Date: 23rd April 2009 at 9:10am
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Blackburn Rovers striker Roque Santa Cruz (although I like Crockque) is understood to be concerned that his injury problems will cost him his desired move away from Ewood Park in the summer.

I know that people don’t want the Paraguayan given that much exposure on Vital Blackburn (and this, along with an article a day or two back is doing that) in relation to his thoughts about leaving Ewood, however, I personally feel that this is relevant as it highlights something I think we should’ve done in January, and that was sell Santa Cruz for BIG money when we had the chance!!! As it is (if there is any truth to what a “source close to RSC” has said) we could miss out on a big payday now and could also be lumbered with a crocked footballer that doesn’t have the heart to play for us!!!

This apparent source told the Sun: “Roque wants to play for a bigger club but his leg still isn’t right and he doesn’t feel there’s much hope of him playing again this season.

“He knows no one would want to buy him with his leg the way it is and if it’s still not right in the close season he may end up with nowhere to go.

It’s understood that Tottenham Hotspur, and maybe even Liverpool remain interested in the striker but Manchester City are understood to have dropped their interest after being snubbed repeatedly in the January transfer window. There is little chance that we will get the £18 million that has been placed on his head, and the more time that goes by (and the less he plays) the less likely it is that we will get anything close to the reported £16 million (or so) that Man City were offering in January.

When you look back on an event with the benefit of hindsight things always look a lot clearer and it’s easier to use the “I told you so” approach and as much as I can understand Sam Allardyce’s thinking behind keeping RSC at the time (and by selling it could have sent out the wrong message and led to others wishing to go) a player with such a history of knee problems as RSC has had is always susceptible to a relapse so when offered a MASSIVE amount (almost four times what was paid) you have to accept it don’t you?

It’s been apparent for some time that the striker (despite loyalty claims) hasn’t wanted to play for Rovers, and now its looks we will be lucky to get anywhere near what we could have and might have to accept a vastly reduced amount in the summer as the last thing we want is to have a player at the club that doesn’t want to play for us, which could be what we are left with!!! Maybe we knew that he would fail a medical with Man City and didn’t want to draw as much attention to the problem as it would’ve, but even that now seems to have backfired?!?!



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  • I dont feel as if it would hurt his chances to move on as City spent £10m on Bellemy and he is well known for lying on the treatment bench….I hope this isnt a way for Santa’s agents (sounds like a Xmas spy movie lol ) to try and get the price lowered so more clubs can come in for him – in football it wouldnt surprise me….I think its best we get at least the £18m fror a player who we basically saved from a german scrapheap – his way of returning the favour…..

  • I would say that even with the season he has had, we’ll get upwards from £18m – we’re selling his market and potential value to Rovers, not this season when he has been annoyed with niggling injuries, none have been career threatning so should not affect his value, he is only 27yrs old, so any potential buyer is buying into his future career not the season just past…..

  • Clint your point about Agents trying to lower the price to attract more clubs is exactly what came to mind. You can never take an agents words at face value and have to look at their motives and what they hope to achieve. i do agree though that we wont get what we want and could have got in the summer

  • Why doesnt he concentrate on getting fit and proving himself instead of maoning like a little girl all the time? Grow up Roque….

  • I agree with the points Clint has made… We’ll still get upwards of £18million for Santa cruz, thats his buyout clause and we’ve seen the rovers board stand firm on things like this before. They wont let him leave on the cheap!

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