Date: 22nd September 2011 at 9:50am
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When signing a new player from overseas a very popular phrase upon the arrival is for the new manager to announce that the new kid will take ‘time to adapt’ to his new surroundings.

The Premier League is the toughest league in the world and it is no surprise that the rough and tumble that you don’t get in some of the other league’s in this world (Italy for example) for example combined with the faster pace of play (Italy again sadly) meaning a period of adjustment is only normal.

The ‘time to adapt’ phrase was popular with Mark Hughes, it certainly was with Sam Allardyce and the same motto seems to be a staple of the Steve Kean new arrival policy.

The only worry for yours truly is that we seem to have a heck of a lot of these types of player currently inhabiting the first team.

Mauro Formica, Ruben Rochina, Rad Petrovic and Simon Vukcevic are all players who Steve Kean has used the time to adapt slogan with and all of those are in the first team squad.

Potentially that’s four players in the first team on match days who are ‘taking time to adapt’ – that’s a lot of weight to carry if players are not up to speed.

For a manager who has a lot of pressure on him that is quite a gamble, regardless of the talent of the players involved – and all of the players mentioned above do have an obvious talent that is up to the standard required to play in the league for the long term.

And with future results having a large bearing over the potential sacking of Kean is it wise to use some of these players when the more proven likes of Olsson and the more seasoned David Goodwillie warm the bench.

We don’t have the money to buy proven players but the influx of overseas talent does carry a certain risk – one that Steve Kean will have been aware of when buying them.

So is it really a feasible line to be using? And if the manager is using these same players can he really cart the ‘time to adapt’ phrase as a half hearted excuse?

Fans want results quicker than ever nowadays regardless of the players involved, if they’ve been bought for millions of pounds and on the pitch we have to assume they are ready.

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7 Replies to “Why giving people ‘time to adapt’ won’t help”

  • Yes I do agree, but we also have established players lookimg as if they need to adapt – Morten for example. It seems they are all a risk if not managed and motivated properly. So we have played and beaten (just) a well out of sorts Arsenal team, and a team well below us in the football league, I am more concerned that we are leaking goals for fun. If they dont sort out the exposure our full backs are facing we will be in big trouble. Both Arsenal and Fulham were down our left very easily and but for their poor finishing we could easily have lost both those games. Givet is an extremely capable player but he must be wondering if he is going to get any help, whilst Junioe etc get all the plaudits. Sorry a bit off topic there, but they way we are playing at the moment 8-2 wont be Ronney and his mates highest score this season.

  • I do believe players need time to adapt 100%. However I think our club sometimes is too cautious and hold the players back for too long. I’m sure we could have seen Ruben and Mauro with 10 games to go last season rather than holding them back for so long. It also becomes an excuse. “X player didn’t play well because he is still adapting”. Also I disagree with your comment on the physical aspect of Serie A, it’s pretty physical beyond the top few teams who have too many foreigners that like to ‘win’ free kicks and refuse to slide in but then yes it is played at a much slower pace!

  • okay, so what does SK do? When he plays Pedersen, Grella, Dunn and Jason Roberts, everyone wonders why the new boys aren’t starting. SK can’t win with you guys at the mo’. Also, is Goodwillie ‘seasoned’? Apart from the overhead kick, he was pretty anonymous at Fulham, wasn’t he?

  • Formica and Rochina were kept out of the firing line because physically they were not up to it,now we are seeing the results of numerous weight sessions,allowing them to compete,and not just getting pushed off the ball,something Rochina is still prone to.The pace and power of the premiership is something none of our more recent buys are used to,the balance of the squad is now such,that these players can be eased in,dare i say good management!!!

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