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With YOUR help Vital Blackburn has been trying to determine what have been the best and worst of the Blackburn Rovers 2006-2007 season.

The nominations are still be taken for other Awards, but the Vital Blackburn Awards for 2006-2007 continue to be dished out with the

Worst Player to face Rovers this Season

When asked to simply leave the name of the player you believe has been the WORST Player to face Rovers this Season most felt?

Ousmane Dabo of Manchester City should be the Award Winner! So congratulations I guess go to Dabo for being the best worst player to face Rovers this season!

Technically Wes Brown, Scott Carson, Ousmane Dabo, Emile Heskey, Andriy Shevchenko and Trevor Sinclair all gained equally mentions, but the mention of Dabo interested me the most so he was the name I most backed, hence he gains the Award.

Dabo came to the Premiership with a big reputation but I’ve rarely seen him play, let alone play well. The game against Rovers in which he was meant to have played must have seen him play sooo badly I didn’t even realise he had in fact played until I was made aware of the fact (sometimes players go unnoticed as they play well, this wasn’t the case with him!)

He has probably been best known for his time in the Premiership for being chinned by Joey Barton in training.

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38 Replies to “Worst Player Faced this Season”

  • Not the most popular of Awards and technically it could have been shared between Wes Brown, Scott Carson, Ousmane Dabo, Emile Heskey, Andriy Shevchenko and Trevor Sinclair, as they all gained one mention apiece, but Dabo gets it as I just agreed with this mention more than the others.

  • We’ve already voted on this OneAaronLennon and hard as it may be for you to believe Dimitar Berbatov wasn’t the winner!

  • LOL you bloody spurs fans, you get EVERYWHERE, you are like ants! Get the can of Raid ready! OAL, go annoy the Vital Villans, you seem to be popular over there LMAO

  • Back on topic, I still think that Emile Heskey was the worst, although Sheva did us a big favour in the Cup Semi by not turning up!

  • Isn’t there something more annoying than ants though BomBom?!?! Heskey out paced and out muscled Ooijer though to earn a penalty in one game didn’t he! Granted at that particular time even the most frail of old grannies could have done that to Ooijer at the time!

  • Im sure Ooijer will look back on those first few games of his Rovers Career and cringe! But it got better and that was the main thing. Why did Dabo get it? Was it for impressively absorbing the Barton punch?

  • lol… not sure this was deserved.. as I mentioned scott carson had probably the most shocking game a goalie ever had…. JR has potential but my god he manages to scuff/hit his scots straight at the keeper a lot… luckily carson was on hand to let it pass through his ghost hands!

  • ps. berbatov is a lazy (if gifted) ******** pps.. where do all these spurs fans come from they invade everywhere like ants on that one day of the year they can all fly

  • Still if Spuds do want an award on here…most over-rated player faced? JJ!!!!There you go boys go and sink a few beers to that one.

  • FFS berbatov is not lazy!!! in first half of the season he appeared lazy as the physical aspect and workrate of the game shocked him, u watch ANY game from around febuary onwards and he has adapted into a very hardworking striker, tell you what watch our 4-1 win against bolton and u wont see a more hardworking better performance from a lone striker when we went down to ten men

  • when i base my opinions on blackburn players i try to be objective with the fact that i have only seen them live against spurs and on limited games on sky. So i admit my opinion on a player is a valid one but can have many flaws as i havnt see the complete season to assess whether i just saw a bad game or a good game, but it appears that some fans on here see one or two games on sky and seem to think they have nailed that player to a certain type and thats that. yeh if u did see berbatov away to bolton first game or reading on tv away id agree if these were the only games id seen but we have had 60 games this season, and granted as a blackburn fan u wont of seen them all im just saying you should have more humility in your opinion on players u dont see week in week out

  • Personally buckers, I am in agreement about your frank assessment of Dimi. He can appear lazy and lethargic at times but no more so than Benni and we know how hard he works. It is difficult to formulate an opinion of ones opposition without a fair coverage, but i think when jenas is concerned you rarely see a star display on skysports but more worryingly for him, you hear little reported back that is outstanding.

