Date: 10th October 2008 at 10:10am
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Just how did Carlos Villanueva fare in our hottest topic of the year, read to find out….

In our brand new, hot spanking segment, Hot or Not, we recently put the vote out to the public in our forums, has Carlos Villanueva turned out to be a HOT signing, or NOT!!!!

The VBERS have spoken, with Carlos Villanueva officially being proclaimed as HOT. His silky football skills, confidence on the ball, and a deadly left boot convinced 84 percent of voters to vote him as HOT.

Hot 11 Votes – [84.62%]

Not 0 Votes – [0%]

Need more time to decide 2 Votes – [15.38%]

Only 2 people still need convincing, which im sure will happen in the next few games, hopefully convincing Ince to splash out the reported 4-5 million to confirm his signing.

So who is next up in HOT or NOT!!!!

Paul Robinson!!!!!

Head to the forums and place your vote!!


Officially proclaiming Carlos Villanueva as HOT

And Mikey….as NOT!!!


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