Date: 25th January 2010 at 7:32pm
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Rovers striker Benni McCarthy has moved a step closer to the exit door at Ewood Park by skipping two straight training sessions, a move that indicates he has the maturity of a 4 year old wasp.

Rovers have confirmed that a bid has been made for McCarthy by West Ham but have yet to settle a fee with the Londoners for the wantaway hitman…

Big Sam, speaking to Sky Sports said – ‘We are very disappointed with Benni’s non appearance for training and will deal with it separately should he remain here after the transfer window has closed,’

‘We have said all along that we will listen to offers, but only agree to sell if both the commercial and football reasons satisfy Blackburn Rovers. That situation remains unchanged.’

Well done Benni you complete and utter fool.


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  • With the Worl Cup coming up I would have expected Benni to have moved mountains this season – achieve his weight and fitness targets, prove his worth not only to Rovers but his country too! I certainly wouldn’t give him a World Cup place! Let’s get rid and get a striker that actually want to play for Rovers!

  • to be honest can you blame him???
    He has been treated very poorly by rovers for the last 3 seasons, in and out of the team, when its obvious he is our best striker

  • Glen – he supposed to be a prefessional – he gets paid a fortune. The least he can do is lose weight keep fit and show some semblance of loyalty.

  • Yes Glen, to be fair mate I can blame him… he gets paid loads of cash to play for this club and his attitude is shoddy. He should be blamed for behaving like a child….

  • sorry delap i disagree. Benni has been treated like ***** by the club over the last 2 years……i wish him the best of luck

  • How have we treat him like ****?! He was told to lose weight, he didnt bother, so we didnt play him. Then he didnt play a few games because Ince didnt fancy him, a bad call by Ince but he still didnt cover himself in glory did Benni – I fail to see how we have treated him badly. He is good but it dont matter how good you are, missing training coz you want to move is just terrible.

  • Sas. Why has he been treated like *****? He’s constantly failed to meet his weight / get fit and whenever it doesn’t suit him he wants to leave – Benni – just go – lets have some players who want to play for Rovers!

  • Mikey. Sorry for the tirade but I’m just fed up with so called stars that think they are bigger than the club! Lets have more like Ollson, Kallanic and Di Santo who will at least graft for their team – on that note I’ll shut up.

  • I have to agree with it being his attitude rather than how we treated him. This whole move to chelsea a while back (before last season ? memory fails me) egged his ego along and from that point he’s never been the same. He thought he had earned a dream move that was never there in the first place. He was the one who started crying and comfort eating. I loved Benni cause of his enthusiasm but this season aside he had plenty of chances to get back in the side and prove the doubters wrong. Due to his poor attitude he has never gone close to the form we saw from him in his first season. I wish him the best and all but had he left in the right way I would have respected him more.

  • what chances mate? he has been given next to chance this season, same go last season. And when he has come on, he has impressed…..just because he can actually play football, and fat sam would prefer to play a system where the striker actually faces his own goal is a disgrace in its self…..

  • really SAS nothin to add…I agree. Had he scored a treble in any match he could have found himself on the bench the following one.Yes he has just shown a lack of professionalism but till that day he always did his best for blackburn rovers and I’d rather “Fat” Sam leavin than Benni our BEST player…

  • Sorry SAS but Benni couldn’t get on with Paul Ince, He seems to have fallen out with Sam and he fell out with his National team – a common theme perhaps? Ollson and Hoilet are far quicker and show a fair amount of skill to boot – what’s more they (alongside Kallanic and Di Santo) work hard for the team.

  • soo its Sas, Glen and Mike J v Delap, York Rover and Fransavarese lolllll….. Sure, they might be quicker, though hoilet and di santo cant finish, and kalanic, well he finally has found the score sheet through tap ins, but credit to him…….Benni had a blinder v Pompey, then gets dropped to the bench, no matter how good Benni played, he was always dropped…..such a shame!

  • Benni has been made a scapegoat, his scoring record at rovers is impressive, our best performances this season have been when he is on the pitch, and I wish him all the luck and he certianly wont be one booed when he returns to Rovers, I really feel sorry for the guy and he deserves better, His is one of the best strikers in Europe and has the trophys to prove it, Rovers have dropped a bollock

  • No player is bigger than the club, should turn up day in day out as he is on enough money, i dont care how good he is, we pay him, he should put 100% in until he gets picked, END OF

  • Well said Glen……Rover- you got a job yea? If you get treated like *****, arent given the chance to do what you should be doing, what do you do next? End of…. lol…..Massive loss for Rovers…..Sam is the one that needs to be sent packing…

  • Totally agree sas, and some very short memories on ere, Lets just all remember, we are still a premiership club due to Benni’s heroics last season, He took Sam of the poop pile and got sam all the plaudits for rovers staying up, How does Sam repay him???? Drops him, orders him in for fitness training the day after the wigan match when he was simply breathtaking on the day, and does everything in his power to insult him publicly. 3 yrs for a world class player to say enough is enough is loyalty in todays game, and were does this leave Rovers when our only real weapon walks through the doors?