  • True with jenas its even split down the middle half rate and half do not doesnt appear to be a middle ground. My opinion isnt neccesarily right but he has had such a stop start season and still banged in 9 goals that i see him as having a good season

  • BomBom – Dabo got it because everyone tied, but the Dabo mention from MikeyGamst was a mention that appealed to me the most, so although I quite agreed with all mentions I agreed more with this one. Dabo came to England with a reputation of being a player and has done nothing (except get knocked the **** out by Barton!)

  • Dimitar Berbatov appears lazy, but that is the beauty of his game he makes things happen without over doing it himself (and in fairness to the guy they often do happen.) He proves you don’t need to run around like a headless chicken to make things happen for you. Some players have this style of play don’t they, others are just plain lazy no two ways, not sure that Berbatov is lazy at all though, just clever and technically gifted enough not to have to do more than he needs to.

  • It’s a case of great players make it look easy. Berbatov, McCarthy, Tugay being the ones mentioned – All make the game look so simple and effortless that it is easily confused with being laid back and lazy. None actually are, it just all comes so naturally.

  • Head Rover Heels – True, the point I was kind of tying to make I think. But McCarthy is a little lazy too though isn’t he! The fact that he gets caught off side sooo much proves this doesn’t it?!?!

  • But is that Lazyness or overeagerness? Agreed the Dimi the Uber God is a talented lad but “some” spuds fans think he is the 2nd coming for gods sake!

  • well we havnt had much to shout about in past years, and when a player comes along the best we have had since klinsmann were going to make him into a god, i also would say he is one of the worlds best players right now

  • Maybe a bit of both BomBom. He’s good but calling him that buckers is MAYBE pushing it a little too far just now?!?!

  • Big praise indeed Buckers – Klinsmann’s almost worshipped at your place. Still, he’s certainly come in and created a buzz in the short while he’s been there – If he keeps it up next season (Same goes for McCarthy) then i think we can all heap as much praise as we can possibly muster on them. HDM, i honestly don’t think McCarthy’s offsides are laziness – I think a large part of it is chancing his arm, he’ll get away with it sometimes, and the rest of it is just eagerness – You need to be there, making the run, and be spotted to be called offside – That’s a lot of opportunities he’s been making.

  • hughes da man, maybe i am but i have seen enough to suggest he is one of the top top strikers in europe ANY club would want him, ive even heard pundits describe him in the same breath as kaka in the way he can influence a game, so im not alone in this thinking. and head rover heels completly right next comes the dreaded 2nd season

  • He is top, top quality I don’t doubt this and I have seen a lot of the guy and others around Europe but one good season doesn’t make you king does it, as Head Rover Heels says (and you agree) the second season is the one, if he does that again you are really onto something, but something that could be VERY hard to keep if you don’t break into the top four, another fifth place wouldn’t be enough to keep him (in my opinion anyway?)

  • Spot on HDM… Berbatov still has a lot to prove as does McCarthy. I think Kevin Doyle said it best when someone asked him about it… “Yu are not a superstar until ou have had 2 good seasons, one season is never enough”… wise words and I think Spurs fans should bear that in mind.

  • Head Rover Heels needs credit aswell Mikey as he also said thoughts along the lines of what I did, BEFORE me.

  • 😉 Ah, i’ll manage without the recognition, I’ll settle for a half decent performance from the national side tonight (Not that i’m expecting it mind)

  • no i genuinely think he’s a lazy player.. just because when he does get the ball he can do magic with it doesn’t mean he’s not lazy and sulky when he fails to get enough of the ball. Benni can be the same sometimes but that’s because he gets a little moody after all the offsides (at least they show he’s trying!). Also definitely agree with the 2 seasons rule..

  • Well he was *****e against us this season merlin, i didnt realise he was playing in the Cup Semi until about 15 mins from the end!!!!

  • I realised that he was and was glad he was as he offered little or nothing, was more disappointed when he came off!

  • If memory serves correctly, even the commentators mentioned something along the same lines! Bargain at £37 million! Lets buy 2!

  • Arent most strikers kinda lazy in a way?? Berbatov is just one of these players that look that way cos thats their style, u wouldnt argue that he’s a very very good player, which is why the top teams are after him, but u have to judge players and the styles of football they come from – like English players run about like terriers at 100mph covering all the ground etc so anyone would look lazy against that. So getting back – Dabo is just plain bad, not lazy!!

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