Date: 6th March 2009 at 1:01pm
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Blackburn Rovers boss Sam Allardyce has warned Benni McCarthy he is risking his Ewood Park career as a result of a continually poor diet.

Allardyce and his staff took recent fitness tests on all of the Rovers players and the talented yet tempremental star was found to be carrying too much weight for his size.

McCarthy has been took to one side and told to sort it out.

Allardyce has always taken a massive interest in technology and in the fitness of his players. There is a risk that Benni culd be moved to the reserves till he gets his waistline back under control.

Questions have been raised over the last few weeks why Benni hasn’t played as much as we thought – here appears to be the answer.


10 Replies to “Benni Told To Shape Up Or Shift Out”

  • Still it is strange…he suddenly score 5 or so goals in about 9 games…and then suddenly this?? It just happened overnight…

  • wouldnt worry too much about his diet, big sam needs to pull his finger out and get benni playing or he is gonna get us relagated, benni is a goalscorer and one we need in the team, never drop a forward who is on form, and thats what big sam has done, i just hope he has not knocked the4 confidence out of benni he was showing, Bad diet or no bad diet he needs to be in that 1 – 11

  • I think the hard line approach is one that benni needs. The lack of discipline that Jughes showed him was the reason he lost his attitude last time out I reckon.

  • if he’s not doing the work, he shouldn’t play. never mind how he feels, what about the other blokes who work their arses off, only to see tubby benni get a start? i really can’t see him getting fit stopping him from playing well!

  • Very strange all round. Isn’t Benni meant to be fighting to get fit and selected for South Africa 2010? Wonder what’s going on there. Here’s to hoping Big Sam gives him the reality check he needs and he gets his head back in the game.

  • Didn’t we have this a while back, he then went on a scoring spree, all looked happy and then nothing again!!!

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