Date: 15th March 2009 at 11:18am
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Rovers, for a number of reasons were handed a deserved, but could of been even worse defeat at the hands of Arsenal yesterday.

Pre-match injuries, in game injuries, a lack of common sense, Arsenal flair and a baffling team selection led to a second 4-0 defeat at the hands of Arsenal this season.

Injury had robbed Rovers of captain Ryan Nelsen and several midfielders as the midfield three was Stephen Warnock, Aaron Mokoena and (amazingly) Zurab Khizanishvilli.

Rovers lined up 4-5-1 and made the most criminal of all starts – conceding a goal after 2 minutes for the second game running. You may be able to do that against Fulham and get away with it but you won’t with Arsenal.

The goal was a testament to how much Arsenal have missed Theo Walcott as he orchestrated it.

Walcott raced to the byline and cut the ball into the six-yard box where both Song and Arshavin were waiting at the near post.

Andre Ooijer will be credited with own goal as Arshavins touch was not heading and Ooijer got a heavy deflection to guide the ball home.

There was more bad news as after 13 minutes, Gael Givet gave way to David Dunn and Warnock dropped back to left back as Givet was injured in what looked like a re-occurance of his injury from the other day. Hopefully it will be just a scare.

Rovers did look promising on the odd time they went forward with El Hadji Diouf the most likely to create bother. However, he ruined any promise he had shown with a senseless late tackle on Manuel Almunia for which he was fortunate to avoid a red card.

Rovers best chance of the first half was when Pedersen struck with the last move of the first period but Almunia scrambled the ball to safety.

Arsenal looked even more menacing after the break, as they continued to cause problems with Walcott and Arshavin the cause of most threat.

Thankfully Danish striker Nicholas Bendtner can’t shoot for toffee otherwise Arsenal could of been out of sight by 50 minutes.

But for all their dominance the lead remained at a single goal until a stroke of genius. It was Arshavin who released the pressure.

Collecting the ball wide on the left. He ghosted past the hapless Danny Simpson, who offered little by way of a challenge, and lifted his ball over a helpless Robinson into the roof of the net.

Two goals followed late in the game, both from substitute Emmanuel Eboue. First he poked home the third after Robinson pushed out another Arshavin effort with three minutes left.

The Ivorian then stroked home from the penalty spot after Vela was clumsily and ridiculously fouled by substitute Martin Olsson.

A really bad day at the office which wasn;t helped by some key personell missing but it was hardly all that as rovers were their own worst enemy.

Back to the drawing board and time to forget about this one in a hurry.

Player Ratings

Paul Robinson – 7
Would of been a cricket score if not for Robbo. Was given no help what so ever by his defence.

Danny Simpson – 4
Oh dear. Looked like a Championship player as he was given the run around by Arshavin all day long. Must do a lot better than this.

Andre Ooijer – 5
Unlucky for own goal but all this showed is how much we missed Ryan Nelsen. No organisation from Andre I am afraid and caught out a few times.

Chris Samba – 7
Best defender by a mile. Kept his cool while others were losing their’s all around him.

Gael Givet – 5
Injured after 13 minutes. Had again looked decent but anyone would of struggled against Walcott on this form.

Diouf – 7 for skill, 3 for Attitude
Showed some really good touches and looked to cause problems for Arsenal but his attitude let him down. Stupid foul on Almunia and then spent the next 10 minutes chasing a vendetta. Get on with with Hadj because you are good player when you keep your cool.

Warnock – 6
Had a solid afternoon as usual that was cut short by(another) injury. We’ll need him back sharpish. Was given a tough ride by Walcott when moved to left back but did his best as always.

Aaron Mokoena – 4
Off the pace and looked outclassed in a midfield role.

Zurab Khizanshvilli – 4
See Mokoena, Aaron.

Gamst Pedersen – 5
Not bad. He has had worse days and looked to get into crossing positions when possible but for the love of god, when you have a chance to impact the game, – STAY ON YOUR FEET MORTEN.

Roberts – 5
Was given the square root of naff all help by others and tried his best to hold up play but didn’t have the best of afternoons. Feel sorry for the guy.

Dunn – 5
Tried hard but another one that looked like he needs a few more games to reach full fitness.

McCarthy – 5
Did his fare share of running but was outnumbered everytime he got the ball.

Stupid penalty to give away. Did little else. Not good enough Martin.

