Date: 18th October 2009 at 3:01pm
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Just dropping in the first media story, with injury time still to be played,


Early goal to Blake was all Burnely had, with Dunn, Di Santo and Chimbonda scoring for Rovers, and home grown boy, David Dunn picking up the Man of the Match award, with the Faithful bursting into chants of Dunny for England!!

Late consolation goal to scum….Match report to follow when i wake up! unless Mikey gives us a on the scene report!!!

Sas!! A happy Aussie of to bed!!


16 Replies to “Blackburn Own East Lancashire!!!!”

  • hopefully more to comeee!!! ahahaha the dinglesss. its quiet on vital burnely….wonder why….must be having some consolation loving with their mothers and sisters

  • It´s long time since I was so nervous before a game. It only took 4 minuts
    for the basterds to score. Though I have never been more sure that we would come back. I trust our players and they did a hell of job out there today. This was an important victory!
    I got myself into writing loads of words of Gamst Pedersens promise in the start of the season,and my lack of patience, but I deleted it. I won´t start with it on a day like this 😛
    Are you Winners avin some pints tonight? I have never wished for 16 pints with a bunch of *****ers (burnley fans). But the match today showed us the difference between winners and *****ers 😛

  • Great win! What more is there to say? I thought all the lads did us proud – and a great game for Di Santo and Dunn especially. As I couldn’t get to Ewood, I was watching with a scum fan – and it made the day even better! I hope I haven’t made any mistakes in this message as I’m well drunk!

  • GEEEEEEEEETTTTTTT INNNNNNN!!!!!! Come on baby! 3-2 and a totally 100% deserved victory. Dunny was fricking awesome but then so were Di Santo, Chimbo, Dioufy, Nelsen and Samba. A great great day and WHAT AN ATMOSPHERE!

  • F**king Awesome, 3 points in the bag, great performance overall and worthy winners. Anyone else get nervous in last few mins, my heart was going ten to the dozen.

  • We really didnt need that last 4 minutes or so but we saw the game out. We didnt need to be in that position but it was of our own making after sloppy marking for Eagles goal. But its the result that ALWAYS counts in these games…

  • yeah havent really heard too much from the dingles but that was expected.

    hopefully we can get atleast something from the next 2 games ill even take a point from 6 oor even 2 good performances and no points

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