come on Rovers fans, get your Club back!

  • Firstly Im a football fan – I am a claret as well and we like the banter. But even I dont like seeing whats happening to a fellow Lancashire team. Its not great at the turf but down at Ewood the FA should step in. – Its nothing but pure asset stripping PERIOD!!!!!!

    Why on Earth havent the fans stated a protest as above – Raul is nothing but a time saving smoke screen – as was Beckham, Ronaldinho etc – fantasy – U have sold players , Samba on way and then Kean says you have no money!!! and are now looking at loans – U lot need to organise a proper huge (peacefull mind) protest. Kean is a yes man who would never get a managers job in a million years – cmon rovers fans – SHOW SOME GUTS –

  • Sorry kelbrookclaret but thats what everyone else wants to see us do. If we did go out and protest it would must certainly destroy our club. The facts are simple, venky are investing money into the club, something that wouldn’t happen if they didn’t buy the club so i really don’t know what’s all the fuss about. Together we stand together we fall.

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