Date: 5th January 2007 at 10:42am
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Today’s rumour mill is linking Manchester United with a potential surprise move for in form Blackburn Rovers winger David Bentley.

The Daily Mirror is reporting that should United boss Sir Alex Ferguson miss out on his long term Bayern Munich and England International transfer target Owen Hargreaves then Bentley’s form this, and last season might have caught his eye with a £5 million bid an option?

22-year-old Bentley has been a revelation since his loan move to Ewood Park from Arsenal was made permanent twelve months ago being in fine form for Rovers this season scoring a string of fantastic (and vital!) goals which have brought him into the mentioning for an England squad place. His hat trick at Ewood in last season’s 4-3 win and his form this season are believed to have caught the attention of Fergie.

If linked to a club like United (which with all due respect to Tottenham Hotspur who were previously linked with Bentley would be more appealing) it is bound to turn your head and maybe this could be an option down the line but do people really see this happening now? Would Bents really want to give up a guaranteed first team place with Rovers on the up and a potential England place on the horizon even with the chance of playing for one of Europe’s top club sides in the offering…

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21 Replies to “Blackburn’s Bentley for Man United!”

  • Bents could play for Man United (or a team of their stature) I don’t doubt this but can’t see it happening yet. We have no need to sell and the player has no desire to leave at the moment so why give up guaranteed first team football even for United???

  • Great minds govtpros, great minds… But lets rephrase that slightly I don’t want people thinking I copied the story here! Obviously the outline has come from the Mirror but I’ve re-written it in my way adding my own bits.

  • Money, Prestige, Doesn’t have to move home, would he really struggle to get in there first team? £5 million though… I’d be expecting a more Duff like figure espesially as he’s just signed permanantley. Lets just hope they get Hargreaves? althou totally different midfielders!

  • That what I thought when they said “alternative” to Hargreaves, still find it odd that United signed Carrick yet still want Hargreaves anyway, but hey thats there worry! £5 million is a cheap, so we would be looking for at least £10! I genuinely think he would find it hard to command a first team place regularly for a year or so anyway so if he has to move on at some point why not wait and see what happens?

  • He scored a hat-trick at Ewood, not Old Trafford. Otherwise I don’t think a winger could be an alternative of a defensive midfielder. He’s good but Rovers are better for him right now.

  • At Spurs he would have to fight with Lennon, which he would probably lose. At Man.U he would be in competition with Ronaldo (when Fergie plays him on the right). He would be an asset to Man.U with Ronaldo down the left, but I cannot see this happening. I think the Mirror are just publishing things just to sell papers, there is probably zero truth in the story.

    Why would United pay 5-10 million for Bentley, when they could get a foreigner for a small fee. (Unless he has a get-out clause)

  • Having a get out clause wouldn’t surprise me… but I hope not as we don’t want this to be our downfall again. He’d be an asset to United as a squad player for the short term then a probable regular in the long term. To get a player of Bents quality even if a foreigner they have to pay £5-£10 million wouldn’t they? Look at Evra and Vidic they were £5 million plus each. Plus if they’ll pay £17-£20 million for Hargreaves they have money to burn. It’s more than likely rubbish as you say anyway to sell papers hence the “today’s rumour mill” opening.

  • I agree with Wellsy, this is just the Mirror drumming up a story in what has so far been a quiet transfer window. I can’t see Fergie considering Bents as a suitable option if he misses out on Hargreaves, the two are different players. Although, as Bents is more than capable of playing on the left or right, maybe he sees him as a replacement for Giggs.

  • Wouldn’t disagree Cardiff Rover papers have to write something to sell so why not take a player in form and put him in with United, you could argue the same applies here, but this is done to get us talking and its doing just that. Plus we OFTEN use point of view articles on here aswell which make for great reading and offer A LOT of opinion and ask for others in return. This move might happen but can’t see it happening this month. Nor would I disagree about Bents being an “alternative” to Hargreaves as they are TOTALY different players.

  • If this is true it would be stupid for Bentley to move to Utd, yes of course a lot of players want to play for the bigger teams in europe but it would moving back into the same situation that forced him to leave Arsenal wouldn’t it, how would he get in team ahead of Ronaldo??

  • (If true being the key words indeed) He wouldn’t out Ronaldo or Giggs. As I say in the long term he’d probably have a role to play in the immediate future he would be in EXACTLY the same position as he was at Arsenal.

  • This is not gonna happen. If they did sign him he would play in the middle as a long term replacement for Scholes. But I think deep down he knows he is not ready for this and by every thing he says in interviews he is very happy with life at Ewood Park.

  • This is just papers filling in space. He was linked with a move to West Ham and people started talking about that as though it is a done deal. It is all rubbish done to unsettle an in form player. Bentley won’t leave just like Gamst won’t!! Nice for Bentley to be linked with Utd though…lets hope it doesn’t go to his head

  • Thats a worry isn’t it, people get linked with teams like United and it does just that goes straight to the old Barnet amking you think you are bigger and/or better than you are… Sure it won’t happen with Bents, maybe a few years back it would but Sparky has settled him down and levelled him out.

  • I wish someone would write comments about me in the Mirror so I could get a new contract! Personnally think he’d be daft to go yet, however, we’ve lost bigger players and coped in the past.

  • Indeed he is. Another example of how the transfer system can be used to manipulate new contracts. He prob does deserve one though

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