Date: 4th November 2007 at 11:43am
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You see all sorts of things in the tabloids these days don’t you, but the latest offerings in Sunday’s News of the World have to make you laugh.

The sterling job that Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes is doing at Ewood Park is quite rightly, and understandably not going unnoticed but the suggestion (albeit a thinly veiled one) that Newcastle United could be prepared to dispense with Sam Allardyce already, with Hughes a possible replacement with their owner Mike Ashley a keen admirer of Hughes’ is just laughable.

For one thing Allardyce isn’t really doing a bad job at Newcastle is he (despite a hammering on Saturday), and for another if someone can tell me WHY Sparky would wish to leave a club that he has moulded into a side quite capable of challenging for a Champions League place this season for Newcastle I would like to hear it. I swear at times these tabloids have nothing else to write about, so they just write the first thing that pops into their heads!!!

Sparky WILL be lured away sooner or later (hopefully MUCH later) but this will not be to Tottenham Hotspur (which had been suggested before the appointment of their new manager), Newcastle or anyone of a similar nature, his next destinations is becoming more, and more likely to be Old Trafford when Sir Alex Ferguson finally does decide he has had enough, which again for our sake will hopefully NOT be for a few years yet.



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  • There is probably more chance that I could win the lottery than Mark Hughes managing Newcastle (and I don’t buy a ticket so I’ll NEVER win the lottery!!!)
    If Sparky doesn’t become the next Manure manager after Sir Alex I would be amazed, this (almost certainly), Chelsea, or maybe Barcelona will be his next destination.

  • Yeah stupid, needs to stop happening, isn’t good for the individual involved and the club generally. Never happen, hopefully Sir Alex can keep his health up, for many years to come!!

  • Sir Alex doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of wanting to pack it in does he, even though he was meant to have about five-years ago or whatever it was. Keep going Sir Alex, you know you want to lol!

  • I’m afraid we better get used to it. He’s going to be linked with every high profile job in the Premiership that opens up in the near future. His work here has’nt gone unnoticed. But why leave now when everything he’s done over the last couple of years is starting to all come together!

  • Sparky isn’t motivated by money is he, so he wouldn’t need a massive pay rise would he, but it wouldn’t be undeserving would it.
    He still has unfinished business here, so he will stay for a few more years yet I feel.

  • Sparky has proven to be a good manager so far, good cup runs and league finishes. He has assembled and kept good players to a club that is, lets face it, unattractive. He will be man u’s new manager if the glazers have any sense (therefore we maybe lucky!) and fair play to Hughes he deserves it – I’d hate to see him go – but I said the same about Shearer going to Newcastle

  • Alright lads… really enjoyed the game at the weekend. As for Hughes going the time is not here yet and I can see him here for a few years yet. Whilst we keep on improving and he keeps the squad together, there is no need for him to leave.

  • Utd bankrupt and relegated in three years – Glazers bought out by AOL/Time Warner – and renamed Man utd. Global – then taken to the states to compete in the American soccer league, fergie moves upstairs as director of football, because he can’t let go… I can dream can’t I?!

  • Already asked Mikey, they are on the job lol!
    I think Sir Alex will probably carry on for at least another three seasons after this.

  • They’ll probably have to carry Fergie out in a box – I don’t think he’ll quit! And to be fair, when you win why should you! Newcastle got rid of Robson because he was old, look what’s happened to them!

  • Getting rid of Sir Bobby was one of the worse things Newcastle did, he was old, but still one of the best!
    Touche on your Sir Alex thoughts dude, you are spot on with them.

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