Date: 2nd March 2010 at 6:15pm
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Something that wrangles on me a little bit this afternoon is a comment that was made, mainly in passing, by England boss Fabio Capello.

His assertion is that Stephen Warnock has improved as a player since his move to Aston Villa.

Now this is not a stab on Villa or his form for his current club, Warnock has been about as reliable and hard working as anyone in the second City.

But it is quite patently obvious that Fabio paid very little attention to his form or his performances when Stephen donned the blue and white of Blackburn Rovers.

Stephen was outstanding during his time at the club, whether he played in his regulation left back spot or in a less familiar central midfield role.

Now, the main point I am trying to make here is that the only thing that has improved since Warnock’s move to Aston is the publicity his performances receive – Villa are a higher profile club and are involved in more high profile matches so if Stephen plays well it is noticed more than when he did the same at Ewood Park.

It really annoys me that big footballing figures such as pundits/managers and now the England boss just go with the general consensus or the accepted cliche that gets bandied about.

Stephen Warnock has not improved since he moved to Aston Villa in the summer, he has just maintained the same high level of performance.

I know it is difficult to accept that clubs such as Rovers have/had good players but to give us some sort of credit seems to be on the same level as giving the devil his due nowadays.

I have no doubt that Stephen is a top quality left back and a worthy replacement for Wayne Bridge/Ashley Cole in the England ranks. He deserves a crack at it as he was more than good enough when he played for ‘little old us’.

Come on Fabio, I thought you knew better and did your homework.

Why can’t people stop being so blind and ignorant?


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  • Hey up, just popping over from vital Spurs, have to say you’re spot on, he was a cracking player for Blackburn. The only thing I can say in Capello’s defence is that until this season he’s not really had to think about left backs all too much. Ashley Cole was dead cert, followed by Bridge (though I don’t rate him that highly personally). I personally think that Capello needs to rethink who he takes to the world cup. Leave the celebrity boys at home and take the likes of Warnock who keeps his head down game after game. I’d be delighted if we won the world cup, obviously, but looking at the paper the next day, imagine thinking to yourself “ergh, John Terry has helped to make me happy”.

  • Two thoughts. First, this means Warnock was justified in leaving the Rovers for the marginally larger stage of AV. Second, as a Yank, I hope you leave Warnock in England for the world cup. The american midfielders do not have the defensive savvy to pick up a forward pressing defender off the flanks.

  • Good shout Dominator – bar Hart I dont think there has been a better English keeper this season… and why do people always use a msitake to highlight why he shouldnt be included, every keeper makes mistakes. Robbo has done well in 2010.

  • I’ll be honest Warnock hasn’t played well since his injury , but being at a Club the size of Villa has helped him keep himself in the limelight .
    I’ll give Fabio his due he does his homework outside the *****e hole know as London, mind you Londons top two clubs don’t have any English players now do they

  • I suppose David “Calamity” James never makes any mistakes?? The problem is with top class goalkeepers is that they are remembered for their mistakes rather than their saves (apart from Gordon Banks vs Pele) Robbo should be going to the World Cup coz his performances in the last 10 games have been excellent!
    I hope Joe Hart fulfills his potential but lets all remember Chris Kirkland & Scott Carson who were both set to be Englands number one and flattered to decieve.
    As for Warnock wherever he has played he has been consistant even at Liverpool, but its the same with Friedel, Liverpools loss was our gain with both players.
    As for Whine Bridge he is one of the most over rated players in the Premier League and im glad he isnt going to the world cup, its about time Warnock got what he deserved and was in that England team!!!

  • Reminds me of Alan Hansen before the Villa – Utd cup final at the weekend. He said that Warnock had “lost his way when he went to Blackburn” and now that he is at Villa he is a much better player and fulfilling the potential he had at Liverpool! Now, I dont’t usually shout at the T.V., but I had a rant for about 20 mins at the stupid f***er for that!!

  • Article is spot on. O’Neill wouldn’t have spent that sort of money unless he was playing so well at Rovers. The only thing that has changed is the increased exposure Warnock now gets, rightly or wrongly. With so many potential England players at VP, Capello will have seen a lot more of Warnock. I must admit I am surprised that Paul Robinson hasn’t been called up.

  • Bridge won’t play with Terry in the same team. Capello won’t drop Terry, so what’s the next best thing? Who’s the next best left back? Warnock. But i don’t give a ***** cause he’s no longer blue and white… haha

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