Date: 17th September 2010 at 5:20pm
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Rovers boss Sam Allardyce seems to have been on the cooking sherry recently as he has started to claim he is better suited to the bigger clubs of this world rather than the Rovers and Bolton’s of this world.

Big Sam even claims that he would deliver title’s every season if given the chance to manage a big club.

Big Sam said to Sky Sports – ‘I’m not suited to Bolton or Blackburn, I would be more suited to Inter Milan or Real Madrid,’.

‘It wouldn’t be a problem to me to go and manage those clubs because I would win the double or the league every time.

‘Give me Manchester United or Chelsea and I would do the same, it wouldn’t be a problem.

‘It’s not where I’m suited to, it’s just where I’ve been for most of the time.

‘It’s not a problem to take me into the higher reaches of the Champions League or Premier League and would make my job a lot easier in winning it.’

I normally agree with most of the things that Big Sam says, even if others don’t but this is absurd.

First off what good is it going to do saying this? It certainly isn’t going to benefit us much.

Also, he is setting himself for ridicule and for accusations of grand delusion.

Bad move this.

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22 Replies to “All right big man, calm down a bit!”

  • Read about it on sky sports today and couldn’t believe it. talk about blowing your own trumpet. Sorry Sam but I think if you are good enough to manage Inter, Real or Chelsea you would have done by now. Let’s just forget you said it and get back in the real world for the Fulham game.

  • I tend to think that there is some motive behind every single thing Sam says to the Press. I certainly cannot see what it might be in this case. Trying to wind Wenger up a bit more by implying that he is a better manager than him? Letting a potential new owner know that he is up to the job of spending wisely the transfer kitty? All a bit weird really but does not detract from a magnificent peformance from Sam so far in managing Rovers.

  • I can’t see him having any chance of the England job – (although he would do a whole lot better than 6m-a-year Capello). He is a bit too uncouth and gobby and his English is only marginally better than Fabio’s! I hope he can bring himself down to earth in time to make sure that Sparky gets nothing except a glass of wine from his return to Ewood.

  • If this is a way for him to be noticed for England job, or a way for him to show the potential new owners that he can spend good in the transfer period or just a chance to show off his managerial qualities then none of them are working….. no-one likes an arrogant man… if he was good enough to be managing Real Madrid then he would have been doing it already. If he was so desperate to make him self known as a potential England manager target then he wouldn’t have to whore himself out… quality speaks for itself…. and if he was trying to make a good impression to the new owners then he’s failed…. that only tells them he’s got his eyes on a bigger prize…

  • I think all big Sam is saying is that with the resources at clubs like Madrid that even a trained monkey could successfully manage the team (Not implying Sam is a trained monkey BTW). He is just saying that the gulf in class between managers is not as great as is made out, and that if he had enough money he’d take Blackburn (or whoever he happened to be managing) to the top. Not blowing his own trumpet at all, but he could, perhaps have made his point more clearly!

  • I understand what you’re saying fifthcolumnblue – but what has Sam won? Even managers of smaller clubs with small budgets have won things. I can’t remember Sam turning up trees at Newcastle when he got a ‘big’ job. I think Sam should let his team do the talking on the pitch, rather than having digs at Wenger or other managers – or promoting himself for other jobs.

  • I just don’t see why he’s had to say these comments now when we’re looking to progress ourselves. It’s the sort of thing you might say if you left a club because you’re after a “Big” job. I suppose at least he’s honest but he’s going to need to pull his head out of his backside by 3pm today.

  • Dream on Big Sam, you won’t even be considered a strong contender for england. Real Madrid or Inter Milan you having a laugh… Your brand of football may get results at times, but is too unattractive to these ‘fashionable’ clubs.

  • Fair dues FriedelNo1, and I can understand why some of the Blackburn faithful are less than 100% amused by the comments and their timing. But Sam has a point, in that the Newcastle squad he inherited were pants and he should have been given more time. Ditto Hughes at City – never really warmed to the guy, but still feel he was never given the chance to prove himself. Nice to hear Hughes whining about the ref today though – some things will never change!

  • Don’t think Madrid would be very happy with long ball up to Higuan.. after all the midfield wouldnt get a kick.. all that wasted talent.. Ozil, KaKa, Alonso, C Ronaldo.. well if there not getting a game at Madrid.. we may as well take them on eh..

  • Anyone here think that Sam wasn’t coaching Diouf all this week to run into the keeper at every opportunity? Anyone else here also think that Sam didn’t coach Kevin Davies to ‘leave a foot in’ whenever a defender made a clearance and hence become the most booked PL player ever? If I owned a club and needed PL survival and no more I’d get Sam as manager too. He’s also developed a skill (like his mate Fergie) of mouthing off over little things in an effort to disguise his own and his team’s inadequacies. Clever Sam, but we see through it even though the media doesn’t.

  • Must admit when I read this in the press my first reaction was he has defo lost the plot, after digesting it for a few days my opinion has not changed, he needs to concentrate on Rovers and Rovers alone

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