Date: 3rd September 2009 at 1:24pm
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There have been some comments made in the press this morning by Birmingham City manager and all round ginger person Alex McLeish about current Brum schemer and ex-Rovers player Barry Ferguson.

McLeish sticks up for Barry’s behaviour and performance during his first ill-fated stint in England as well he might with it being his player but I have taken a few exceptions with what he has said.

Picture this like an argument but with a very handsome man arguing with McLeish (ed- yeah right)…

McLeish, speaking to Sky Sports said about Barry – ‘People say Barry had a rough time at Blackburn but I disagree with that.

Mikey – First off Barry had everything on a plate over at Ewood and he did have a rough time but it was all of his own making. He was made captain of the team and given a pivotal role to grow as a player. He then chucked it all away when he decided he didn’t like playing for Blackburn after while playing for us.

‘He had an horrific knee injury but, when he came back to full fitness, he was a fantastic player in the Rovers midfield.

‘The big thing is the jury is still out on whether he can be a Premier League player because he didn’t stay long enough at Blackburn.

‘But I know from speaking to Walter Smith at the time, that he was getting fantastic reports about Barry Ferguson’s performances at Blackburn.

Mikey – I am not sure who speaks to Walter Smith but Barrys’ performances were solid for sure and he pitched in with odd goal but on the whole he was a big disappointment. He went missing in big matches and quickly thought he was too big for the club.

‘I know people said he was soon back up in Scotland because he hadn’t done very well but that is nonsense.’

Mikey –The reason he went back up to Scotland is because he came out prior to a January transfer window and stated that he hadn’t adjusted to England as well as he would of liked, didn’t like the week in week out ferocity of the English league and that the Blackburn v Bolton derby match was ‘not to his liking and lacking passion’. This all escalated to a move back North after he complained he missed home and that he was getting kicked too much in the EPL. It wasnt that he did particularly badly but he bottled it when we needed him most and went back to his home comforts. He cost us a lot of money and forced a move back to Rangers without any thought for Blackburn Rovers.

In summary – yes he did have a rough time but it was mostly down to Barry himself that the problems arose.

For his arrogant attitude and being scared of a fight when the going got tough he will always be remembered as a coward in East Lancashire.


11 Replies to “Why McLeish Is Wrong About Coward Ferguson”

  • How can he complain about blackburn vs bolton not being passionate enough whilst also complaining about the supposed ferocity of this league? Hypocritical tool.

  • What’s McLeish supposed to say… I just wasted a load of money on a problem character who bottled it last time… way-to-go me!!!!

    Just be glad you didn’t try to re-sign him

  • Ferguson couldnt hack it with the big boys, he had a fair shout in a few games but like Mikey has said he went walkabout far too often to be of any impact. He then decided it was too much for him and ran back to scotland with his tail well and truly between his legs.

  • When he was at blackburn he just didnt do enough to convince me he could make it as a prem player – let alone a top one. He had the occasional good performance but he bailed at the first sight of the going getting tough and went back to where it’s a 2 team league.

  • Quite strange that he suddenly feels the need to try the premiership again just after all that bother in Scotland, call me a cynic but was he run out of the place he was so homesick for on his last visit South.

    The most galling fact about the Ferguson fiasco was how he and his croney Murray argued that he was worth £3M less than when Rovers signed him from Rangers

  • I dont think you can blame Ferguson…..he is/was an average EPL player who was bought for big money at the time and expected to be awesome!!! Not his fault he’s bobbins and he wont pull up any trees at Birmingham!!!

  • PS the reason he came back to England is cos he is not wanted in Scotland and Birmingham probably offered him decent money….AVERAGE!!! What more can you say???

  • See im a Rovers and Rangers Fan… i have seen the best and worst of this particular player…as was said it was laid on a plate for Barry at Rovers but his heart wasnt in it at the time, he never wanted to leave Rangers, he is Rangers through and through and as such we at Rovers never seen him play anywhere near his best football…this time around though ( again he didnt want to leave Rangers ) but he had no chioce this time, after his farsical Scottish s**t and as such Birmingham was the obvious choice as Big Eck is there and therefore a bit of Rangers for the boy kicked out of his boyhood club!!! Barry is a good player, im not sold on how good he will be in the Premier League, especailly as he is the wrong side of 30, but to say the man is a coward I think is wrong, his time at Rovers was the rite time for the club but the wrong time for the player……

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