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Sorry to drag him up again but he’s really starting to do my nut in!

From Tribal news dated August!!

DAVID BENTLEY……………The former Blackburn player revealed that he struggled for sleep in the days leading up to his move to Spurs.

He added: “People don’t realise – or perhaps they do, as everything’s dragged out across the media – how it affects your life.

“You have to relocate and make sure the girlfriend’s cool. It becomes emotionally draining. Even when the bid was accepted, I couldn’t sleep as I was too excited thinking about playing for the club.

“I wasn’t even sure Tottenham wanted me! As a player, you can only voice your opinion and say ‘I want to go there’.

“I was lucky, because lots of teams were interested, but Spurs were my team. And I wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.”


From skysports news dated JUNE!!

David Bentley has spelt out his desire to leave Blackburn and play at a higher level.

The 23-year-old has informed Rovers he wants to go and he now hopes to secure a transfer to a club playing in the UEFA Champions League.

“I made it clear to the club what I wanted to do,” Bentley told Sky Sports News.

“My situation is I want to move on, I want to be playing Champions League football.

Last updated: 15th June 2008 – CHECK THE DATE!!!!!

The reason it’s dragged through the press is because no Champions League team came in for you!

Yes you did well for us and we know we are a feeder team (apparently), but all our (so called) big fish who have moved to a big pond have drowned….

Why can footballers not just tell the truth! I want more money!! I’m a Yid? (not, “i was lucky, because lots of teams were interested, but spurs were my team. And I wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.”)

I really do not care just be honest! Keep your mouth shut and play football.

P.S. If you do not keep your mouth shut you will end up the same way!

Shearer, Duff, Dunn, Sherwood, Le Saux, Wilcox, Sutton, Bellamy, Neill, Souness and perhaps even Hughes???

To name but a few!


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13 Replies to “When will footballers just tell the truth?”

  • Thanks for this govtpros. I think Vital Arsenal said he was a Manure fan as a youngster and idolised Cantona, yet when he signed for Spurs he suddenly became a Spurs fan and idolised Gazza?!?! With the national media the way it is (and what Tribal Football is like lol!) we don’t know when his quotes are actually from, but his “I want Champions League football” claims evaporated when he realised no Champions League clubs wanted him. I’ve got nothing else to say about Bents now though, let him do his talking on the pitch, if he does this he WILL be the big man he thinks, if not he will sink like so many before him.

  • Pretty clear that no Champions League team wanted him. Why do all footballer’s believe their own hype after one good season?

  • I think i’d personnally prefer to praise an ex-player on their return to Ewood rather than dishing out abuse! The point is, who is the cause of fans reactions? Players, Agents or the fans inability to accept players want to move on! Lets face it If I was offered more money in my line of work i’d go….. perhaps it’s an indication that players are imbarrased by their over inflated wages?!

  • 19yr old Soldier paralysed in a war zone, will never walk let alone work again = £250,000 compensation………………………………..

    19yr old with a broken leg, gets it fixed can walk, probably run AND work but could have been a great footballer £4.5 Million????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Great article buddy, spot on the mark mate, greedy****s, at least brad friedel was man enough to admit it was one last pay day for him

  • Yeah but Brad is a legend and a great bloke. Bents it looks like is only out for one thing… himself. Good article mate.

  • after 3 weeks he will be on the bench any bets???????he was good here because the competition for his place was very little and he was FAIRLY his first season he got substituted more than enough times but did improve..but I can see him joining those mentioned above..

  • Bentley will be a legend at the lane and you guys got a great price for him and there should be no bitterness. The top 4 were never going to be in for him and it was only Villa, Spurs & maybe City. but he grew up down the road from White hart Lane and all his mates are season ticket holders so i think there is truth in him Supporting Spurs. I am chuffed to bits we have him and I look forward to seeing him get 10 + goals for us this season and he definitely looks like he always wanted the move to Spurs. You guys must be concerned with the RSC rumours and do you reckon he will hand in a transfer request but why would he want to sign for City and there Asylum Seeking chairman?

  • We’re not bitter he’s gone….. We the paying public, ie everyday folks (which includes Spurs, Arsenal, etc fans) who pay our well earned cash to keep these guys in the lifestyles they are accustomed to, I believe deserve the truth… I want more money! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE TRUTH? I for one respect an honest. A volunteer (in all respects), is worth 10 pressed men!

  • No bitterness??? announcing he wants to leave from his holiday resort… unprofessional to say the very least. And there have been rumours all summer about RSC but he still here.

  • I’m not bitter he’s gone… Obvious he didn’t want to be here, see ya! We got good money for him (shame about the sell on thou)!I’m more bitter our fans for the first time since i can remember seem to have failed Incey already….. I agree very unproffessional!

  • Bents was a very good player for us n i think that we’ll miss him much more than we all think. He was the one loading the bullets for Roque to fire all last season. There was no other really creative spark in our team last year so we’re gonna need the best outa the likes of Pederson and Dunny!!! I think it’s time to let go of this one lads, Bentds has gone!!…sure he’s a slimy lyin ***** but i wouldn’t wanna inflate his ego any further by wasting one more bit of breath on him. If i’m honest i spend more nights worrying about finishing higher than Bolton….the general consensus outside of us Roverites is that were gonna struggle????

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