Date: 1st January 2007 at 6:42pm
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With the January sales now open I’m now asking you who do you want Blackburn Rovers to sell in January, if anyone?

We’ve been linked to many, many people in recent times; but people have also been linked with moves away from Ewood Park; such as the obvious Lucas Neill, with Morten Gamst Pedersen again getting a mention plus we have Andy Todd and Dominic Matteo who have seemed destined for a move away all season, although Todd appears back in favour now?

Mention your names below ideally with a reason(s) why you would like to see them leave. We can then all debate about the values or draw backs of each?

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20 Replies to “Who Do You Want Blackburn to Sell?”

  • I’d like Lucas Neill to go now; it’s been dragging on too long! Obviously ideally I’d like to keep him but he’s going so why not sooner rather than later. If we wait until the summer we will almost certainly miss out on Andrij Nesmachny (who I think will be a VERY good signing) as he won’t wait until the summer for us to decide; Spurs will most probably snap him up if we wait. We’d also miss out on Stephen Warnock if we didn’t do a swap deal. In which case the summer will come and we’ll be looking for a player having probably missed out on suitable replacements.

  • I’d like to see Matteo go as he is no longer of the required standard and is not getting any first team action at all. I think Gray should be sold/released as he is not as effective as he once was. Todd’s recent performances have been good and he deserves a stay of execution till the summer at least. The return of Nelsen will perhaps be the nail in the coffin for Toddy… coz lets face it Nelsen kicks all sorts of backside.

    I do also fear Gallagher being sold as well. He hasnt had the impact this year and suffers from a lack of a regular position. He has now also fallen behind Derbyshire in the pecking order.

  • Matteo is a player we NEEDED to off load for a long time, if nothing else to get his high earnings off the books. Gray has a little spell but his days are numbered. I’d agree with your comments on Toddy, think he has earned another chance but the Admiral’s return with other options around probably means Toddy won’t play much so he’ll want to go. Gally will go be it January or the summer, he’s been given another chance, and although not much of one he hasn’t shown enough when he’s come in. He could be used as a make weight in the Dunny deal?

  • Matteo will see his contract out and then be released – i don’t think anyone wants to pay anything for him. As far as Mikey Gray is concerned I remain a fan of his and would love to see him see out his days at Ewood, Todd, I would never want to see leave. It’s time for Lucas to go… he obviously isn’t going to resign. Apart from that I can;t say I would want anyone else to go, if Nonda isn;t given a contract then I wouldn’t be overly concerned, it’s time for Matty to take over, that would give us enough options once Jay Roberts is fit. Finally as much I would be sad to see Gally go, he just isn;t getting the game time and I suspect that he will want to go.

  • Todd will stay as he is handy, Henchoz is on a short contract and may be allowed to leave because of this. Matteo should go to anyone else who’ll take him, does anyone know his contract for doing nothing?? Gallagher should stay as i think Hughes maybe sees him as a rite winger. Enkelman may also leave cos he never gets a look-in. Gray should have been out ages ago in my opinion

  • Clint – I hope you are right regarding Gally, it seems that Mikey Gray is like Marmite! love him or hate him! Interestingly, I used to hear a lot of bad comments against Robbie Savage, does anyone still feel this way?

  • Savage isnt the worlds best player but is the heartbeat of the midfield, he kinda drags everyone else along with him, He’s another player that if he’s not in your team u hate him but I think hes honest and gets unfair flack at times! I forgot to mention Jeffers, he was got on a free and its time to let him go. I’d love to keep Gally as I think he’s a player that should be in the team.

  • well lets start with the obvious Matteo, he really needs to go he isnt going to get any games now… I would say Todd aswell maybe Gray then buy a new Left Back eg. Wayne Bridge. and in midfield well no one striker well Jeffers is the only one i dont think he has what it takes in this division anymore he needs to go to a lower level to succed, and possibly Peter Enkleman

  • Right, where to begin… Ex Ewood Resident – FIRSTLY good to hear from you again 🙂 Matteo, when does his contract end? Is it in the summer, god I hope so! If so if no one takes him during January why not cut our losses pay up his contract and tell him to bugger off and NOT play elsewhere and get paid. Surely at his age he wants to play, unless he knows his injuries won’t stand up to it anymore, particularly for the cash he’ll want. I do like Gray and he did have an awesome couple of games back in November but I just don’t think he has it anymore? IF a left-back doesn’t arrive then he’ll need to be kept until the summer. Toddy has that something about him that makes him worth keeping; but with first team football not available to him (well at least you’d think that) HE’LL probably WANT to leave more than Sparky will want him too. Nonda has improved in recent time but unless he really kicks on I’m happy with Roberts, Benni and Derbyshire as the main men with De Vita and maybe even Garner coming through next season?!?! Gally came back but has played little, he’ll want to go again but not on loan.

