Date: 12th May 2007 at 12:42pm
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Another day brings yet more speculation regarding the future of Blackburn Rovers striker Benni McCarthy.

In an in-depth interview in the Sun, McCarthy is quoted as saying as much as he has enjoyed his time with Rovers basically we can’t offer him what he wants, so he would leave to sign for Chelsea, or any other Champions League club in England or Spain.

So here is what he told the Sun:

I miss Champions League football. When I’m at home in the week watching the Champions League on TV and hear that music it makes me realise that there’s a part of my football make-up that is missing.

“The challenge of being part of the best, playing against the best. Champions League football means everything to any footballer with ambitions.

“I’ve enjoyed playing for Blackburn – and the manager and his staff are first-class. The club is really friendly and professional.

“But at 29 years old, if a club like Chelsea comes looking for you then you must seriously consider the opportunity.

“Not necessarily from a financial perspective but from a point of view where you can win trophies and compete against the AC Milan’s and Barcelona’s of this world. I can only talk about things that are certain, not about maybes.

“But a chance to go to Chelsea – or any other Champions League team in England or Spain – would be hard to turn down

The £2.5 million fee paid last season would almost certainly be at least doubled if we sold him in the summer, but with no need to do so (financially from out point) we would not be looking to. However, McCarthy (again allegedly) feels that he has repaid the clubs faith in him by bringing him to England with his goal, and this substantial fee would be reward.

He added:

Blackburn gave me my chance and even though it was not a big transfer fee, I trust that I have already paid them back with my commitment and goals this season.

“If I end up being sold by Blackburn and they make a good profit, fantastic, they deserve it.

“The people at the club and the fans are great

McCarthy has been linked with three of the top four clubs in this country (Arsenal the only one not linked with him) but a move to join forces again with Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, with whom he worked with at Porto, has seemed the most likely, and appears his favoured move.

He finished by saying:

Mourinho has coached me. We won things together and he really knows me inside out.

“If he ever were to sign me again, it would be because he knows exactly what he’s getting and that I’ve managed to settle down in England quite quickly.

“It would be a big challenge to win a regular start in a club like Chelsea but why shouldn’t I have confidence in my own abilities? I know I can compete with the best

I know that things can be taken out of context but it’s not looking too promising is it. This is something that I feared happening but then started to relax again, but maybe it is time for us to start thinking about who Sparky will buy to replace him this summer!

If McCarthy does go would I feel he has repaid the faith paid in him by the club? He’s scored plenty of goals, and helped to again raise our profile as everyone around the world knows Benni McCarthy, but I would have to say NO!

I know it could probably be unfair to say this but repaying the faith the club showed in him would see him staying and make good on his early aspirations of what he wanted from the club. You can understand where he is coming from but if what he is all to often quoted as saying recently (and not just here) is true his early feeling had long since passed?



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  • It wouldn’t be a major surprise if he left in the summer but would (for me anyway) not repay too much faith showed in him when we signed him after over a year of trying. How we got him for so little, and how we did over these “bigger clubs” I don’t know but where has his early love for the club gone?!?! Again what is printed and what is true can be different.

  • In all honesty, as good as Benni is does he really think that he will get ANYWHERE near as much game time with Chelsea as he does with Rovers? Is Champions League Football REALLY worth this? I’d feel mighty let down by Benni if he left guys I have to say.

  • I’d definitely feel almost devastated if Benni left us… look at Bellamy he’s wasted himself since going to Liverpool. It’s about time someone showed a bit of loyalty to Sparky. This story’s made me feel sad again!

  • Know what you mean Bents4eng, was full of optimisum start of the week, draw with Spurs saw me lose this a little but Bents being called up for England (all be it B level) saw it rise again. The success with which the Vital Blackburn end of Season Awards had started cheered me up even more. This news has saddend me. It will not only leave me devastated if he left but most definitely let down.

  • Hughes said a few days ago that there are’nt any release clauses in the squad THIS summer. Hope we wont see him leaving…..

  • I think it is unlikely any bids will come in for him anyway. Obviously if none come in he can’t demand a move and I think this will be the scenario. I too feel a tad hurt about this and his comments. He has always spoken of his delight and enjoyment whilst being at Blackburn, despite an undertone that would suggest he is looking for something bigger, and am therefore surprised by some of his comments. I honestly do believe though that the sun have manipulated the context. If they were to publish the questions as well i think it would paint a different picture. I dont actually think Benni is saying he wants to leave, he is merely talking realisitcally. I think he will still be at Ewood next season.

  • I HOPE you are right roversman. I know exactly what you mean, they (the Sun!) almost ALWAYS manipulate things don’t they. I was 100% convinced we’d see him (and the others) at Rovers again next season but thel ieks of the Sun keep putting doubts in my mind, and now I’m right back down to 50:50 belief either way.

  • I skipped over the bit about the sun as I read it on the bbc website earlier… That is reassuring news indeed as the sun is full of tossers (must have been a slow news day)!

