Date: 28th December 2006 at 11:52pm
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With the January sales about to kick off I’m asking you who do you want Blackburn Rovers to sign in January?

The January transfer window officially opens when the bells stop chiming to bring in the start of 2007, yes 2007 already? frightening isn’t it! So with the movers and shakers about to begin who would you like to see Rovers try to sign?

We’ve been linked to many, many people in recent times, as the re-opening of the window got closer and closer we’ve been linked to even more. Egyptian International Wael Gomaa is supposed to be signing; but this has since gone quiet. Teddy Sheringham had remerged as a potential target, with a re-arrival of James Beattie also mooted about although this has been denied by both Rovers and Everton. Andriy Nesmachniy has been on trial and is another being linked.

Let’s try to keep targets realistic as we’d all like to see Ronaldinho, John Terry, Thierry Henry, Steven Gerrard etc. at Ewood Park; mention your names below ideally with reason(s) why. We can then all debate about the values or draw backs of each?

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32 Replies to “Who Do You Want Blackburn to Sign?”

  • I’ll kick it off. A midfield influence is needed, David Dunn is being heavily linked with a return; which wouldn’t necessarily be bad but his ability to perform and perform constantly and remain injury free is a worry so although he has said he doesn’t want to go and he isn’t exactly tested at this level I’d quite like JASON KOUMAS as he has the creative influence we want, can score goals from and is the RIGHT side of 30!!!

  • I would like to see us make a cheeky bid for Mascherano of West Ham. I know this seems a little fantastical but the Hammers don’t want him and the only other suitors are Juve, who I’m sure he would choose over us. Nevertheless he is an extremely talented player and one who could make a real impact at Ewood.

  • Think Liverpool have entered the race haven’t they? Lets not forget Juve are in Serie B now though aren’t they. Although they will get back to their glory we are top flight in what is regarded as the “best League in the World!” He is a class act so a loan move would give him time to settle in the country, play and then it could be taken from their. Sounds crazy but just a case of “where would we fit him in?” It’s an interesting one, I’ll contact Sparky!

  • Maybe Rovers and Sparky could get something out of Shevchenko? He’s lost his pace without question. Although we play a good passing and movement game we have little pace so we wouldn’t leave him behind; I think he could fit in nicely?!?!

  • Wayne Bridge would be a great option but would he come to Blackburn? Plus he only just signed a new deal a few weeks back didn’t he? I like the thinking though disgruntled talent such as Bentley could be the way to go.

  • Well lets say who is deffinetly joining in January… David Dunn and Wael Gomaa and who has been roumerd to join Ball, Zaki, Bale, Koumas and Beckham… all of them could join but i doupt beckham will =|

  • Dunn is looking VERY likely, still unsure on Gomaa though you know marshin. Out of the rumoured targets you speak of Koumas is the only one I could see arriving, but if Dunn does he won’t.

  • Grella was FANTASTIC for Australia in the World Cup, think he almost got into the team of the tournament didn’t he. Is he still with Parma; if so is he playing regularly? If not if the price is right why not. Who’s the other Aussie that played with him at Parma, Bologna and other teams before… Mark something? They usually follow each other around don’t they. Where one goes the other soon follows so we’d have to sign both!

  • Bresciano and he is playing for Palermo at the moment but Vinnie has come out today and stated that he wants to move into the EPL because he isn’t enjoying his football at Parma. He is constantly a rock for Australia and he got into the squad of th tournament at the World Cup.He is also a very versitile player. He is also captain of Parma at the moment, so yes he is playing regularly.

  • Dunn will sign for Rovers, I have it on good authority!

    Also what about a move for Emre from Newcastle, he will be the ideal replacement for Tugay and the Toon want to sell. Could use Lucas as part of a deal?

  • I’ve also had something from what I beleive to be from good authority also, so its a Dunn deal! Emre… interesting one, see where you are coming from but with other top European sides interested think we’d miss out? Using Neill as bait would be a good idea but not one Neill would go for I’d doubt, but money does talk doesn’t it!

  • Well today is the day that Robbie Earnshaw talk has re-surfaced. What does everyone think? He is the closest thing to replacing Bellamy that we could afford and attract but not sure if he is of the right calibre to represent Rovers. im dubious about this one.

  • He is the most “Bellamy like” player as you say roversman we could afford but I’m not sure. He maybe didn’t get a fair crack at the whip with West Brom but you’d think that he would have been snapped up by another Premiership when he went to Norwich if they were also convinced? He had a decent scoring record with West Brom when he played but like you I’m not convinced. Sparky worked with him with Wales so I guess he should know best?

