Date: 10th January 2010 at 5:31pm
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Why oh why is no one crying for Allardyce to go? He is what is wrong with the Rovers, him and his band of ‘has been’ players he has brought in…Diouf, Chimbonda, Kalinic etc.

We need Hughes back and his brand of football, not this ‘kick it and pray’ stuff served up week after week. We have become a laughing stock again in the Premier League. Has no one noticed, we’re always last on MOTD on TV. All we get is a couple of minutes of very poor quality football displayed by ‘bandits’ wearing the blue and white shirts they are not really fit to be wearing.

Benni has class. We all know he can play, but he must be frustrated at being part of such an amateurish set up as Rovers have become since Hughes’ departure. Uncle Jack would turn in his grave if he could see them now. They are a disgrace and deserve to go down. They really belong in the 1st Division with the standard of kick ball they play – can’t bring myself to call it football, cos’ it ain’t! Sam do us all a favour…go, and go now.

Go back to Bolton and take all your band of ‘has bin’s’ with you, then maybe we might have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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26 Replies to “Allardyce Is What’s Wrong With Rovers?!?!”

  • Personally I can’t say that I agree with MICHAEL KEEGAN, however, this was put forward as an article so had to be used!!

  • well cant agree with most of this but im dissapointed with kalinic that money could have been spend on keeping derbyshire or buying another striker that was ready to play frm day one. If we get relegated kalinic will leave then its not really gonna be a longterm buy is it.But one thing i dont get walker u tellin me u have to put every article that ppl submit on the main page

  • Why are we posting this crap on our website? try posting your opinions on the forums you moron. “why oh why is no one crying for alardyce to go” try checking the forums again on that one! this is no more than a forum post, and you say you have to submit this as an artice, its a disgrace

  • Hand on heart I have to admit I agree with a lot of this article. I disagree about Kalinic he looks a promising player for years to come but otherwise… I watched my ‘great goals’ dvd from christmas and couldn’t help but notice the difference in play from a few years ago and now. Were we rolling in money then? No. The mindset is what is different. Even from Hughes era the football was excellent on just as small a budget. Fans pay to be entertained simple as. With more negative ‘hoof and hope’ will come lower attendances and more financial woes. It’s a vicious circle…

  • Why oh why are some people living in the past? There’s no point in trying to cling onto past achievements and past stars. Face facts – Rovers are no longer the ‘rich kids’ – BSA has probably had a smaller budget to work with than any recent Rovers manager. Sale of quality players have been forced on him. Mark Hughes left because he had taken Rovers as far as he could go – he thought the grass was greener at Eastlands! Until we find a new owner Rovers have to live within their means – the alternative is to experience the dort of harrowing fiasco that has engulfed Portsmouth! As for ‘has beens’ – he is giving a chance to promising young players like Hoillet, N’Zonzi, Jones, Ollson and Kallinic – hardly ‘has beens’

  • To answer you aadil4rovers and rover23 isn’t Vital Blackburn about opinions and allowing people to share their’s?? As I’ve said I don’t agree with it but it was put forward as an article suggestion (earlier in the week) so I’ve added it, as I have countless other articles that people have submitted over the years. Is it fair to hand pick and only put forward the ones that we like or agree with?? Maybe it is a forum post but it was submitted to be used as an aritlce so I’ve used it as such, sorry dudes I’m not going to turn things away just because I might not like it or agree with it that’s not the way Vital Blackburn is meant to work, or does work!!

  • agreed york. while he has brought in older players probably past their prime, he’s also brought in a number of young players for the long term and these players will learn from the experienced ones.

  • I agree with aspects of this post, but in general the players that BSA has brought in have shown promise and they have been essentially bargains. Let’s not forget we were hardly world beaters when Hughesy was in charge and that was prior to the influx of sugar daddies to the Prem. I am a but dismayed by BSA’s tactics and it pains me to see us below other “lesser” teams. I hope the board keep the faith with Sam – remember he has only been in the job just over 12 months and look where we were before he joined!!

  • This is a rant disguised as an article.. if you could even call it that. It’s ridiculous to be talking about sacking the manager at this stage of the season.. stop worrying about how much time we get on MOTD and start getting behind your team for christ sake!!!

  • I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but we’re always last on MotD, even under Hughes we were last. It’s nothing to do with the style of football we play, it’s because we’re not a fashionable club.

    And as for sacking Allardyce, I’ll say the same as I said to the last guy who suggested it on the forum, it’s going to take a long time to recover from the mess Ince left us in and we don’t have the cash to fix it in 1 season.

    Luckily, we have a chairman who has the best interests of the club at heart, and isn’t prone to making knee jerk reactions (jerk being quite an apt word for stories like this).

    Finally, who would you replace him with? Hughes won’t come back to Ewood, why would he? After what he did with Wales, us and now City he’ll have his pick of top European clubs and be in perfect place to take over at Man United in a couple of years.

