Date: 16th June 2008 at 6:50pm
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Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams has warned want away midfielder David Bentley that WE will decide where his future lies, and not him even though he wants out.

Bentley went public on Sunday, telling Sky Sports of his desire to leave Ewood Park this summer but Williams has warned him that until a new manager is in place he WON’T be going anywhere, and if the new manager wants to keep him then as long as he is under contract (which he is) he will be kept at Ewood!!!

Williams told Sky Sports: “Our position is quite clear – this is not something we will even discuss until the new manager is in place.

“Then, once the new man is appointed, he will get exactly the same level of support that we gave Mark Hughes in regard to all player related dealings.

“Right now though, my mind is one hundred per cent focused on getting a new manager

However, Bent’ going public with his desire to leave Rovers isn’t anything new to Williams as he has revealed that he (and former manager Mark Hughes) was already aware of this, as he was told of his wishes before the end of last season.

Williams added: “David had a meeting with Mark Hughes and I before the end of last season, in which he told us he wanted to test himself at a higher level, so it’s not news to us.

“At the time, Mark told David it would be in his best interests and the club’s if he stayed for another year, and we gave Mark our full support

IF any deal to see him leave Rovers is best for Rovers then he will be sold, if not then as he has a contract he will be kept, but do we want him kept if he is unhappy and might disrupt the dressing room?!?! If he does go then it will be interesting to see where he ends up, as if this is Manchester City then the respect that he is losing already from many will be lost EVEN more as would this really be a move of the proportions he has spoken about???



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  • Bents will go this summer, and it would probably be best for us if he did as what sort of disrupting influence will he have if he stays when he doesn’t want to be here??? I wonder if he will find out the hard way that the grass isn’t greener on the other side?!?!

  • Attention seeking whore he has become, time to move on to pick splinters out of his arse at Liverpool or Chelsea!

  • time to get rid, he will find out that the grass is not greener! All he does is moan via the press, you do not impress me. He will never develop sat on the bench. He owes us more than this he was rotting in the reserves at arsenal after his tantrum there, and we have taken him into the england squad.

  • You could see in the last few games last season that his head wasn’t in it and his performances were not up to scratch. Let him go to hell. For 15 million we could get a player 10 times better anyway. Just might not be an English player though. What about that russian we were looking at last year or for 15 million we could get Soares, Huddlestone and Scott Sinclair

  • You;ve hit the nail on the head there del. Maybe we could get in the Arshavin race? he is the dogs dangly bits. But as del said, those 3 players would do nicely.

  • I do think that Bentley is slowly becoming more and more like a certain Aussie player, whereabouts uknown lol. IF he moves to Villa, Spurs or Everton ( all good teams by the way ) then he’s moving for money and not as quoted Champions League football!! The 3 teams above are, with the exception of Spurs depending on how much more money they throw at whoever else plays in Europe, are NO better than Rovers and the 4 teams regualry interchange league positions, so Mr Bently is this a quest to sit on the bench of a top 4 club or simply whoring urself out for a bigger wage packet remembering that Rovers have possibly offered him £50, 000 a week

  • £50,000 a week to play for Rovers… I’d do that for my lifetime!!! great point though Clint in all seriousness. This Asutralian guy you speak of… it wouldn;t happen to rhyme with Pucas Steel by any chance would it?!

  • It would have sounded quite like that, well if i can remember, he has sorta disappeared and well my heart is breaking for the guy lol

  • Like the comment from your Chairman, similar situation at Villa with Barry and Liverpool. He seems a good player, would like him at Villa but then, you kind of know in a year or so he’ll want to move on again, so I don’t think you’d ever be able to feel fully behind him wondering if he was fully behind your club/team. That said, they are in careers, they aren’t the fans of clubs, just employees. Main problem is him coming out in the press talking about wanting a move, that is just a lack of respect. So how does he now return next season for you guys if he isn’t allowed to leave? Makes it an impossible situation and he knows that full well! The teams you mention, along with Blackburn are in the middle league chasing Europe. Arguably a few of those clubs do have the chance of breaking into the top four but it is a big ask. Won’t go into which teams I think could do it!!!!

  • He will go as we wont have him next season;. He has shown disrepect and I for one didnt like it. Great post by the way the fear.

  • agreed mikey!! the media whore can ***** right off as far as im concerned, dont like wishing bad things on people but i hope he breaks his leg in pre season training with his new super fantastic club, the little****!! we will have 15 million and he may well be ‘found out’ at his new club!

  • According to our fellow Spurs VF’ers, Bents has already signed for them for an initial fee of £9.5 million…

  • I don’t believe that DP – sounds too cheap, and also Lennon would be up for sale… and we don’t want him in an exchange deal – he had a poor season

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