Date: 11th September 2006 at 9:02am
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Following a recent question from Vital Blackburn Rovers member Simon Garner Legend regarding the FA Cup I decided to do a little investigating…

Simon Garner Legend posted a comment in regard to the most consecutive FA Cup Final victories in the forum recently asking:

Are we the only team to win it three times in a row? If not there can’t be many others!

Sadly this isn’t a record that Rovers, a founding member of the Football League, can claim as their own… They can however claim a co-hold on this as only one other side, Wanderers FC have won the FA Cup over three consecutive years!

Granted, Rovers’ hat-trick of consecutive Cup Final victories would come in 1884, 1885 and 1886, which may well be well over a hundred years ago when the tournament would be less competitive but the fact that they won the World’s most famous competition three years running can never be taken away.

Wanderers FC’s three consecutive FA Cup Final wins would come even earlier 1876, 1877 and 1878, a time when the FA Cup would be even less competitive, as little as twelve clubs entering at times.

Rovers haven’t won the FA Cup since 1928, only making the Final once since then, the 1960 Cup Final when they suffered a 3-0 defeat to Wolverhampton Wanders, but the three consecutive victories is a record they can co-hold nevertheless, and one almost certainly to remain co-held with Wanderers FC for the rest of time.

As well as winning the FA Cup three years running, Wanderers FC (1873 and 1874) and Rovers (1890 and 1891) have also won the FA Cup back to back. Newcastle United (1951 and 1952), Tottenham Hotspur (twice, 1961 and 1962 and 1981 and 1982) and most recently Arsenal (2002 and 2003) have also managed to win back-to-back FA Cup’s.

Wanderers FC, Rovers and Tottenham can also stake a claim to being the only clubs to have won back to back cups more than once.

Several teams Old Etonians (1875 and 1876), Scottish side Queens Park (1884 and 1885, both against Rovers), Derby County (1898 and 1899), Newcastle United (twice, 1905 and 1906 and 1998 and 1999), Manchester United (1957 and 1958) and Everton (1985 and 1986) have had the misfortune of being the losing Finalist two years running.

By holding aloft the FA Cup six times, Rovers are joint sixth with Newcastle in the table for most wins, with Newcastle also the unluckiest side, having lost seven-cup finals! Manchester United currently have the most Cup triumphs with eleven, closely followed by Arsenal with ten.

I hope that this has been informative for you; I’d suggest this more than answers your question Simon Garner Legend. Next challenge please…

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