Date: 26th August 2010 at 4:16pm
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Arsene Wenger has again felt the need to sit on a higher plateau to us mere mortals by insisting referees and players must respect the rules and stop games from descending into rugby instead of football.

Somehow keeping a straight face and with no sarcasm, the Frenchman failed to explain quite how any game of football can be like a game of rugby – what with the ball having to travel backwards and physical play actually being allowed in the oval sport variety.

But his comments seem more designed to protect his players from the battle that awaits them at Ewood Park… fresh off the back of last season’s 2-1 reverse where Wenger was again up in arms at being beaten by tactics he disliked.

Wenger spoke to Sky Sports and said – ‘I believe everybody looks at his squad and tries to find a way where the game is most efficient and we developed one way. It is not the only way, I respect every other way as long as the referees get the rules respected,’

‘I saw some pictures last Sunday; you cannot say any more it is football, it is rugby on the goalkeepers [more] than football.

‘The referees cannot go on and accept that.

‘When you see how [Stoke defender Ryan] Shawcross kicked [Tottenham goalkeeper Heurelho] Gomes, how [Robert] Huth pushed Gomes in the goal, you cannot say that is football any more.

‘If the referees allow that you cannot accept that because that has nothing to do with the game.

‘Apart from that, when a team play long ball and head the ball and become physical I accept that completely and I respect that – but it has to be in respect of the rules, that is all.’

Chris Foy is the man in black (or whatever they wear nowadays) for Saturdays lunchtime clash and the pressure will be on after Wenger’s words.

Wenger stressed the importance of protecting goalkeepers, mirroring his comments last May after the Rovers-Arsenal match in which he felt his ‘goalkeeper’ Lukas Fabianski received some rough treatment.

‘I believe that in some situations the goalkeepers are not protected,’ the Arsenal manager continued.

‘You cannot have players whose main role is to stop the goalkeepers from catching the ball and not even go for the ball.’

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49 Replies to “Wenger claiming moral high ground as usual”

  • Wenger really is a detestable individual – if he does not like English football he should allez elsewhere and give us all a break from his incessant whinging.

  • Millsy75 (is that your IQ mate?) Wenger is already making his excuses – rovers don’t play football… we foul goalkeepers to win… blah blah blah – change the bloody record! I think that it will be a very tough game and I hope we get a result. Arsenal will be all fired up and I’m sure will play well, lets hope we can match them and ‘play’ football!

  • Millsy 6.. that’s about as many times Arse Wedgie will moan, in a 1 minute period, about the grass being ‘destractivly green’ or the line markings being ‘significantly large, almost 2mm too wide” or perhaps even the seats at Ewood are ‘too blue, it could have injured our pansies, sorry i mean players.’ nd’ please tell your players to get a nice cup of man the hell up before they decided to play in the premier league. Trollers gonna troll.

  • Another use for the number 6… The highest number of decibels that Arsenal fans reach during a game as a collective group 😉 Surely if it was a waste of an article you wouldn’t have bothered being so sensitive and commenting?! Our average gate last year was 25,000 which is not bad considering Blackburn has a population close to the capacity of the Emirates. I know you struggle with maths down there but the difference between 6 and 25,000 is a fair bit – enough to make you look rather stupid Millsy.

  • Yeah because Allardyce is a top man. After years of physical abuse i remember recently claiming AEK Athens were too physical. ?The boys were frustrated because they were getting physically kicked by the opposition and not getting protected enough and David Dunn was very harshly treated by a lot of the Athens players which really surprised me today.

    ?Overall it was far too physical and the ref should have taken a stand. It was a little better in the second half but we had to take David off to protect him because we didn?t want him to get injured”. Laughable really.

  • Do you really want me to copy and paste all the times Arse’n has moaned? Ohh wait my Mac would be unable to comprehend the amount of memory that would require.

  • marmanic good you should mention the seats being too blue…we certainly see enough of them at your cowshed of a ground…shame you dont have enough people to fill them or is it no one wants to watch the football that neanderthal allardyce plays ?

  • paul_ownz, its completely different if you are getting rough treatment in a friendly to if you are getting one in a… wait for it, heres the key word…. COMPETITIVE game! In a competitive game, tempers tend to flare and tackles tend to be rough because the team has something to play for!!! plus, sam only had a moan because Mr Dunn gets injured alot (as he has done now), and he did not understand why the greeks where up for taking heads!

  • I dont know why many of my fellow gooners dislike Mr Allardyce so much? I thought he was great in Mike Bassett England manager.

  • change the record millsy….. theres already several comments about how we manage to get a decent (25k average) attendance, which is roughly 30% of the catchment area! would love to see the figures for arsenal, i bet you dont even have 25k of loyal supporters in your area, easily getting drowned out by a bus if your team isnt looking 100%! Yes, are football isn’t the prettiest, but its the result that matters (check may this year)

  • Paul, To be fair the AEK game was a disgusting display, They really did hack at us the whole game, I know we play hard, And i like that we don’t play like fairies and we get in there and go for it, But we try do it within the boundries of the game, But they were bloody awful and it was terrible to see a friendly game take that direction.

  • Always “at it” that Wenger. I don’t wish to see anyone hurt on Saturday but I do hope to see the gooners roughed up and
    intimidated. At least a point in it for Rovers if they get at them for 90mins.

