Date: 25th January 2017 at 12:40pm
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Blackburn’s former Leicester City winger Ben Marshall is almost as certain to leave Rovers in the summer (if this isn’t before) with speculation strongly linking him to Wolverhampton Wanderers.

I’ve had enough of all this rumour now and instead of playing down talk of him not leaving Ewood (leaving him out against Birmingham City didn’t help anyone) unless this or that offer comes in I think we’ve probably got to accept the £1.3million (or whatever it is they’re offering) and let Marshall move on now.

But the thing about doing this will mean this money’s almost certainly going to Venky’s as I can’t see the owners giving much of this to Owen Coyle so if he thinks this will happen he’s kidding himself!!

Most frustratingly of all when it comes to Marshall (and players in similar positions to him) is the fact Rovers are basically powerless to do anything about his situation. Previously it’s been suggested he wants to see out his contract and then have his pick of clubs in the summer. When players want to leave invariably they get the move they crave but when a contract is ending it seems as if the players still hold the power as they can refuse to leave even if the club accepts the money on offer.

Power needs to return to the clubs with this power seeing us (the supporters) given a better deal as well as we’ve had such a raw deal as Rovers fans in recent years haven’t we!! My disillusioned state with football these days is why I find it so hard to write too much these days (I thank the admin staff for what they do and appreciated it).

Marshall, if you’re going to leave can you have the decency to do it this month so we’ll at least recoup some money for you. Rovers, just accept an offer and have it done with!!

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