Date: 18th August 2008 at 9:23pm
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Hello guys, it’s the return of the feature that debuted last season. Here’s how it works…

I pick 3 players that have excelled over the weekend and give them the glory they deserve and likewise pick 3 players that need to start doing better and make a point of it… Winners and Losers.

Before I get started I think I can safely say we are all delighted with the 3-2 victory at Goodison on Saturday. Magnificent stuff and a real team effort.


David Dunn –
As someone (Sorry I can’t remember who) said in a comment on this great site- ‘If he plays like this every week then I will be happy’, I couldn’t agree with you any more. Pace, drive and no end of skill reminded us of the old David Dunn.

His attacking runs are runs he can only make when fully fit and fit he is. With him out of the side we would look a lot less threatening, his link up play with Morten Gamst Pedersen at times was excellent.

And to finish it off he scored a peach and controlled the midfield along with the underrated efforts of Aaron Mokoena.

More please Mr.Dunn.

Ryan Nelsen – Immense. Really, really looks good. He looks much better off for a full pre-season and commanded everything.

Won every header, every tackle and set up the vital goal. Anyone who thought Ryan had lost it after his performances of last season when he was barely fit had better watch this match again.

He’s our leader for a reason you know. The hug with Ince at the end is a moment I will remember for a long time.

Roque Santa Cruz –
To be fair he missed 2 headers he would normally score in the first half but that is only due to the high standards he has set himself.

When presented with his only clear cut chance he made no mistake, he looked like a forward who Manchester United admire, only problem is that he is a Blackburn Rovers player and played like he loves it here – watch his goal celebration.

As long as Santa snr. is here we have a focal point in attack and a partnership with J-Rob that can frighten most defences.

Santa Cruz is coming to town…


Paul Robinson –
Let me get this straight. I am prepared to give Robbo a good chance. I will not write him off on one game and am sure he will be a good signing for a club that traditonally has had a good history of keepers.

However, he looked a bit dodgy on Saturday. As Sasamataz said in his match report – he was poor, poor, poor. He was at fault for the first goal but could do nothing about the second. What had me worried most of all though was the flap he had at Jose Baxter’s header 5 minutes before the end.

This will sound like a cliche but it is all about confidence. He looks like he needs something big to happen and then it will all come back. The fact we won on Saturday could be a good start to show him he is on to something good here.

Come on Robbo, we are all behind you and know you can do better.

Zurab Khizinashvilli –Wasn;t on the pitch but the fact we had 4 centre backs on the pitch shows he is down the pecking order.

Always a reliable addition to the team but he must wonder what he has to do to get a game.

Poor lad, genuinely a nice bloke and genuinely Blackburn Rovers’ most underrated player.

The National Press and Various Websites – All those made up stories and all the blatant attempts to undermine Ince and upset players before a ball had been kicked.

The players are unhappy are they? The manager has no motivational skills and the players don’t like him?… WELL IT SURE DIDN’T LOOK LIKE IT TO ME.

Players giving their all determined not to rise to the bait set out by the lying media and making sure the only talking done on their part was done on the pitch.

The reaction at the final whistle said it all… They would run through brick walls for Paul Ince.

Go on, Sun, Star, Mirror… I dare you, make up some more stuff. You are writing Ince’s team talks for him.

You’ve just been exposed for the lying losers you are.

And thats it for the first week of this seasons’ Winners and Losers. I couldn;t bring myself to name an outfield player in the losers this week as none of them deserved it. Hope you enjoy the read guys, see you next week for more Winners and Losers.


14 Replies to “Weekends Winners And Losers”

  • Rant number 2 from me there I am afraid guys but lets face it they deserved it!! Hope you like, Winners and Losers will be a regular feature here.

  • Well said ‘worbo’ and ‘THE AXE; considering the criticism he receives. But I agree with them all nevertheless. How about Vogel though, never mind the starting XI he cant even get on the bench.

  • Good rant. Robbo looked quite trim at the end of last season under Ramos’ diet. Has he put on a few pounds over summer, or am I imagining things?

  • DISAGREE on glory 3 NELSON’s error made the second goal for them though you could blame it on Mokoena not being there..Jason Roberts was brilliant without the finishing touch but still held ball really well..

  • The thing is that the whole team played well compacted and had a great start of the season..therefore, the rest of the lads who played are unlucky for not being among the “winners”..but of course..they all did win!

  • In the result that matters most… they most certainly did diego. In this feature though I try to pinpoint who deserves a mention the most and why…. but obviously I appreciate the team did well as a whole.

  • I understand it mykey…i was just trying to answer why J.Roberts didn’t make it to the podium; of course that when the team has a good game there will be some unmentioned!

  • Jase is a great player to have on the pitch but cant be the our main striker cos to be fair he couldn’t hit a cows ass with a banjo!!!

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