Date: 16th January 2007 at 9:17pm
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The transfer window is in full swing, despite numerous players being linked to Blackburn Rovers no one has arrived (other than on trial) sasman asks “do we need anyone?”

The transfer window has opened; half way through Sparky has not made a signing, SURPRISE, SURPRISE. What it is important to understand is the importance of any possible signings that we will make in this transfer period.

Currently, it could be debated that we are lacking a central defender, central midfielder and a forward, with the additional possibility of another defender, i.e. to replace Neill. With these positions mentioned, let me mention three names, Steven Reid, Ryan Nelsen and Jason Roberts. (obviously sasman wrote this before Reidy broke down in training.)

Firstly Steven Reid; solid, central midfielder and capable of playing right-wing. This covers our central midfield (again I stress sasman wrote this before Reidy broke down in training.) Secondly Ryan Nelson; Player of the Season last year, certain to take his space in the central defence. Finally Jason Roberts; we have not had the opportunity of watching this man in an extended run, however we know what he is capable of.

Hopefully, by the end of the transfer window, we have made the “new” signings, Reid, Nelson and Roberts. In saying this I encourage the signing of any player which will increase the level of Football we play. With many names being quoted in the media, I am sure Sparky will make the right decisions, as he as made in the past, i.e. Craig Bellamy, David Bentley, Ryan Nelson and Benni McCarthy.

This article was written and submitted by sasman.

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19 Replies to “Why Should Blackburn Buy?”

  • I fully understand sasman’s point as unless they will benefit the starting IX or happily sit on the bench to improve squad depth I don’t want it. If not any better than the youngsters we have why bother? Obviously with Reidy having broken down in training (since sasman wrote this) I think our need for a midfielder or midfielders has increased, forward wise I can’t say I think we need anyone as JR will be back son, defensively a replacement for Neill is important that (if even that) would be it.

  • In my eyes we need a central midfielder.. a loan signing would be ideal as we could get quality and also would cover the period until Reidy gets back.

    We will also need a replacement for Neill, the names being mentioned are Warnock and Konchesky (personally I would go with Warnock). Jason Roberts is a cracking player and I for one cant wait till he gets back, we have missed the pace and presence up front. And as I have mentioned on more than one occassion.. Ryan Nelsen is GOD.

  • BECKHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? come on hughesy pick up the blower! Left Back and Midfielder required! my worry as i have said before is the worry of getting players back from injury to early, not saying this is the case with reidy, However……

  • I’d back you with Warnock Mikey…and Nelsen is a GOD you are right once again. Even more reason for Sparky to use his history with Beckham now, DO IT!!!

  • We do need a central midfielder and a creative one to take over from Tugay, who cannot play every game if we are to keep him going, plus the player can learn from one of the best. Leftback is tricky cos of Jay, does Hughes play him or does he see another player go ahead of him in the q?? Strikers I think are fine, once Roberts gets back we’ll have loads of quality up front. Central defence is someone to cover for Oojier, Zurab and Nelsen, or indeed play Jay there and get a leftback in

  • if we need a leftabck then wot about Heinze at Utd, seems he’s surplus and Hughes does still have links there, would certainly have the same winners mentality as Neill and can play centreback as well

  • Heinze would have to be a loan deal wouldn’t it, we couldn’t afford to buy him. With Juventus and others in for him if he goes you’d think he’ll go abroad though. I’d certainly have no qualms if Sparky used his ties with United, Roy Keane seems to be using ALL his ties with United and Celtic to get players!

  • Heinze would only be about £5m, now thats not a lot for a player who’s an Argentina international and is comfortable at left and centre back, maybe Hughes could get this price down a bit but its not a lot

  • £5 million isn’t a lot but this isn’t an amount I could see Rovers paying out. Yeah govtpros looks like Dunny will be back afterall.

  • Left Back – will be either Warnock or Konchesky unless we get teh romanian in (is he a left back?) although Newcastle are also in for Lucas, Hughesy as already said he wants a swap deal… who would we want from the Geordie back four? Steven Carr or Babayaro for me!

  • Looks like Warnock is out of the equation, Konchesky apparently WON’T be used in the deal to West Ham. Stephen Carr is decent, Celestine Babayaro has his moments. If I had to pick I’d go for Nesmachny £750,000 – £1 million for a Ukrainian with over 60 caps and a World Cup behind him can’t be bad?!?!

  • Warnock and Konchesky as well as Dunny would see a good bit of business from the Rovers. Three players with bags of talent and with age on their side.

  • I wonder if you guys had heard about the Gamst and Kewell swap deal (Rovers get £2million as well)? I would absolutely hate it if this happened. I personally don’t think that Gamst will be going anywhere. As for new players in……it would appear the club are reluctant to spend much money so it is hard to see any quality coming in. What about Tevez on loan?

  • The club don’t seem to want to spend anything, I’d suggest most, if not all our budget was spent on Dunny so any other arrivals will be swap deal or on loan? Warnock will arrive if Neill isn’t too greedy (or takes too long!) with his demands at Liverpool. Although its been denied maybe Konchesky would be part of a deal to West Ham? Kewell of a few years ago and I would have said take a deal, a Kewell now and Gamst as he is NO CHANCE!

  • Sure if the swap with Gamst and Kewell takes place they’d be getting a fantastic player and we would be getting a crock!!! I dont see Hughes doing this with Kewell’s fittness worries. Konchesky could still be in the deal with Neill to West Ham – that still grates on me – as he does not like Curb’s, supposedly. Im sure there are names in the hat Hughes does not let us down in the transfer market

  • I think the figure being talked about with West Ham is around £2m i dont know if this includes Konchesky but im sure this would go down if it dosn’t. Although Rovers are in control of the situation I know Neill goes on a free in 6mths but West Ham are desperate at the min and we should try and exploit this

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