Date: 18th June 2008 at 6:16pm
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Blackburn Rovers chairman John Williams has revealed that a mystery man has entered the running for the vacant Ewood Park hot seat, and he flew out to the European Championships to speak to him!!!

Williams wasn’t willing to give anything away, but the most intriguing thing is that he flew out to the European Championships to hold talks with this man who is working in Europe, maybe in Switzerland/Austria at these Championships as a manager, coach or pundit?

Williams told the Lancashire Evening Telegraph: “I did go to see someone at the European Championships yesterday (Tuesday) but unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for the Italy-France game because I had to get back and carry on with the process.”

Of course Alan Shearer and Sam Allardyce have been working for Television during the European Championships but Shearer has already ruled himself out and Allardyce wouldn’t be a new name to be linked to the vacant job, nor would Shearer for that matter, besides talks have already taken place with Allardyce.

Would it be too much to be hoping for that this mystery man could be Slaven Bilic!!! The more logical answer would be that this man is Henk ten Cate, who despite agreeing to take over at Panathinaikos could still be interested in the Rovers job?!?!



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  • I’d love it to be Bilic, but it is probably more likely to have been talks with ten Cate or maybe another meeting with Allardyce, but he would’ve came to us, not us him surely?!?!

  • Yer Bilic would be a dream come true, amazing news but doubt it when he was in switzerland and Williams went to Austria or vice versa. So likely to be Henk Ten Cate and not sure on him still might be to aggressive and a bit physco.

  • You should get a decent manager, you are a decent club. Hope it is resolved quickly so you can get the transfers sorted, the last minute scrambles are never a good thing.

  • HDM your right HTC, SA would come to us what else are they doing?? some one suggested Domenech, will be interesting to have the team picked via astrology. I reckon Bilic would be interested we are a safe proposition as his first club level team strong 1st 11 and backing from above!

  • Could be anybody. All the countries have retired top stars as pundits but at this stage i think most fans wanted it sorted out and no matter who it is we will still have to get behind him (except McClaren). On a brighter note has anyone seen any talent at the finals that they would like to see in a rovers shirt next season within reason.

  • I was reading somewhere that Ten Cate might not be able to take over at rovers as it is part of his severence agreement with chelseas that he doesnt coach in england as part of his next job, might be BS but ya never know. I too really hope it is Bilic, he would be a great coach to appoint. then again it could be anyone the way Williams goes about his business.

  • Sky Sports say its going to be Ince, if thats true then sounds like John Williams was either not impressed or was turned down by whoever he went to Switzerland to see.
    Doubt it was Bilic as Williams would have flown to Vienna, not Zurich.
    Like most people I would like it sorted BUT if there is even the slightest chance that we could get Bilic by delaying until Croatia have finished their last match, we should wait as it would be well worth it. BILIC for Blackburn (if its not a done deal with Ince, perhaps Williams went to talk to someone from the F.A. who is just watching the Euro games, about exemption from coaching rules for Ince)

  • I too am desperately hoping that it is Bilic but this is a long shot! Terim, the Turkay coach, has emerged as another potential today I see!

  • I’dd like the idea of Terim – he plays free flowing attacking football – often in a 4-3-1-2 formation (saw him at Fiorentina and Milan) (Bentley would fill our that nr. 1 role perfectly!)

    And he is apparently a very good motivator, which is what we absolutly need so we can stop dropping points to the teams below us.

  • It sounds like its Paul Ince, He’s done a great job at two small clubs and I think he could step up to the Premiership.

  • Now Laudrup has been interviewed for the job. In Denmark (where i come from) he is being linked with rovers and has been interviewed!! Laudrup all the way

  • The Laudrup link is brilliant, just the knid of news to stir the imagination. His lack of exposure to the English game, other than a couple of years with Chelsea may mean he takes time to adjust but he is a MASSIVE name that will surely attract players and keep others! Go for Laudrup!

  • True roversman – his kind of football would take a short while for the players to adapt, but when it has been employd properly…a treat for the eye. And it was his brother Brian Laudrup who played i Chelsea 🙂

  • Laudrup likes his teams to play like he played. Attacking and very attractive. He likes to give youth a chance, also. If he is interested, give him the job!

  • For me Decimus the youth bit is where sparky let himself down. he never gave the youth a real chance to shine!! maybe they werent good enough but we wont know until we see them properly!!

  • Laudrup would be an excellent manager. He had Getafe who have average players at best playing great attacking football. Imagine what he could do with our crop of players. I would feel sorry for Ince if he did not get the job though. I think any team would be lucky to have him as manager and if he does not get the job i think it will only be a matter of time before he is managing in the premiership

  • Its Laudrup or Ince now dudes, I’ve back Ince but Laudrup is a LEGEND isn’t he, just think of the players he should be able to attract?!?!

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