Date: 22nd February 2007 at 1:52pm
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After Blackburn Rovers fans were outraged by the £32 Bolton Wanderers were charging Rovers fans for the visit to the Reebok Stadium they have agreed to lower the price… slightly!

The club have just sent me another press release (below) detailing this.


BLACKBURN Rovers are pleased to announce that Bolton have decided to revise their prices for the forthcoming fixture between the two clubs at the Reebok Stadium.

Bolton will now open the lower tier in the away end and the cost of tickets will be £24 for the Premiership match.

Under 16s will be charged £12 and senior citizens will pay £18 for the game which takes place at 1.35pm, Sunday, March 4.

Any Rovers fans who have previously bought £32 tickets for the upper tier can exchange them at the Ewood Park ticket office for the lower price tickets and an £8 refund.

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6 Replies to “Bolton Lower Rovers Prices”

  • £24 is better than the original outrageous £32 they were asking so it’s something. But would it really have hurt the club to have not lowered prices to the £15 Rovers offered to all fans (Bolton included!) for the match at Ewood earlier in the season? I guess at the end of the day Bolton can charge what they want, but the cheaper the better chance of a larger crowd surely. Maybe keeping the Rovers fans away though is part of their ploy!?!?

  • This is the difference between the clubs… our average gate isn’t a lot smaller that Notlob’s… but we are more community and fan orientated… it’s Jack’s Legacy.. The Horwich Ladies just want to fleece their fans and make money… no sole!

  • Bolton do get praise but shouldn’t get as much for me as money seems to mean more to them! We let them in for fifteen quid this season they wanted to charge us thrity two… eventually lowered to twenty four which fair play they didn’t but have. I guess if they do it too cheap for us they’ll have to lower for their own fans which I’m not sure they are?

  • This is a bit silly. Why dont Bolton just charge £15 quid all round… didnt they see how that made things awesome last time??? Or are they just greedy and selfish????

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