Date: 12th March 2009 at 9:27am
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Blackburn Rovers manager Sam Allardyce has spoken out in defence of Keith Andrews following his rise in importance to our Premier League relegation battle.

Andrews has seen a split of opinion on him since his arrival at Ewood Park under former Rover manager Paul Ince (when he brought the midfielder in from his former club Milton Keynes Dons.) However, the Republic of Ireland International (as he has come since moving to Ewood) has become a regular in Allardyce’s side and he has identified Andrews as a key figure to our relegation battle and feels he is only being snubbed by many due to the fact that he came to Rovers from a League One side and not a glittering more world renowned name.

Allardyce said: “I don’t know why – perhaps because he came from MK Dons rather than from Lazio I suppose.

“It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you’re good enough and talented enough you can play. I think he’s had a first season that has perhaps been a lot better than he imagined – he’s been involved a lot more and he’s learning every week.

“He knows he still has a lot to learn but he’s got the enthusiasm and the drive and the desire to help get us out of this position and with goals at the end of that, that’s really what you’re looking for.

Many viewed his signing as Ince looking out for an old friend, but Incey always maintained that was not the case and for Big Sam to be using Andrews it certainly means that this can’t be the case. Andrews is a typical Big Sam type of player, so he will continue to feature prominently for the remainder of this season at least.

Had Andrews arrived at Ewood from a team like Lazio (as Big Sam mentioned) then no one would have cared or batted an eyelid, so in a way it is snobbery that was/is seeing him dismissed so easily by so many. Personally I’m not convinced that he has the quality to be a regular in the starting XI week-in-week-out next season, however, Andrews is exactly what we need at the moment and will continue to make an excellent squad member in the years ahead as swell.


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12 Replies to “Big Sam’s Praise For Andrews”

  • Andrews isn’t the best footballer in the world but he isn’t the worst either. Personally I feel he has been treated unfairly, if he is good enough for Big Sam, he is good enough for me!!!

  • There are plenty that are gonna have a pop here but for his limited talent I think he has done a great job of holding things together. Well done Keith!

  • i really think, he has been given more than enough chances to impress and he is just not good enough, he cant tackle, or pass and does not do anything to pose a threat on the opposition, too many games pass him by and although injuries have meant he plays more often than was expected, i cant see him holding down a regurlar place next season

  • He can tackle, he can pass, although he isn’t the most positive of passers, but I’m more than happy for him to give the ball to Tugay or Dunn most of the time. I think I said this when Mikey (?) put up an article in his defence, it’s still his first season in the premiership so give him a chance to adapt. It’s a big step up and it might take a year or two until he’s really figured it out. No, he’s not Rover’s best in the centre, but he probably covers as much ground as anyone else in blue & white, so we can’t ask any more than that really.

  • I dont think it is a case of adjusting his ability. More to do with getting as much Premier League coaching under his belt as possible. I have not been thrilledwith his output this season but I am certainly not upset with it at all. He has been there when needed.

  • Also… he’s scored more goals this season in the league (2) than anyone else in our midfield apart from Warnock (3). Emo also has 2 (one in the carling cup). Dunn has 1, Tugay 1, Diouf 1, and (no surprise) Gamst 0.

  • Good god Gamst pull your finger out!

    Had Dunny stayed fit I think he would be waying in with more than 5 for sure…

  • I think he has to be judged next season – he has come from another division where the football isnt as good, so of course he is still learning…but at least he stays fit, unlike our higher profile names – ie Dunn and Grella, who if fit along with Emerton would make up the midfield u would think anyway… but Andrews has done a good job in wot is effectivley his 1st season in a new league – if the boy was from Brazil u would say this was his bedding in season- so why no give the hard working lad a chance?!?!?

  • I think a reporter from Setanta sport described him rather well: ” Its not that he’s bad….he’s just not that good”

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