Date: 20th July 2011 at 6:13pm
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With an ever-increasing workload my input on Vital Blackburn becomes less and less. It’s a real shame I can’t add more as I’d put in so much time and effort to build it up, however, I knew (when I moved on) that Mr Mikey an co would take Vital Blackburn onto another level, which they have.

“Another level” was also going to be reached with the Venky’s takeover at Ewood Park!!

Now, we have are increasingly reaching another level but not the level that we were expecting!! I was never one of those that wanted them to come in and throw an absolute fortune at the club bringing in high profile (the early media reports on players we were trying to sign was cringe-worthy) signing after high profile signing, spending millions and millions because as recent history has shown us in football you don’t often get something for nothing and this reckless spending would’ve come back to haunt us at some point in the future probably, as it has other clubs. Even though I didn’t want this spending I wanted something positive and we’ve not really seen many positive steps since Venky’s moved in really have we??

My previously mentioned thoughts about my lack of input have not prevented me from making the odd comment from time to time and (on occasion) stopped me sharing some thoughts with those now running the show for you VBers via email and I’d voiced to them that my frustrations were growing but wanted to bite my tongue for the sake of Vital Blackburn. However, I can do this no longer as each passing day seems to make the situation at the club worse!! What are Venky’s real intentions, what was (are) their motivation behind taking over at Ewood and what are they looking to do for our future, which isn’t looking very bright for me from where I sit at the moment. The actions so far (when you look at the bigger picture) haven’t been that positive have they.

When they disposed of Big Sam it raised my eyebrow, but they would have a powerhouse waiting in the wings to take over. When they replaced him with Steve Kean it raised it even more. He’s a nice enough dude, however, just about anyone can see that he isn’t the right man to take us forward, he’ll only take us backwards won’t he?? Then again are Venky’s doing this anyway?? I’ve been concerned that by putting in a manager such as Kean he’ll be a soft touch who will be easily swayed into parting with players without kicking up too much fuss about the quality of player he is being allowed to replace them with (if he is). Even now the seemingly shambolic nature within the Venky’s camp is splitting opinion even on him and the message finally (maybe) sinking in we need change, but even this is being handled in a poor way it would seem.

It’s been a shambles pretty much since they took over, events of the past 24-48-hours are no less so and with the breaking news to the VBers it seems that a decision has been made to relieve Kean of his duties with this leaking out before the final decision was made. If something doesn’t happen soon we’re in for one hell of a tough season, as it is it’s already looking like it’ll be a tough one but there’s still time for things to turn around but for this it’s over to Venky’s, however, their movements so far since coming in are doing little to encourage me that we’ll see much improvement, though I hope to be proven wrong of course.

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  • Sorry but sometimes you need a bit of a rant and a rave and I needed one here. I’ve probably overracted with some thoughts and missed others off but just had to offload some thoughts before I exploded!!

  • Nice to see an artice with that name at the bottom again, its been too long fella! What a mess we are in eh? The saying goes that once you hit rock bottom , at least theres only one direction from then on!

  • Not sure what to believe at the moment. Too many rumours, contradicting stories and tabloid gossip being thrown about to know what’s really going on. i know it could well happen but my gut feeling tells me Kean WILL be in charge next season and the Cash crisis came about through our lack of pulling power in the transfer market or simply Venky’s not realising how expensive footballers can be and not willing to pay over the odds for certain players. I think there’s too many column inches to be filled with a lack of transfers at the moment and Venky’s have made themselves easy targets to fill them from day one ie Ronaldinho, Beckham etc…. we need to make a decent signing the sooner the better so we can shed the bad press and start looking forward to next season.

  • I share your sentiments Walker, and the Scripted press conference yesterday just show’s how bad things could potentially be if decisions are not forthcoming. Instructing someone what he can or can’t say, and then instructing others what they can and can’t ask, makes you wonder why they even bothered holding a press conference. Again it was to give a smoke screen for us loyal fans to have a chew on whilst they continue to play with our clubs future. He can’t name targets was he words? Mmmmm I wonder why? I will share that at a later date, back tracking and too much of it WHY? Has anyone got it yet?

  • So, hands up all those who thought that acquiring a football club and changing manager in mid-season was easy.


    Aah, not too many I see.

  • Yes, troubling times. But the club statement nd kean himself have suggested to be patient, new recruits will be bought in before the window closes. If they can do a better deal than pavone, so be it.

  • If i didnt know any better Glen I’d answer you….”COS WE HAVE NOOOOOO MONEY” ha ha but I know that you do not believe this so i have to think that these transfers have been cancelled due to Keans impending departure!!….does somewhat grate me though that they are still waiting to do this if it is the case…maybe waiting for after the Asia tour??

  • My, my, my. How nice it is to see that at the bottom of an article again! Welcome back and what a good read!

  • Glad to see you took the time to write an article despite your busy schedule Walker :). You sum up a lot of people’s concerns. Hang in there and I’m sure as I’ve said in the forums we will all be a lot happier come Sept 1st!

  • Felt good to get this off my chest and was good to put pen to paper again, or at least fingers to the keyboard!! I enjoyed this and have just offered up another helping of my wisdom lol!!

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