  • Yeah fair point about our catchment area, a huge percentage. I assume half of the Arsenal ‘fans’ in the Emirates have done that exactly… flown Emirates to watch a football match on their holidays! Now go return to Vital Arsenal cos’ were not spamming up your site trying to take the moral high ground on any significant point we can find.

  • It seems ‘taking the moral high ground’ as you call it is exactly what you are trying to do…or esle why worry about what other teams managers are saying and worry about what your own manager has to say….or hasnt his press conference been translated from neanderthal yet ?

  • millsy, that come back was poor, and i feel u may have lost the arguement here… We do listen to our own manager and he does like to tell it as it is, in a clear and precise way! We also listen to what other managers have to say about an up and coming match! Arsene, for a while now, tries to belittle teams that cause him a ‘threat’ (apparently us), which undermines all the hard work that actually happens up here! We punch abover our weight year in and year out! Arsenal fail to come up with the goods to win the title that they should be capable of winning… year in, year out! Don’t get me wrong, i respect your team, they play entertaining football! Its people like you i dont respect because of your callous inaimed uninformed crap that we have to listen to!

  • Millsy – can you make any other point than the two you have made rather childishly four times already? If you want to debate thats fine but why ignore the points we are making and just carrying on with the same stereotypical, lazy points that Mark Lawrenson tries to make with little success. And for a pointless article you certainly seem to be joining in a lot on this – 26 comments and counting.

  • “did your win in may help you move up the premier league table much ? keep looking up” yes it did thanks, about 3 places. But then i don’t blame you for being so smug, what with that trophy laden last five years you have had. All that money, all that fanfare… yet you fail miserably every year. At least we over achieve unlike some…

  • Lol. Arsenal fans really make me laugh with their attitude. We are talking about a team whose only achievement in the past 4-5 seasons has been their defense of the Emirates Cup. And they say the Carling Cup is meaningless. I suggest that Arsenal fans such as Millsy take a long hard look at their team before criticising others.When you spend the sort of money Arsenal spend and you have the fanbase they do, you expect to at least pick up one trophy per season, yet here they are with nothing to show for all the money they have spent over the past few seasons. I’ll say this much, Millsy; If Rovers get taken over by Syed, and we spend £100m over a 5 year period, I would be severely dissapointed in my team if at the end of those 5 years we have failed to win even a Carling Cup, I certainly would not be bragging about how amazing my team are, because in reality they would be failures.. Come back here when you have something to brag about, and beating us does not count, since you are apparently so much better than us. Come back and talk as much ***** as you want, when you win something more meaningful than a friendly cup. Until then, shut up and quit be a soft Southern fairy, anyone would think you were French =)

  • I second Sas 😉 haha can you hear the Millsy sing?? No and we won’t be able to on Saturday either. Nice new(ish) stadium, all that ”beautiful” football that they love to chime on about, and yet your ‘captain’ would much rather play for a team that wins things. What’s it like being allll the way up there winning nothing Millsy?? Hope you’re having fun. We’ll play our football, you play yours……now could you be so kind and f*** off!

  • And another thing…. Arsene Whinger, what an utter Arsenhole that man is! Just have us a game of football, if you win, fair play well done, if you lose, shut the f*** up for once and graciously get the f*** out of Ewood sir. That is all. ”I did not see it”

  • ArSEne Whinger has always been the same, he has a lovely team but never enough about em to be champions. Will be an interesting game tomorrow and cannot wait.

  • In the words of Ocho Cinco.. Child PLEASE, you can moan all you want but when you come up against us you gonna have to kiss the baby.

  • I urge our Rovers players to get stuck in for this one. Give them a tough physical battle, this one specially for you Arsene!

  • He’s like that pushy Mum who embarrasses her children when she complains about others bullying her little boys. If any of his players had any gumption they’d disown the comments and admit it’s supposed to be a physical game. If I were a Blackburn player, I’d give Wenger something to moan about.

  • Well done everybody! We will not be bullied on our board!!! Special mention to Sas with the post of the century!!!

  • Not sure why anyone would complain about how you play. It well within the rules and you’re really good at playing a physical game. To complain that you’re playing at your strengths is just stupid.

  • again… Child Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee, take yourself and your dedicated players (like Gallas LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) over to the French Ligue 1

  • bless you mars….but Gallas is a spud now…glad to see you keep up to date with whats going on in the world…the news of his signing should reach Blackburn any day now
    Our trophy cabinet will be the same as yours then luke….have a nice day now

  • Haha brilliant. Go on then Millsy… describe how the trophy cabinet will look exactly? And you might want to re-read marsmanic’s post again and think about it. Keep up

  • Its funny that blackburn fans talk about our trophy cabinet – 13 PL titles and 10 FA cups for starters. Please compare the two clubs and their trophy record, fan attendence, revenues, global profile, quality of manager and players and come to your own conclusion. Btw, to the winners go the spoils and though B’burn played well, you were well beaten.

  • Luke you silly boy…before you wet yourself in the excitement of people actually commenting on your silly little team of hoofers please read the posts properly…Mars said Gallas is an Arsenal player i pointed out he wasnt , and he isnt because he wanted more than he is worth…therefore dedication has nothing to do with it. Silly boy

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