  • I got the quotes from sky sports, but they said it was printed in the sun, well said he was quoted as telling the sun, which I assume means the whole thing?!?!

  • Don’t think you’ve much to worry about the ‘big boys’ are always looking for proven strikers on the cheap. As shown with Neil, Hughes knows how to fight his corner and (with no buy out clause?) you’d probably be able to buy Ronaldinho using the chavs blood money

  • Good point Phartman87, if Sparky digs his heels in he is not a man that will be bullied into anything. The ONLY way he will be forced to sell Benni is if their is the clause in place.

  • After the hunchback of Cardiff fiasco last year there’s no way Benni has a buy out clause which IMO means you’re forced to endure another few years of old Benedict McCarthy, how will you manage?

  • Benni’s LOVE for the club was obvious early in his time here, but this seems to have dried up since he was “rested” for a few games (amid claims he had fallen out with Sparky) before scoring the winner against Arsenal in the Cup. I hope it’s just media speculation, we’ll soon find out. As for clauses you would think we SHOULD have learned wouldn’t you! I’m sure we’ll somehow manage if he stays 🙂

  • Well, given those choices Chalky he wont be Joining Spuds either and Dimi the uber god will be leaving, along with Defoe, so you will be needing a striker or 2!

  • I’m truely touched by your concern BomBom, luckily we’re so financially stable we’ve no need to sell. Even in the unlikely event we do £40mil will be enough to buy a more then adequate replacement so rest assured we’re gonna be alright!

  • chalky – You’ll probably not be seeing Champions League at White Hart Lane for a long time either (other than on a big screen!) so don’t be giving it all that mate!

  • BomBom/Phartman – I agree that it could be VERY hard for Spurs to keep Berbatov, maybe they will for one more season?!?! You may well be financial secure (don’t for one minute think Rovers NEED to sell as we DON’T!) but if the conveyor belt at Spurs keeps seeing players (and your best ones at that) come and go you’ll NEVER bridge that gap no matter how much money you have!

  • Don’t understand where this notion that spurs are a ‘selling club’ has come from, the only guy that’s left since Judas (that aint’t crap) was carrick and his heart wasn’t in it anyway. Consecutive top 5 finishes coupled with a ‘sizeable’ war chest, don’t think the gap will be as big as you might think in the next few years

  • Not saying you are a selling club mate, but if the top, top players you have move on it’s no good is it? Maybe this gap won’t be as big as a lot might think but on the other hand it might not be as small as many Spurs fans could think either?!?! The top four will still take some catching by ANYONE!

  • Zurab, Neill, half of Arsenal vital football, chalky from tottenham and now McCarthy, my recent addition to the GET SUFFED LIST. I think its a joke and a slap in the face to Sparky, the players, and the fans. Sparky took a gamble and it payed of, now he wants to leave. He can officiallu GET STUFFED and warm the bench wherever he goes

  • Calm down sasman, I FULLY hear where you are coming from and even if he doesn’t actually want a move (maybe, as is VERY possible the newspaper manipulated his comments in such a way?) to say things along the lines that he did is indeed a slap in the face to us all. But as much as I agree with a lot of you “get stuffed’s” to people, especially chalky 🙂 LOL let’s give Benni a little benefit of the doubt for now, IF he moves on then maybe it will be more fitting but just at the moment lets reserve this call.

  • I no. You have a point hughesy but its just really frustrating. Like we are on a good thing here and to hear comments like this its just devestating for the clubs and its ambitions

  • It’s frustrating, devastating and would show a total lack of loyalty no matter how many goals he’s scored and how much we might get for him, so i know exactly what you mean dude.

  • We certainly don’t want to lose Benni but if he really wanted to go I would rather he did, you only want players with you that will give their all, and as much as I hate what Lucas Neill did he kept giving his all, not something I feel Benni will do if he decides he wants out but we won’t let him go until we are ready (as we did with Neill). If Benni goes we’ll get that replacement, I have complete faith in Sparky, just hope we don’t waste too much time on no shows like we did Mido last summer before we finally got our man in Benni.

  • Should give him the incentive, but Champions League football is where it’s at for him, and he’ll have to wait another year for that with Rovers 😉

  • It seems to be changing from week to week though doesn’t it Mikey?!?! Sparky is ADEMENT he is going nowhere and feels these quotes are “cherry picked from Portuguese press” and used as the papers see fit.

  • I do think this is a lot of paper talk but if he want to go let him, I dont want a player to play for Rovers if he’s not happy, I dont want him to go that would be stupid but if wants to sit on the bench at Stamford Bridge and we can get a shed load of money then see ya Benni.

  • the sun is nothing more than bog roll i bet they made half this up! i think we will see benni in a rovers shirt next year but if he leaves he can ***** himself dirty ungrateful ***** cos hughes took him off the bench at porto and gave him regular football in the prem no less and he would pay him back by leavin!

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