  • That is true, Sparky will prob know how to utilise him properly and his goal scoring record at West Brom in the Prem was very impressive, just as it is with Norwich at the momet. Isn’t it like 34 goals in 46 games!

  • I think Dunn coming to us is a good deal. If we can keep him fit he is a proven Premier League performer.

    Earnshaw would be a decentish buy but I dont see the point… Roberts is back soon and Nonda is showing he can hack it now as well.

    One siging that would be great would be to get Zoltan Gera off of West Brom, class act.

  • Whilst everyone raves about Gera I’m unsure. I don’t see what he would bring to the Rovers side that we don’t already have in Gamst Peter and Bentley. Im with you on the Earnshaw link Mikey. I think he would be a handy siging but he will cost £6millionish and like you say, Nonda is now finding form, Benni is a legend and Roberts is due to return next month. Im not sure how useful that one would be.

  • I think you notice when you see gera play that he has a technique that is above Championship level.

    He is always one of West Brom’s best players and he could do a job, his main consistency is his crossing.

  • Gera is good I’ll give you this but he has had a lot of troubles with injuries in recent times plus you have to think if he was that great wouldn’t he already be playing at a level higher than the Championship? With Nonda, Benni, the returning Roberts, goalscorer Derbyshire today (woo hoo!) and even Gally and Jeffers do we really need Earnshaw? A REAL proven addition I wouldn’t object to.

  • I think we should sign (ABOUTRIKA) that player really impressed me when i saw him in the club world cup . i think him and Tugay will do great in the midfield . he is Wael Gomma’s teammate in Al-ahly sc . He scored 3 goals in 2 matches in the club world cup, 2 of them were free-kicks. we should sign him .

  • Firstly welcome to vital Blackburn TeddyRover, Aboutrika has been mentioned more than one on here in the past and has been heavily linked with a move to the Premiership in January. Think Reading were the last team linked for around £2-3 million. Seen glimpses of him in video clips and he looks good.

  • players like Smith at Utd, Mido at Spurs must be available at some stage and why not. Dunn or Koumas would be good deals. Nesmachny is rated well. Sheringham in a coaching role would be good but not as player, not a good step forward. Mascherano may possible as Juve have gone out of the running, we could tempt Liverpool to stay away with Neill going to them rather that Barca, who are still interested in Lucas

  • Would it be asking too much for Rovers to go for BOTH Dunny and Koumas? Is that greedy or even realistic? Nesmachny will be a top signing if we can get him. I’d think Sheringham would be more likely to go to Charlton in a player/coach capacity as he’d get far more game time, plus Pardew is looking for someone isn’t he. That’s an interesting theory Clint, a little sideways comment to Rafa “keep away from Javier and you can have Neill… so long as we get Warnock too” 😉 Smith would be an ideal battler for Rovers but he doesn’t seem to want to leave United does he. Not overly keen on Mido now, he has his moments. Think he could soon move on again; he often does but this time to ANOTHER new country.

  • well thats true about Mido but Hughes was interested b4 and could go for him, although I dont think the team would need him. Smith may leave, Utd will be moving for another striker in the summer and then there’s Saha and Rooney, maybe on loan but I think the club should push the option, he’d be class for us!! Koumas and Dunn very similar so would it matter wot one u get! Michael Ball is another option, he can play at centreback as well. Danny Murphy maybe as well, he was linked in the summer.Dont think Gera would play, think Bentley, Emerton and Reid

  • Missing out on Mido was a blessing in disguise. Think Smith would most likely go to Everton wouldn’t he? Dunny and Koumas are similar but Koumas stays fitter for longer and probably scores more goals so he has a slight upper hand doesn’t he; although Dunny is a local lad who WANTS to play for the club, Koumas would just want to play for Sparky wouldn’t he? On his dally Michael Ball is as good as they come… he doesn’t often have his day anymore though does he, altohugh in fairness he doesn’t get a chance.

  • Yeah thats all true but I couldnt see Smith picking Everton over Blackburn, where he’d have the chance to work with Hughes!! plus we play better football. there are loads of players out there and Hughes usually puts in some one unexpected, so it’ll be interesting to see who he picks up and kicks out

  • It will be a busy month. Some excellent suggestions on here guys. Smith would be interesting and I think he could be tempted. I would still take a look at Mido tbh if it was for a reasonable price. Yes he has been awful but he knowss benni’s game as benni knows his. Could work!!!

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