Away Fans
Excellent all afternoon. Plenty of numbers and plenty of noise.

We need Warnock and Givet back ASAP for West Ham.

Big Sam got this one a bit wrong I am sad to say. We had 7 defenders on the pitch and it was far too negative and showed too much respect to Arsenal.

If we ‘weren’t scared’ it certainly didn’t look like it.

Sam needs to pick the boys up before we play bogey team West Ham.


23 Replies to “Arsenal Too Good For Depleted Rovers”

  • What an honest assessment Mikey, you are obviously not scum like your manager and half your team. If you don’t understand what I mean read arseblog

  • Thank bseymour but that Arsenal blog is a load of nonsense. The bit where he calls Rovers fans “poxy” is pathetic. Big Sam and the players are not scum at all. They were outplayed yesterday but to call them scum is way off the mark I am afraid.

  • Its the most one-eyed biased rubbish I have every laid my eyes on. Thank you for your compliment Arsenal rob. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  • OK Mikey, I’ll have to admit that diouf didn’t purposely try to break legs, pederson was tripped and you deserved a penalty, Arshavin was telling lies about having enough stitches for a potato sack in his heel and Toures boot was removed by magic. I know arseblog is very loyal and also biased, but he’s usually honest, so I’ll have to accept that he’s a lying, corrupt blogger and never soil my eyes with his trash again. Thanks for the info and I hope you take the yids into the championship with you.

  • bseymour, he is honest in a way. He tells it how he sees it. But I just think he tends to often see it incorrectly and biastly.

  • Honest? he is biased for sure but he is speaking his mind – fair play but his mind cant see past the end of his red nose. And dont worry fella we aint going down. Enough sticthes for a potato sack!?!?thats the kind of exaggerated rubbish that he writes on there!!! lol Your opinion is the same as my opinion – an opinion and yours aint no better than mine dude.

  • So taking your advice i won’t get involved in this one Mikey lol. but cheers for this article its a fair assment of what was a difficult game (i think the player ratings are spot on). i was a bit confused with what Big Sam was doing. maybe he just played it safe (in terms of injuries) with a few players, experimented because he could and really, never expected to come away from Arsenal with anything???

  • Rob, I’ve just accepted everything he writes is incorrect so I apologise to a decent Rovers fan for using him as my example. I would like to know however, other than the stupid comment he made about the Blackburn fans, where in his appraisal you, ArsenalRob, find him “INCORRECT”

  • To be honest bseymour, I have not read this article, as I have long since been put off his blog, so I can not point out any specific examples, but from what I have seen in the past, the type of errors he makes are to do with him letting his excellent passion for Arsenal turn into his only angle. He seems not to discredit our imperfections.

  • not reaaly intersted in stupid blogs, rovers lost fair and square, but it was expected and with the team rovers fielded they wouldnt of beat any of the premiership teams, lets hope these injuries clear up quickly and we adopt a 4-4-2 for the next game, we have to be more positive from the off set in all games and go out to win and not frustrate teams like we attempted but failed miserably at yesterday

  • spot on with player ratings. Simpson really is very good, pretty sure paul ince brought him in without ever seeing him play. Pedersen dive shocking, i think they shuold bring in a rule to cite players for something as obvious as that post game and then have the power to ban them. To be honest i would like pedersen to be dropped and see keith tracey or carlos given a chance. would loved to have seen carlos play there on saturday against a team that is not a physical as most in premier league but he was not even on the bench why?

  • I agree with your ratings Mikey, and to be fair we were shocking. Arsenal are on the up with players returning and for their win in Europe. Based on what Sam said after the match that ‘games like these won’t determine our future’ (as in we probably wouldn’t win) then why didn’t we just go for it instead of having so many defenders playing?? We were unlucky with injuries before and during the game but we didn’t help ourselves – especially Diouf after a good game against Fulham, turns into the villain that everyone says he is. But all things being said, we lost and were fortunate enough that others below us dropped points, and we stayed out of the relegation zone – hopefully our luck is changing for the better.

  • p.s. we’ve got to get rid of Olsson – wasn’t he criticising Ince a few weeks back, now he’s played again and had another shocker!

  • Olsson made the silliest challenge I have seen in years. It is not ideal preperation for playing West Ham though!

  • It sounds like the main doubt is Grella. Apart from that Roque is 50/50 along with Givet. Warnock and Nelly are good to go…

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