  • Ultimately Benni made his own bed and now he has to sleep in it. A ***** poor attitude gets you know where in life and Benni doesn’t seem to realize he’s not bigger than the club. His selfishness both on and off the field is a detriment to our rebuilding process. He’s a terrible role model for our younger players and can ***** off!!!

  • Wait! Does he have the maturity of a 4 year old insect or a 4 year old White Anglo Saxon Protestant? Let’s clear that up first.

    Also, his troubles didn’t start with Ince. Hughes was dropping him in favor of Roque/J-Rob and Roque/Debryshire the season before Hughes departed. And that was on the heels of Benni’s most productive season at Ewood. Benni is a wonderfully talented player but he clearly has an attitude problem.

  • Benni is a good player ill give u that but his attitude to rovers is *****.Just look at roberts we dont play him that much put does he go on an eating binge, bitch to the press or skip training sessions no he give his 110% day in day out on the pitch or off it.If benni had that attitude he would be playing everyday week but he doesnt and when he pulls a stunt like this he can go f himself.As countless bfore have said no player is bigger than the team

  • He has fallen out with managers at Vigo and Porto as well. If anyone feels this is down to Sam then they are a bit misguided IMO. Benni has always torn up trees when he doesnt get his way. And if he is overweight and not hitting his fitness targets what are managers supposed to do?! Reward him? Benni is good but he is not a special case…. sam prefers players that do as he says, thats his right as manager and fair enough.

  • It’s just typical Benni when you raise a topic on him that there are so many differing opinions but tbh with the whole not turning up to training etc. it’s now the time to offload him before he causes any more disruption. If we can get someone in who has an impact or Kalinic can really step up to the plate along with Di Santo and the other strikers then at the end of the season it will be BENNI WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? That’s football.

  • Im on team Benni with this, we have treated him well unfairly, ince told him to get lost and big sam told him he wouldnt play because he was not a big sam player, even when he did play he showed exactly what he can do! best player on the field for us even though he hasnt scored as many as he would like.

  • Sas you say he hasn’t been given a chance but forget that he gets his chance everyday in training yet he is continually unfit and overweight and he has admitted as much himself. Why should Benni get his game ahead of an honest hardworking player who puts in the effort everyday in training?

  • But Benni DOES play…. he has played quite a lot recently when Dunn has been out of the side. And despite some brilliance he has scored one goal, which by his standards is poor.

  • Just a final thought from me – how would other managers have reacted to our Benni?? Arry Rednap flipped his lid when a few Spuds players had a Chritmas party without telling him (personally I think that had more to do with the fact he wasn’t invited but still), Fergies ‘hair-dryer’ would surely have blow an fuse! Shearer showed no tolerence at Newcastle. No club or manager could possibly tolerate a blatant challenge to authority.

  • Well Zola wants him, and Zola is one of the best footballers to ever grace english soil, and if zola thikns he is quality and West ham plus half the prem wanted him then it shows what a bad move for rovers this really is.
    I suppose Di Santo is the man eh??? wi his one fluky goal for the club so far, Or will it be a miss alot roberts??
    Or maybe its Kalinic in the words of Sam “Not ready for regurlar action yet” who is gonna keep us up.
    Perhaps we should ask garner if he wants a game whilst we are loking around for pensioners to replace nearly pensioners

  • The guy is a comnplete arse wipe!!! Why are we discussing him?? We’ve had better players and lost better players…we’re still here and 3 points behind Fulham who are most peoples “Team of the season”…

  • Hang on – Benni is a great talent – no one is disputing that. But he doesn’t want to play for us. He has always been looking for a move elsewhere. Unfortunately for him no one wanted him at the time… now West Ham are knocking he can’t wait to leave. (Again!) Thanks for the goals Benni, good luck and see ya later – lets move on.

  • Glen mate, miss a lot roberts has scored more than Benni this season so thats out the window and Kalinic has scored more overall than Benni and Di Santo has the same amount in the league. I really don’t see what we are losing here bar a player with great talent but without the application to take advantage of it and he has to be havinga bad influence on the dressing room by not showing up and disrespecting his team mates like that. If the point that Benni hasn’t played much this season then it means we are where we are without him anyway so him going won’t change our season. I think this is another stick for the anti Allardyce brigade to beat him with.

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