Date: 29th May 2007 at 9:56pm
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Clint looks as players that have been linked with the club; from these names he asks “who do you want Rovers to sign in the summer?

Who do you want Rovers to sign in the summer? All these names have been linked to Rovers so far with various sites etc.

Giles Barnes
Joey Barton
(imagine him and Savage in the middle, God no legs would be safe lol!)
Craig Bellamy
Robbie Fowler
Phil Jagielka
Jason Koumas
Alex Song
Mark Viduka

And can I just add that if Claudio Pizarro is going on a free and Rangers are favourites to get him, why are we not interested??

To hell wit Nonda get Claudio or David Nugent at around £5-8m its an investment, saves £2m on Nonda and should Benni leave it would give us the money for these two and Bellamy if the club wanted!


Leave your thoughts below and the debate can start?



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  • Clint originally wanted this as an idea for a poll (and maybe it still could be?!?!) but it has been agreed that it “could” make a good discussion point with PLENTY of decent names in this list! By the way Giles Barnes is not a preference of mine but with him being the first name I used his image.

  • No doubt we will go off these names but keeping it within what is on offer to begin with I guess I would most want Bellers, but NOT for the money being spoken about.

  • Bellamy And Barton are liabilities, bad publicity, Fowler too old, Viduka is anyones for cash, Koumas and Jagielka worth signing if you can get em. If you do, let the terriers know of any players like Taylor we can loan or buy. Cheers

  • Barnes – Having his crack at Prem with Derby so no go IMO, Barton – No need and not that good IMO, Bellamy – For the right money, Fowler – i see no benefit TBH, Jagielka – maybe, depends upon where Hughes would play him, Koumas – Again, for the right money, Alex Song – See Joey Barton, Viduka – Too much in wages and wouldnt be happy being a bit part player. Pizarro – Classy player but wages plus CL football could prove the stumbling block.


  • Koumas, for me. but it would be great to see Bellars back… No Way to the arse muncher that is Joey Barton… Given the choice of any player – Robbie Keane please!

  • Out of the players that are mentioned above I would make moves to sign 3 of them… Craig Bellamy does bring bad publicity but he also was a model pro whilst here, he is a top draw player as we know. Jason Koumas is a fantastic player… buy him absolutely no qualms. Phil Jagielka is a great utility player. Would add options in midfield and at right back…. all 3 should be bid for AT THE RIGHT PRICE. The others should not be considered as viable options (with a slight exception about Giles Barnes of Derby).

  • Koumas seems to be the man doesn’t he?!?! He is a player that I have always wanted (at the right price) and after seeing his stormer the other day I am more convinced but West Bromwich Albion seem like they are going to ask a lot. I like the look of Giles Barnes to be honest so when Derby go down we should move for him lol, only joking Derby fans.

  • It’s difficult for fans to judge exactly how viable these (or any other) targets are for a club like rovers. We don’t have our projected budget flouted around the press like the top six clubs and even taking into account the new TV money it’s probably fair to say that John Williams will want to balance the books as a priority, which is fair enough.

    What’s also worth mentioning is that Sparky has shown something of a flair for the bargain purchase over the last couple of seasons; Bentley, Samba, Nelsen, Benni etc. Having Sav, Reidy and Oijer back for the start of next season leaves us fairly well stocked and I’d be surprised if we’re dipping into the market any farther than £5m.

  • Im adding other lol, vince grella and mark bresciano!!!!!!!!! both cheap, both in their 20s, both experienced and both absolute class

  • If Bellemy becomes available then Hughes will go for him, depending on the money, with the intent of playing him with Benni, that leaves Roberts and Derbyshire to push for these sopts, would also leave us in a very strong position up front, however if Benni should leave i would like to see his money used to but in a good promising striker in the mould of Nugent, I think Hughes could work wonders with this boy!! Koumas would be a great buy, give us more flair in the middle and of course would give us added cover in wot was a problem area last yr, taking in all the injuries. The others I mentioned are all just rumours and stuff from websites, though I haven’t seen any other suggestions?? Come lads, who would you’s like to come in??

  • Bombom i think clint gets all this money through the sale of mccarthy, however i really dont want to c him leave, we need to go forward and keep our talent not lose them to get other players in

  • John Williams has already gone on record to say that we don;t need to sell ANYONE to get a stronger squad next year. Blackburn as a football club do not need to run at a profit.. we need to break even. And i;ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Koumas is your man Sparky… make the call.

  • I dont want Benni to leave either I want him to play at Rovers next season hopefully with Bellemy, should the price be rite! but its not wot we want its wot Benni wants and then I was just offering options and wondering if others thought the same way as me

  • i am convinced we will not sell unless either we get a silly offer for Gamst or Benni (and I mean SILLY) or if Sparky wants extra funds and OK’s a deal for someone or the player becomes severely detrimental to team morale i.e. Benni pouting, missing training, late for meetings, moaning to press etc. Other than that we do not have to sell and I hope we do not unless we are selling to bring in better than we sell

  • In some ways if all this talk about Benni is true, I would gladly lose him and re-sign Bellers. Koumas has been linked with Rovers on and off for years now, maybe this is the right time.

    The biggest and hardest task is going to be keeping Gamst and McCarthy (if he IS wanted).

  • If we “only” have £14 million to play with we won’t spend the majority of that on Bellers will we?!?! I still have this worry that he might not be the saviour he was when he left if he returns?!?! If I was told “you can have Benni or Bellers” I would still take Benni over Bellers if I was honest. If Benni wants to go if it is in the best interests of Rovers they will let him go, if not he will be staying here even if he doesn’t like it!

  • Vbers (Vital Blackburners for thoses of you not familiar with the term) – I’m not quite sure we are grasping the point of this article?!?! To be honest I don’t think I was either, my original thought was that from the players Clint suggested who would you like to sign, but I am thinking that Clint is actually wanting us to say who we would like us to try and sign, keeping it realistic?!?! This is more what you had in mind right Clint?

  • OK, Stevie G, Lampard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Nani, Renato Augusto, Freddy Adu, Micah Richards, Eduardo Ratinho, Marcelo, Gonzalo Higuin, Rodrigo Palacio. That better guys?

  • Come on BomBom let’s keep it realistic where is Ronaldinho on this list lol! Nah, in all seriousness though I am sure that Clint was looking for REALISTIC names that people would maybe want us to go after, like this giant Yugoslavian (shouldn’t that be Serbian now though?!?!) MikeyGmast speaks about, who I don’t know who he means anyway!

  • you are indeed talking about Nicola Zigic, unfortunatly he signed for Racing Santander last summer. As for realistic, whats wrong with some of those, ok some were a pi$$ take but why not some of the others? If we are to compete with the top four, we need quality!

  • That giant, he was linked to the Premiership after and during the World Cup wasn’t he. Fiar enough BomBom, I guess I looked at the earlier names and that was it, didn’t get as far as they others.

  • MikeyGamst is clearly behind the times. was worth a shout though… better than Fanny Jeffers (BomBom copyrighted).

  • Your the leader of Mikey’s Maniac’s, BomBom’s agent and his royalties protector, anything else you do MikeyGamst…..besides falling behind the times lol!

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