Date: 22nd February 2010 at 4:47pm
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Hi all, I, along with many (many, many) others, have been very harsh to Keith Andrews since he danced his jazzy hands into Ewood Park like a diddly Liza Minnelli….and with good reason. He is a mediocre footballer pitched into a league well above his standard (I know doesn’t sound like an apology so far).

The reason I am now on the pro side of the long faced chap is that he is a proper footballer. Here is a guy who will play in any position he is asked to and will do the absolute best he can do, which may not be great but at the very least puts every last drop of enthusiasm and energy into it. He’s played CM/DM/RW/RB/CB so far this season and not once has he said “It’s not my best position” as an excuse for a bad performance. In this age when footballers ask for transfers because they’re asked to play 2nd striker and not the main striker or they moan incessantly about being on the bench or the amount they get paid or they just don’t look interested (Diouf), here is a man that exudes honesty.

Andrews is essentially what any of us would be like if Big Sam asked us to play for Rovers. A little bit pants but would play anywhere and do our very best despite our limitations. Therefore I, from here on in, will not say a bad word about Mr Andrews*. I ask you to join me in the Keith Jazzy Hands Support Group and from now until the end of the season to cheer him on at Ewood and not resort to posting about him being rubbish. He is every one of us in a Rovers shirt. Honest professional doing the best he can for the team.

COYB, Fat Elvis. *until the end of the season when I can dream of better players being bought.


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  • Fair point Mr Elvis… i behind this… he needs a song or two… I’ll post this on facebook too…

    A Spoonful of Keith helps the Burnley go down
    The Burnley go down-wown
    The Burnley go down
    Just a spoonful of sugar helps the Burnley go down
    In a most delightful way

  • Keith is not a talented player, but last year he had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He had a couple of match winners to his name! He was aggressive and versatile despite not being the most talented player. This season, however, he has taken over the Mokoena role of standing on Nelson’s boots and calling it defensive midfielder. He seems hesitant to get involved. Maybe he’s a confidence player and switching him out of his familiar role will take his head of it. We could really use some more decent performances out of him.

  • Keith is the new Axe… Judging from his performance as a centre back against Bolton, he looked far better than Mokoena in defence.

  • i think Keith is just one of those players who really has little, if any technical ability, though his heart and passion is in the right place. The guy never has a wrong word to say, just goes out there, and tries his best. Sometimes, his best is abyssmal, sometimes he pulls out a pleasing performance, either way, he plays in the blue and white shirt we all love, so i guess all we can do is back him aye!

  • Well said Fat elvis…. Andrews can only roll with what he is given. yes he isnt very good but your sentiments are spot on. He never moans about being played out of position and he accepts his limitations and cracks on without a fuss. Top stuff from him on Sunday.

  • Ha, I like your chant simdohquo. Think you got carried away with the song though, you stopped being Rovers and went all Mary Poppins on us at the end!
    Have a mental image of you Dick van Dyke dancing you’re way across the office 🙂

  • ahahahahaah! well in FN1!!!! …..bluenwhiteaussie!!! woohoo, another aussie on board! unless your bluenwhitey in disguise? what state you from mate!

  • Padbury, Perth, Western Australia 6025… I have been here since February 1982 and I have loved every minute, but I keep in touch with the Rovers through Fox Sports (Sky Sports in the UK) abd your posts, keep up the great site guys & “Come on the Rovers”.
    We have 42C on Thursday 25/02/10 whew….

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