Date: 2nd July 2010 at 10:17am
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Former Rovers boss and new Liverpool gaffer Roy Hodgson has defended his time at Ewood Park saying he does not consider his time in East Lancashire a failure.

Hodgson got off to a good start as boss here and bagged himself a top 6 finish in his first full season, a year after the club avoided relegation by one point.

But in the second season he attempted a mini spree of transfer dealings which were to boost on field performance but instead found the club bottom after the first portion of the season and this lead to his sacking.

Roy spoke to Sky Sports and said – ‘Blackburn was the only place I have been sacked and that was somewhat harsh,’

‘I took a team which had avoided relegation by one point into European football and then lost four of the very best players – three to injury and one to a forced sale to Rangers – the following year.

‘Admittedly the start of the following season was not as good and we built up expectations but it is difficult for me to see Blackburn as a complete failure.

‘I did make mistakes there; you always make mistakes when you fail somewhere.

‘I have analysed those failures but I don’t think they were quite as blatant as some people would like to think.’

‘Blackburn were a top side when I went there, we finished sixth in the league, Udinese have had success in the past and the four years I had with the Swiss national team going to the World Cup and European championships was successful.

‘I regard comments like that as far too insular.’

I think Roy has every right to defend himself here and his time here was a bit better than some people who only remember the bad end seem to think.

But he DID make some mistakes and he has rightly been sounded out for them. As much as he did good he also did make some errors that cost him in the end.

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16 Replies to “Woy defends time in charge of Rovers”

  • I think we were probably more of a blip on the radar for him. he seemed to enjoy great adulation everywhere else!!!

  • he had a good rep but Davies for 7.5m, Dailly for 5.3m and Blake for 4.25m??? Roy cant handle a budget and dont forget all the stellar players he attracted from abroad like Sebastien Perez and Martin Dahlin and the sale of Club captain Tim Sherwood to Spurs!! He made some very strange decisions that cut the heart out of the club. OK Hendry wanted to go home but still, one man does not a team make! IMO hes overrated, regardless of what he did with Fulham and the Liverpool job will show it again i believe

  • Sorry BB – I disagree. I think all our managers have bought players who haven’t performed as expected and wasted money (with the exception of Hughes in recent memory) – the team was crumbling before Roy got there – and we were playing some good football under Roy.

  • I did feel sorry for him a little at the time, some of the signings he made and players that were linked we were looking to compete with the big boys again. Kevin Davies showed a lot of promise at Southampton but the £7.5 million price + james Beattie deal now looks like a proper BIG Mistake he made!!

  • Rover23 – £6.5million on Kalinic – and now we’re hoping he signs another striker! Jury is still out on him!

  • Yeah to be fair Big Sam said from the start he didn’t want Kalinic to end up like Shevchenko did at Chelsea so he didn’t play him much at first. I think he did well in the games he played and I believe he’ll make good progress next season but he needs support.

  • I still believe the Rovers board sacked Roy too early, we were going through a patch. We wouldn’t had gone down had the board kept faith in Roy Hodgson. Byran Kidd sent us down, remember? Fair, he made some poor signings, and he panicked buy players that were shiiiite. But he took us into Europe the season before, can’t be that bad after all. As for Tim Sherwood, Spurs came in for him, and he was dying for the move. I remembered Sherwood called Spurs my club, after he left spurs, and Rovers were never in his heart.

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