Date: 17th August 2007 at 10:56am
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David Bentley has missed out on a place in England’s squad to face Germany next week.

The one thing that no-one has clarified yet is why?

Whilst to me I can see why Bentley was ommitted for personal reasons, i.e. the England set up still being annoyed at him for missing the Under 21 championship in the summer, McClaren and Pearce have both been quoted as saying this has been long forgotten.

Certainly his footballing ability qualifies him to be in the squad… he is a better right midfielder than Aaron Lennon, Shaun Wright Phillips and yes… Jermaine Jenas.

Surely he can’t have been left out over claims of arrogance??? what with massive egos like Ashley ‘I’ve never committed a foul in my life’ Cole and Rio ‘No-one is harder than me’ Ferdinand in there.

Don’t worry though Rovers fans.. Dave will get the chance soon enough, of that I am sure.

If he doesn’t, McClaren is guilty of everything that everone accuses him of.


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  • I beat you to this one Mr Mikey, but a tip of the cap to you for the re-assment of your article 🙂 lol.
    Stevie Mac is a bigger tosser than I thought he was by once again letting personal differences stand in his way. This WILL (not leaving Bents out, the personal differences and picking his favourites) cost him his job!!!
    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am starting to HOPE more and more that England don’t quality for the European Championships so we can finally get rid of this joker!!!

  • SirLes – I see what you are saying, to a dgreed!!!
    You tell me HONESTLY if one of your players (whoever it is you support) pulled out of the Under-21’s that would ultimately BENEFIT both YOUR CLUB and COUNTRY in the long run don’t tell me you wouldn’t have wanted it!!!

  • Milner and Taylor must have played nearly 120 games between them and still turned out. Bentley just bottled it imo. McClaren might be utter *****e as a coach but his management of this situation is spot on.

  • WHY would he bottle it, it’s not like he couldn’t have handled it, he owuld have been brilliant!
    OK then, we’ve found out you are a Newcastle fan, taking into account that by doing so it would benefit Newcastle and England (if they were in the running for the Senior side, which they may well one say?) IF Milner and/or Taylor had pulled out with fatigue would you have felt the same way about them as you do Bents?!?!

  • Stevie Mac also said yesterday that we would find out today IF bents had been forgiven if he was selected. That is not spot on management though is it? That is totally unprofessional by the England Manager as by leaving him out he clearly shows he hasn’t been forgiven, rightly or wrongly (is it a case of humilitaing him as I guess he feels Bents did the Under-21’s?!?!)

  • He didnt bottle it chief he played it safe… bottling implies that he couldnt hack the pressure.
    Beforeyou ramble on let me point out that he has been the U-21 best player for 2 years and player of the year at a Europena chasing club in the most high pressure league in the world.

  • I wonder if there’s any chance he’s eligible for Ireland. We’d give our collective right arms for a player like Bents…

  • This is an outrage, I cannot believe he has been left out and other crap has been included. Behind Becks and Gerrard, Bents has the best passing ability for a Englishman. Shocked!

  • I find this ridiculous. To my mind, the manager should be understanding and have enough confidence in his players to respect their decision not to play. Case in point, Kaka and Ronaldhino miising the Copa America due to fatigue. Did Brazil coach Dunga decide to ‘punish’ them by not recalling them to the squad? No, he respected their decisions, wonthe Copa America anyway, and brought them straight back in afterwards. Yet another reason why Maclaren is an utter joke. Get him out, and soon.

  • “Owen Hargreaves, Michael Owen and David Beckham are included despite questions over their fitness.” Great idea to exclude a fully fit, on-form midfielder then. Great coaching Maclaren, you nonce.

  • it seems as if mclaren is cutting his nose off to spite his face! there are about seven players in the squad who are injured and should not be risked and also friendlies are a great chance to see other players in the team! irishrover im lookin into his family tree cos if there is irish in him we will gladly take him off your hands!

  • It will bite McEricsson on his proverbial eventually as his P45 will be winging its way in the post, Bents will be winging his way into the Senior squad with a new man at the helm, providing his form is maintained. MARK MY WORDS!!!

  • I think Bent will find his way back into the England squad eventually. But after what he pulled did you honestly believe that he would recall him up at the next opportunity. I think I debated this topic with you lot when he first withdrew and I said it was a disgrace. I still believe that. If he was tired he should of never put his name into consideration for the tourney. He screwed over his team and deserves to be left out for a couple of times for punishment. He was never going to be in consideration after that but he will be back in the england shirt.

  • what’s most ridiculous is that super mac (??!?!) said this was the only punishment for his failure to attend the under-21s.. something that had nothing to do with him really seeing as he seems to pay no attention to the fact that we have plenty of quality in the under-21s upfront and STILL selects unfit, and unproven in years, Owen as 1st choice… at the moment he’ll have to fight to get in the newcastle team tbh… if this is indeed the end of the matter and he DOES recall him, say for the actual euro qualifiers… then he’ll just have missed out on a chance to try bentley in the team in a non-competitive match. Furthermore, when bentley was last selected wtf was the point he brought jermaine (what a pile of *****e) jenas on, out of position might i add, instead of giving bentley a run out. When an england manager is as self-gratifying and *****e as mcclaren well screw him. I almost hope we don’t qualify just so we can be rid of him.

  • also just out of interest.. who even cared about bentley and the under-21s until they heard he pulled out? I think the media jumped on the bandwagon and slated our boy as news is always slow in the summer. I still think he made the right decision, but just should have made it earlier.

  • Bents4eng, I’m with you all the way on this. Totally hypocritical. Gunnerkid I respect your opinion but disagree completely.

  • nah its mclaren shooting himself in the foot he should be called up for the friendly but dropped from a competitive match! and i heard him say he also had a duty to the rovers fans who pay their money week in week out and if a city lad had done that i would be happy especially seen as bentley has started the season well for you guys!

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