  • Clint – If Toddy stays (worth keeping) depending on who arrives and how the Admiral goes on his return (any reaction to injury) you could be right on Henchoz as if he gets pushed further and further down the order unlike Matteo I couldn’t see him being content with that. Like EER I’d like to think you are right and maybe Gally will have a long term place on the right side of midfield but I’m not sure. As for the Enk man, he’ll be gone in January. I totally agree Sav isn’t the best footballer but his effort, commitment, work rate and passion can’t be doubted even if he is a tw… silly boy at times!

  • Marshinrover – I’d agree with Matteo and Enk, Enk will probably go, hope Dom does but worry he won’t! I do like Toddy, not the greatest defender around now but he’ll battle and fight for everything and run through a brick wall if it benefited the team. Worth keeping until the summer so long as he’ll stay that long. Gray can go so long as we get a replacement (assuming Neill even goes in January which he almost CERTAINLY will!) I’d love Wayne Bridge to arrive but it won’t happen will it???

  • If Bridge was going to leave he would have donr in the summer, umless he was kept in the dark about the signing Cole!! Todd has bags of effort and is an agressive centreback but sometimes this boils over, I think he’s good enough a footballer to stay at the club,dont forget it s was him and Nelsen that were so dominant last season. I do agreet that Matteo should be told to get lost, why should we pay big wages to a reserve player when we have very good young centreabcks that need the experience, maybe Leeds will be desperate enuff to take him back.

  • Let’s hope Leeds will be desperate enough, it will depend on how much Matteo will take of a paycut! Bridge is obviously happy picking up his money and playing the odd game here and there; if not he wouldn’t have signed a new deal. Why would he do this?!?!

  • I was surprised to see people mention Gally but Im thinking the same. This season was the time when he really needed to kick on and impress and he hasn’t. I know he hasn’t had much of a chance merely fleeting sub appearances but he hasn’t got enough to be a mjor player for this club.

  • Bridge would be a very good signing for you. BTW, who do you have as a replacement for Neill when we (Liverpool) snap him up?

  • That he (Bridge) would but it wouldn’t happen. We have Andrij Nesmachny linned up and also your own Stephen Warnock who is more than a possibility in a swap deal?

  • Is Rafa going to wait until the end of the month to try and sign Lucas again? Cause if he is then Blackburn should be a better option in Lucas’ eyes also… seeing as though Mark Hughes has shown more commitment to him than Rafa has. I’d love Lucas to stay cause it means i get to watch more Blackburn games and he’s and Aussie and my countrys captain so I cant hate him, but how good is this guy that might be replacing him. And howcome Lucas wasn’t suspended for the Wigan game?

  • Good point roverselle if Rafa Benitez is happy to wait until the 11th hour yet again it doesn’t show too much commitment does it, it’s almost like saying I’ll see if I can get someone else, if not I’ll “settle” for you, in which case he is better off staying here until the summer then telling Benitez to stick his offer and go elsewhere as a free agent or even surprise EVERYONE and sign a new deal! But we then miss out on possible replacements? Potentially, although I haven’t seen a lot of him Andrij Nesmachny is very good. To have almost 60 caps (roughly the same as Neill) he must be good. If Neill is due a suspension the “seven day” ruling spared him against Wigan. If a game falls within seven days of a 5 card suspension you don’t miss one until seven days after. This ruling allowed Ivan Campo to play at least two, maybe three games over the festive period.

  • Also roverselle and ALL other WORLD WIDE ROVERS please do check out the thread started by roversman in the 100% FOOTBALL FORUM titled World Rovers and share your stories of supporting Rovers with us. It would be good to hear!

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