Date: 15th August 2007 at 1:35pm
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Having been troubled by the persistent rumours linking star left winger Morten Gamst Pedersen with a move to Arsenal this week, the source behind this speculation has seemingly revealed himself on Wednesday lunchtime, evoking both relief and resentment in equal measure.

In what can only be described as a disgusting exhibition of greed, Gamst`s agent, Rune Hauge, has expressed his desire to see a new deal for his agent, Gamst, thrashed out with Rovers, meaning a healthy new cut for his pockets.

We all know the ‘work` that agents do but to hear such an obtrusive show of meddling is quite disturbing.

We, as Rovers fans, have been speculating as to the source of this latest rumour about our leading Norwegian winger, with some wild accusations thrown around. Alas, it would appear as though this rumour could be the work of an agent keen for more money.

Comments attributed to Hauge on the Skysports website say:

We have registered what is happening. Our job is to secure our clients the best possible deals in relation to the market he plays in. As offers from Tottenham and Arsenal were rejected, Gamst’s deal is something we have to talk about. We will talk with Blackburn. We’ve got a good relationship with them

Frankly, whereas I am relived that these rumours would appear to have been fabricated, I am appalled by Hauge`s admission and feel it is this sort of meddling in affairs pertaining to club`s well-being that is ruining the game.

I am aghast by his nonchalant manner with which he is seeking more money. A new deal was offered to Gamst, or at least it was reportedly offered, earlier in the summer but if I were Rovers` money men I would seriously re-consider offering too much more on what will already be a handsome salary, befitting of his value to the club.
Gamst has also commented on the situation. Again quoted on Skysports:

If Blackburn want to pay me more, it means they appreciate my contribution to the team. I don’t go around thinking of money. Money means a lot in this world, but not everything

It would appear as though Gamst himself is remaining loyal but like anyone is interested in more money; that is fair enough. I just hope that Rovers don`t buckle to the demands of an agent who is relying on flimsy rumours and Chinese whispers. Still at least this could suggest there is little substance in the Arsenal rumours.


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  • Whatever team you support, we can probably agree on at least one thing – agents should in general be hung, drawn and quartered!

  • I’d love MGP at Arsenal he is an awesome player, but as Hughesy quite rightly pointed out, he’s worth alot more than £8M, especially if Chopra is worth £5.5M

  • Wenger has denied today that they have ever bid for MGP – given that Rune Hauge was the man wh made the bung to George Graham a few years back it is unlikely that anyone from Arsenal would have anything to do with him.

  • He’s a quality player is Pedersen, far too good for Blackburn anyway. Probably has ambitions amounting to more than fighting for 7th place in the league every season, so why should he be made to stay?

  • To be honest Amos, as much as I speculated that Arsenal had sneakily engineered this whole thing, I’m not surprised that Wenger has since distanced himself from it. Nozzy06, out of interest, which team do you support? Gamst, like any other footballer is ambitious but we are trying to make something happen here at Rovers that will hopefully see us progress further. I understand your sentiments that we may never again, fully challenge for the league title but what we can try and become is a respected side that wins domestic and possibly European trophies! Oh we are trying to do it with out spending excessively!

  • Liverpool. And sorry, but you aint a big club. He’s been linked with a lot of the worlds top clubs where he’d be competing for everything, why would he stay in a run down little english town which is famous for being a *****-hole? The sum total of Blackburns season is always going to be scraping into Europe or a Carling Cup Final on the off chance. Trying to do it without spending excessively? If you hadnt pulled a Chelsea in the mid-90’s you wouldnt be in this league in a position to have players like Pedersen. I hope he sticks to his guns and leaves, he’s a classy little player and deserves better.

  • I love MGP- but with all due respect, he aint no Barcelona/Real Madrid/Bayern Munich quality….On the other hand- he aint getting any younger- 26 in a few weeks- so he wants the best money he can get now- since most wingers reach their climax around this age, and fall after 30…..

  • Well thank you for your views Nozzy06 – insightful. Still at least when we ‘bought’ the league, we got our money’s worth. How does it feel to have spent so much and never lifted the prestigious trophy?!? Still I don’t want to get in a slanging match with a narrow minded Pool fan as I actually quite like Liverpool and was ecstatic when they bought Torres. Shame fools with nothing more than a hub-cap to their name tarnish the image of a prestigious club. I’m just glad not all Pool fans are so bitter and resentful like Nozzy06!

  • Nozzy06, what were you doing on boxing day last year mate? I was in a ‘run down little english town’ watching a little club beat Liverpool 1-0. And I don’t think you can bang on about anyone ‘pulling a chelsea’ the way you lot are carrying on! Looking forward to beating you again this season.

  • Nice arguement there roversman.

    And all power to blackburn becoming the club you envisage.
    Just cut out the damn red card streak, and savage inspired dirtyness, and progress should be forthcoming..

    Nozzy’s an idiot.

  • -Kha0z- thank you for your sentiments, I trust you weren’t lacing it with sarcasm? Yeah it is a shame there are some moron’s out there that spoil the banter with other, decent, fair minded fans. I hate it when fans come on here and slate our side. We don’t harbour any disillusions of being a massive side but we don’t need that ramming down our throat. We are an honest club and honest bunch of fans for the most part and I strongly believe we can move forward and challenge for silverware. Good luck to pool for the rest of the season and I hope Torres bangs in 20+ so that I win a few bets!

  • Hey Nozzy, whats that noise, oh balls its the old bill, what have you been nicking now, your grandmothers pension?

  • I swear rumours of our dirtiness are completely unfounded … look at that nutter ronaldo tonight.. also Gerrard is probably the worst diver in the premiership at the moment, demonstrated yet again on saturday. Also Nozzy06, if we bought the premiership, then what the hell have liverpool been trying to do the past few seasons? £26mil for a player who has no proven 20+ strike rate.. I’d rather have almost every single member of rovers team who’s transfer fees probably add up to less than that (prizes for anyone who works it out!)

  • Errr, always one to jump into a debate when it’s dying down but I feel I have to say the following…..YES we bought the League, for less than Liverpool have just paid for “El Nino” If you calculate and add up all the millions wasted by the clubs management SINCE we lifted the League title, we could have won it 3 times more since. I mean, Heskey? Cisse? The Bolton Spitter? The list is endless. I, like Roversman, have a lot of time for the Red side of the city and hope that they can challenge for the title this season but before some of your “more vocal” fans start throwing ******, make sure you take a good look around you first!

  • Roversman, I wait with baited breath for your apology to Mr.Wenger and Arsenal F.C for you and your paranoid manager insinuating that our club was leading a dirty campaign to unsettle the lad before we play you.

  • hatespur, it would appear as though I have forced myself into an untangible position. My sincerest apologies for the wild accusation! I hope all is forgiven before our sides compete on Sunday, I’m looking forward to the banter with you guys!

  • No I wasn’t being sarcastic, I think Blackburn have a powerful and talented squad, with grit resolution and quality to win something.

  • Nozzy06.., if were such a “small” club why you wasting your time on here trying to wind everyone up (and failing), do vital liverpool not accept you on there… just because your massive club got beat 1-0 by little old Blackburn last season dont start crying. Gamst will stay with us and be happy to do so as he realises what we’re trying to achieve here….

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