    Megson is looking for a job, would he be better than Allardyce? Take a look through the left hand column of managers from this LMA web page, and pick me one that you think would be good as a replacement for Allardyce?

    Big Sam has my full support, and I fully expect to see us challenging for Europe in a few seasons and having a good cup run every now and then, you know, like getting to the semi finals for something …

  • I agree Stubbs. To be honest I think that Mark Hughes knew that he had taken the team as far as he could and that he would need to start rebuilding the team without much money. Bentley wanted to make his name on the big stage (what’s happened there?) – we lost key players and haven’t had the funds to replace them with proven EPL players.

  • STUBBS SAYS IT ALL i agree with it all. whats the point us even going on about big sam hes not going to be going anywere, hes been here 12months the players he has signed have been good for us, kalinic is getting better and better every game as big sam said he would, its not even big sams team yet, need a few more seasons for it to be big sams team, most of are players are from the hughes era and the crap ince brought in its not his fault he came in at the wrong time. he saved us from relegation so just give him the time he needs, were not going down this year so next season hopefully he brings in a few more players makes it more his team and get us back were we belong. were not going to get a better manager than sam FACT. were not going to get hughes back( as much as id like) FACT so just let sam get on with what he knows best and show him and the rovers the support they need in stead of moaning and putting downers on things. look were 13th in the league and im pretty sure everyone will say we have been poor, thats saying something, if are team start playing well and get the support they need god knows in the league we will be.

  • Hello Everybody!! been very busy lately, not much spare time! but i come back to this……. what an aaaaaaawful article.. i couldnt agree with this man less… how on earth can you consider kalinic to be a has been… the lad is going to be class if you stick by him… Less than a year ago Big Sam took over, and if it wasnt for him, we would indeed be a championship playing side… so I say stick with him until he actually does something wrong, and I know thats exactly what 95% of Rovers fans will be saying, and 99.9% of the rovers fans who have a bit of footballing sense will be saying about it! Good luck in your future articles MICHAEL KEEGAN, but please write about something that has a back bone and not just personal opinion, pretty sure thats what the forum is for!

  • I do like Rovers as a club but Big Sams style of Anti Football will never win me over, under Hughes you were tough but you played the game the way it should be now its like watching a much better version of yes Huddersfield Town. Get Hughesy back!

  • I personally completely agree with the artilcle apart from the fact he calls Chimbonda and Kalinic ‘has beens’! Granted both could have done better when given the chance but im sure boh have vital parts to play in keeping us up this season! HOWEVER DIOUF IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE, he contributes nothing to the team and all he does on a Saturday afternoon is moan at his team mates! Why have we resorted to playing ‘hoof it’ style football?? I know we have a small transfer/wage budget but with the right man in charge (i.e. Hughesy) it we can consistently finish in the top half and maybe even challenge for Europe (like when Hughesy was in charge) ALLARDYCE OUT!!!! HUGHESY IN!!!!

  • Agreed 100,000,001% with what Stubbs says. Whos better than Allardyce that we can replace him with? And dont say hughes as we would never be able to afford him now he has had his taste of the big money. Kalinic? Chimbo? has beens? one is in his Wigan form and the other is 21?!?! how is he a has been? Mind boggling that peeps think we should get rid of the manager – just because they dont like the style of play, win a few games and all of a sudden all will be well again. This is just plain annoying that some fans have no patience!

  • All of my thoughts have been echoed above. On the whole I think this may be the worst article I’ve ever seen on VB. Surely you were tempted to throw this in the bin Walker. Mind you it certainly got people posting!

  • Hey come on, being last on MoTD is’nt a global catastrophe.. And Chimbonda has been Rover’s most consistent player this season, IMO. Why do you call him a “Has Been”? Who would you like? Lahm? Evra??

  • Grated- Big Sam’s playing style may be a bit harsh on the eye, but it’s undoubtedly effective. I’m sure you’d take results than playing flowing footy like Arsenal? Give the gaffer some more time, I say.

  • ‘Undoubtedly effective’? Another half-time. Another 2 goals conceded. A leaky defence and no bite in attack. How many times are we saying the same thing? This is getting ridiculous. Please please please can Rovers win a game?

  • were saving it for thursday night my boys….. we have to win that one, get some confidence, then beat fulham on sunday and hold out for a draw at villa park!? yes please…… likeliness of happening…. not much? lol

  • Come on, for now give Sam the support he needs. There isn’t anyone better than Sam other than Mark Hughes. But Hughes won’t want to be back here, he should be managing a top 4 club. I’m not happy with the recent results and performances, so is Sam. Let’s give him more time, and let him turn the club fortunes around. I believe he’s more than capable of doing that, that’s why he’s here. He got one of the most limited budget in the prem, not easy to clear the mess that Ince left us in. Let’s get behind the manager!

  • Well MICHAEL KEEGAN (whoever they are!!) certainly got some debate going didn’t they!! It probably would’ve been better placed in the forum but it can’t be changed now can it!!

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