Date: 20th December 2006 at 11:32pm
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Blackburn Rovers, like most others have made a fair few wet kipper signings; sasman names a few and invites us to offer others.

Over the years we have had some fantastic names gracing our football fields. But today I am wondering who you guys think our worst ever signings are?

My information is limited to modern day players, so who could forget such fantastic signings such as Egil Ostenstad, Corrado Grabbi and Javier De Pedro (my personal worst signing!) Some might even include Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole, but I think they got a fair share of goals.

So what do you all think out there, who has been our worst ever signing?

This article was written and submitted by sasman.

Mention your names (maybe even with reasons) below and we can maybe run a poll to decide who we see as our worst signing ever!?!?

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39 Replies to “Worst Blackburn Rovers Signing Ever?”

  • How do you distinguish a bad signing? Is it for the money paid and what we got in return or merely what we got full stop regardless as to price or not? I guess you have to take a little of both into account.

  • Some of my personal favourites are Darren Peacock, Hakan Unsal, Kaba Diawara, Kevin Davies, Tore Pedersen, Patrik Valery (IN CASE YOU DIDN’T KNOW, THE GUY IN THE IMAGE!!!), Richard Witschge and Niklas Gudmundsson to name but a few!

  • No contest,got to be Nils Eric Johannson,signed by Mr Souness for an outrageous 5million approx,and now not good enough to get in Leicester Citys team.Closely followed by Per Frandsen.

  • Frandsen wasn’t all that bad… was he?!?! Johansson cost a lot but he wasn’t as much as £5 million, more like £2.7, or in that region, still FAR more than he was worth in any case

  • It’s a case of each to their own r.waterfall. The return for the money paid out for him (signed for £8 million left on a free!) gives some cause for him to be mentioned doesn’t it?

  • Well we did spend a fair bit on Andy Cole and i dont think his return matched the price, Dwight Yorke also falls in this category but then again, compared to Grabbi and others, Cole and Yorke where champions for us lol

  • i wouls say grabbi deffinetly yorke maybe he didnt really do great maybe gresko i thought amoruso did ok when he played so i wouldnt put him down

  • Davies utter gash that cost a fortune, even more than Grabbi! Buy the way congratulations MikeyGamst on your maiden CENTURY, also to boddingtonblue for his. There are only a handful of us that have made 100 points or more in a month thus far, but this will increase as the site does, and it is!

  • Keep the names coming then you can’t be disappointed if yuor names aren’t in a poll when it takes place. The more mentions a player gets (just because someone else says him doesn’t mean you can’t!) the more likely he’ll get in the poll. Actually wanting to think of BAD players… not good is it!!!

  • Lol yea probably i just noticed you right that up once my screen refreshed. Hopefully Nonda shows us he should not be in this poll tonight, ah well hope its worth staying up for

  • There has been some rubbish to wear the famous blue and white halves but none more so than Darren Peacock. He was awful. I always thought Grabbi wasn’t given enough of a chance!!!

  • He was arguably given a chance when maybe he should never have in the first place! The price tag didn’t help the guy though.

  • Big price tag, very little help in settling in and often played as a lone striker. It was clear to see he was technically sound he just suffered from a number of personal reasons!!

  • Also it was this time 8 years ago we signed another dubious striker…Ashley Ward! Did you know we almost signed Ibrahim Ba from Milan for £5.2million the same day? I never new that. What a waste of money that would have been.

  • Was it really, how time flies! I didn’t know that about Ba. He was a decent player for about 5 minutes!!! His fall from grace was such that he had to endure a TRIAL with a League One club a while back before they would sign him…then the didn’t anyway!

  • Oh the shame!!! He did show so much potential early on didn’t he. Played for France from an early age too. Although that was at the same time as the likes of Stephane Guivarche, Newcastle’s second greatest striker of all time!!

  • Ba won the ’98 World Cup with France didn’t he? Rangers fans know a thing or two about Stephane G’uivarch also don’t they, think Grabbi probably scored more goals than him in his time at Rovers than G’uivarch did at Newcastle and Rangers put together didn’t he?!?!

  • Am I right in thinking that Newcastle have only ever had one good Prem striker, the made by Rovers? Their list of failed frontmen makes ours look good.

  • I don’t think Les Ferdinand was all that bad really was he? And despite his early struggles Obefami Martins looks like he could be the business? lest we forget Owen, when fit he’s as good as anyone.

  • True, good point about Ferdy. Martins has the potential but he is nowhere near Shearer and as for Owen….he is only there because no one else was daft enough to pay £16million for him.

  • Fair point, but on his day Owen is more than worth £16 million though! Anyway’s back to BAD signings for Rovers, Dino Baggio, Patrik Andersson (despite what he went on to achieve after), Lee Makel (maybe harsh) some more names.

  • Me and my bother in law were speaking about him the other day, has to be RIGHT up there certainly in terms of signed without delivering. MERRY CHRISTMAS roversman!

  • 38 replies, pretty good aye, how close we coming to a vote, mine is gonna be Javier de Pedro, wasnt he the man who was suppose to hit a free kick on to a penny according to the Great Mr Souness

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