Date: 31st August 2007 at 11:53am
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The transfer rumour mill is in over-drive, however, it is making a normally drab Friday interesting even if we aren`t going to buy anyone. Or are we?

A rumour that has surfaced this morning has seen fans of Rovers, Man United and Tottenham scrambling simultaneously for more information.

It is being reported that Rovers are set to sign Jermaine Defoe from Tottenham as he was in the stands at last night`s UEFA Cup tie. Reports anticipate that he will conclude his deal to sign for Blackburn today.

This has in turn stoked another fire with whispers of a transfer to Manchester United for Benni McCarthy. In a desperate attempt to attach some credulous to this weak story, it is being suggested that Jason Roberts` display of sullen disgruntlement following last nights game is because he was informed that his best friend will be sold to United.

Added to this the fact that Benni didn`t appear to be at Ewood last night and there is the makings of a solid rumour!

My guess that this is just a ploy to get Rovers, Spurs and United fans whipped up in a frenzy of excitement.

However, if it is true, how do we feel about losing last season`s top goal-scorer but gaining the ability of an England international goal poacher, easily capable of twenty plus goals a season, despite his lavish baggage?

Additionally, as a footnote this has once again roused the Gamst to Tottenham rumours which intrinsically brings about Rovers desire to sign Tom Huddlestone, whom Hughes is a keen admirer of. It sounds very much like a messy web of rumours and potential deals


25 Replies to “Could Blackburn Be Buying?”

  • I rate Huddlestone, have done since his Derby days and Defoe would be a decent replacement for Benni, wasnt sold on Rigters last night so maybe but I dont see where Gamst figures in all this tho. He is Deffo staying IMO, the other deals are a possibility tho, lets wait n see!

  • If Benni left for Manure then Defoe would be a GREAT replacement. If it happened I will have to eat my words as I told SOOO many people this would NEVER happen!!!

  • I would say MacCarthy wasn’t featured as he was being rested for the game against City. Roberts looks disgrunted as he knows he is down the pecking order behind Cruz and MacCarthy and wants, nay, expects, first team football. I can see him going to Fulham in an 11th hour transfer. I don’t Defoe would get a instant starting place, and he will be bench warming at Ewood. Huddlestone has a good long range shot on him, not really seen him play to comment any further.

  • Can’t see the Pedersen one or the Huddlestone one (even though he is a very good player). This whle thing with Roberts, McCarthy and Defoe sounds a bit fishy. The media have blown it all out of proportion… McCarthy in my eyes wasnt on the bench because we were rotating… enough said.

  • I’m not sure if my mate is winding me up but he is in Blackburn today and has text me to say that there is a black range rover parked near Ewood with D1 FOE written on the number plate…. he could be winding me up. I’ll try and find out when I can…. dont really mean to alarm anyone by the way!!!!

  • Don’t get me wrong I was justr reporting the ‘facts’ guys. I too believe Benni wasn’t involved because of his yellow card. Plus Fergie has now come out and said that he won’t be signing anyone. Still this defoe link does continue to grow!

  • I would take defoe over mccarthy any day. Defoe is younger, has a greater work ethic, and i think would fit perfectly in our squad. Huddlestone would be a great purchase if it is done

  • i would take Defoe over Benni as well, he’s younger and could easily score at least 20+ goals if given a starting line up. Huddlestone will be a good central midfielder but would we lose cover on the left if he were to be included in any swap deal with Pederson??

  • Clint- ur right. Besides, I’m not sure either Treacy or Peter can be better than Pedersen….Also- can’t see any other decent wingers to replace him (perhaps J. Thomas?!?!)

  • Has anyone though it might be Defoe in for Roberts???? Or am i just making that up???? Oh i dont know whats going on this all so confusing!!!!

  • Could be mate. Not a bad shout. Roberts to Fulham for £4mill and defoe in as the extra striker! We would have some firepower then!

  • I know what you mean.. some times I think Hughes prefers the steady approach ver mass change so we’ll have to be bored I reckon but you never know….

  • defoe for roberts. Leaves us with mccarthy, santa, defoe, derbyshire, rigters. id put a years pay on saying thats the best striker force in the prem league

  • would love to have Defoe was he really at Ewood last night? Defoe over Roberts anyday i would say, Defoe would be perfect replacement for Benni, but i don’t reckon any of this will happen.

  • No chance with Huddlestone!! Defoe deal sounds realastic though! Would be great business if Hughes got that done for you but as a Spurs fan i’d be gutted.

  • defoe is ok but id syick with benni! just cos he was at the game doesn’t mean hes in talks with us. probs mates with bentley!! it will be something trivial like that.

  • I am not a fan of Huddlestone at all, Spurs’ weak link. Benni over Defoe any day, he’s got a golden touch, real class. GLAD THIS SPECULATION IS ALL OVER!!

  • Well Benni, MGP and the rest are still here, Defoe is still with Spurs, GLAD this is over with for a few more months at least!!!

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