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With YOUR help Vital Blackburn has been trying to determine what have been the best and worst of the Blackburn Rovers 2006-2007 season.

The nominations are still be taken for other Awards, but the Vital Blackburn Awards for 2006-2007 continue to be dished out with the

Worst Individual Performance of the Season

When asked to simply leave the name of the player and the opponent against whom you feel the WORST Individual Performance of the Season came against most felt?

Andre Ooijer on debut vs. Chelsea should be the Award Winner! So congratulations I guess go to Ooijer.

This is not an Award Ooijer would be wanting to pick up but the vast majority agree it was him. I still find it hard to think of a player to have a worse debut EVER for ANY team. It started bad with him giving the ball away, winning it back and then losing it again within the opening minutes. He looked out of his depth as he gave away a penalty and was brushed aside by Didier Drogba as if he were a rag doll.

Things didn’t get much better for Ooijer over the next few games, he gave away more penalties and even scored an own goal! However, credit where it is due he then stormed back to show his true class and show us why Mark Hughes had been so keen to sign the Dutch International (although at times I wondered HOW this had happened!) We missed him after his injury until Christopher Samba stepped in.

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15 Replies to “Worst Individual Performance”

  • It was embarrassing wasn’t it. I was truly ashamed of what I saw but I have to say that I didn’t give in on the guy even in the games that followed, I stood behind him and he came good in the end, as I knew he would. But lets just hope we don’t have many more showings like that from Rovers players down the years, ESPECIALLY on debut!

  • It was a poor debut, but he was up against one of the prems best strikers in his first game. Remember he had just came from PSV who were generally getting it all their way in the Eredesvie or whatever its called. Fair play to Hughesy to sticking with him and for him to responding the way he did.

    I remember when we played Sheff Weds in the league cup semi when Warhurst was the hottest scorer in the prem and he tore us apart that night and we lost 2-4. If I remember correctly that was Henning Berg and Patrik Anderson’s debuts for Rovers and remember that they were especially c**p. Both went on to be Champions League winners – unfortunately not with Rovers.

  • If only it had been Champions League winners with Rovers eh mate! Andersson wasn’t really all that with Rovers was he but he went on to play for Barcelona and Munich after didn’t he.

  • Guys I’ve just come across something that I hope you will ALL read, it’s a comment made by BomBom and it is ABSOLUTELY SUPERB. Please read it and take note 🙂 click here.

  • It just shows that event the most experienced of international players who have played in massive games in the World Cup and domestically can get nervous, I had seen Ooijer plenty of times b4 with the Dutch and PSV and couldn’t beleive this was the same player!! But since then he has shown his pure class on the pitch, unfortunately for him it will be a push to get back in the team, he’ll have to fight Emerton for riteback or fill in for injuries at centreback or in midfield

  • Like you Clint I’d seen Ooijer a fair few times over the years and he looked a different player, but he came back strong and to give him credit he adjusted quickly, he could EASILY have gone the other way couldn’t he! I honestly can’t see him getting back in as a first choice centre back, think the Wall and God have this sown up, still feel Brett will be the man to miss out and he’ll take the right-back role.

  • He really did take some stick after his first few games, but i remember reading that he hadn’t played for a few months, hadn’t been allowed to pre-season training, and played in that match the day after moving to England. Imagine the pressure – It took me a couple of months to settle into my job, let alone half a day ;-). Still he certainly came good before his injury, and imo will be an extremely valuable player to have back. (PS, oh, and what a strike for that own goal against City 😉 )

  • as turnarounds go it has to be up there with the best of them cos it only happened in a few games i went from “whats he doing now” to “man he is class” cant wait for him to be back his experience will be great for the squad and he has to be startin next year even if its right back!

  • This is a truly deserved award. The funny thing is that now he would be in my ideal starting line up. He has shown his class now but what a shoking start.

  • I wondering if ooijer had the top games/penalties given away record this season? How many did he actually give away.. My heart says it was loads, but my head says it wasn’t that many in reality?

  • durks de rover & MikeyGamst – Agree 100% with what you’ve both said, what a transformation the ugly duck became a swan, as we knew he was. He’ll not force his way in as a first choice central defender for me but will be without doubt (for me) the first choice right-back.

  • Bents4eng – Knew what you meant dude. Ooijer gave away penalties against Chelsea and Wigan (he was left for bead by EMILE HESKEY!) for sure in his opening games. He did give away a few didn’t he, not sure exactly how many but like you say maybe it isn’t quite as many as we seem to remember it being lol.

  • Head Rover Heels – I see you’ve risen to the challenge set by BomBom, good man. Come on Roversman and Ex Ewood get some nominations on the Vital Blackburn Awards and you can make 100 points in the members table at least then EVERYONE in the top ten will have at least 100 points a Vital Blackburn FIRST, and in all honesty not something that happens with MANY Vital Football sites full stop, 8 out on 10 is already right up there!

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