Date: 18th March 2009 at 10:13am
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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has taken a swipe at Blackburn Rovers striker El Hadji Diouf, after he was lucky to escape a red card for a late challenge on Gunners keeper Maunel Almunia.

This is not the first time that Wenger has had a go at Rovers for their physical approach, but this time round he is not overreacting.

Wenger, speaking to Sky Sports said – “Diouf should have been sent off.

“You can`t compromise on challenges like that ? it could break your leg.”

He is certainly right and Diouf needs to have a long hard look at himself and admit he was in the wrong. Football is supposed to be a mans game but the challenge was out of order.

Cesc Fabregas even had his say – “You can`t go in to injure a player.”

But apparently you can spit at an assistant manager in a tunnel?


10 Replies to “Wenger Slams Diouf”

  • Wenger certainly has a point and Diouf should have been sent off. But Wenger certainly has his own problems after his childish behaviour last night.

  • I hear what he’s saying.. but at the same time, Hull were robbed last night and Wenger is probably my least favourite manager in the Premiership. Always has an opinion on things, always has an excuse – and it’s usually moaning about how physical rovers are – what a tart.

  • I don’t think Hull were robbed – overal Arsenal were the better team – but Hull were hard-done by with the linesman. However, Wenger only sees the wrongs of other players… his players can do no wrong. I think Fabregas should be thinking about getting fit and not disgusting behaviour. But he seems to like to have a pop at coaching staff and management – remember his moan at Hughes

  • God that was pathetic…. what a tool for that load of rubbish. That is when I HATE Wenger. He is a good manager but I think the worst loser ever!

  • wenger is arrigant and always has been, not to shake browns hand after the game was disrespectful and appalling

  • Wenger was right in as much as Diouf should’ve been sent off, but any suggestion that he WAS looking to seriously injury Almunia is bang out of order isn’t it?

  • He cant say things like that without proof of Diouf’s intent (which you cant get anyway). But Dioufs rep and his previous behaviour means he will get stick deserved or not.

  • True. But Wenger does seem to forget that his team had the worst red card tally in the league a few seasons back.

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