Date: 18th March 2009 at 7:04pm
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John Williams is hopeful that the fans come out in numbers and roar the boys onto safety.

The following and support of Rovers has been cranked up a notch in recent weeks as the fans get behind the team.

Noise levels in particular were high at both Hull and Fulham and at home to Everton as well.

Asked if the fans vocal support made a different John had the following to say.

John Williams, speaking to Sky Sports -‘Well I absolutely assure you it does. The players absolutely did comment about the fan following at Hull.

‘From the moment they ran out on the pitch at Hull, our fans were loud, they were visible and they kept it up throughout the game. At Fulham as well.

‘Clearly what is going on on the pitch does have an impact but there is almost an argument if we go a goal down you need to be even louder.

‘It is five cup finals. I am quite certain our final position in the league will be determined by our end result we get in these five home games.’

Rovers have won only three home games to date, compared to four on their travels, a record that has to improve if they are avoid the drop into the Championship.

John continued – ‘We have been disappointing at home. As we stand our away record is better than our home record.

‘There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn’t win those five games.

‘The prize if very high and anything the fans can do to help the team over the line and beyond would be much appreciated.

‘There is nervousness on the field and in the stands. These can transmit to each other. It is not easy to be a fan when you know your team needs to win and things aren’t going well.

‘But in your hour of need you need your fans to respond.

‘There will be nerves but that is where we need the fans to really wind it up if they can.’

The noise at Hull was indeed the loudest I have heard Rovers fans for years and VBer Whitey assures me that the noise at Fulham could even have topped that.

Now lets get down to Ewood and make some noise to lift the boys against bogey side West Ham.


5 Replies to “Williams : Keep Up The Loud Noise Rovers Fans”

  • The away support has been really good over the last few weeks. Its a shame it isnt like it all the time but everyone needs to make all the effort they can to keep us up.

  • Home support should always be good, however, the players have to give us something to support as well don’t they, and this hasn’t always been the case this season. Personally I support whatever is happening, but not everyone is the same are they, some do need to be inspired by what’s happening on the pitch, but sometimes the players need to be inspired by what’s happening off it. All we can do is REALLY play our part and it’ll make a lot of difference I feel.

  • I think the naggers (Blackburn end) and the quiet (Jack Walker stand) need to stop the ifs and buts and give their undivided support from now until the end.

  • I didn’t realise it was only 3 home wins this season… you soon forget! But I have every confidence in the lads – and us the fans to keep us up.

  • C’mon the Rovers! i thought about snapping up a late ticket this weekend, but train fares are blooooody reeediculous 🙁 and i dont have a car! anyone want to pick me up from london? haha.

    also… im feeling a change in my name needs to be done… its not rovers related enough!?!?

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